The Dishonest Tactics of Ed Brown Supporters

The Quest For a Fair Trail in Concord blog put out a call for people who don’t support Ed Brown for debates. They claim to not have gotten many takers (perhaps due to the vaguely threatening language) but they did get one they aren’t telling you about.

Little old Me.

I left comments on their post calling for a debate (I’m Hellfireblogs) but more importantly I’ve e-mailed them at their special Gmail account telling them I’m perfectly willing to call one of their volunteers or do an interview via e-mail (I won’t be giving out my home number or address for obvious reasons) and I have yet to hear back from them.

Perhaps they’re more comfortable posting anonymous comments accusing me of being a gay government agent who’s not important and hates America. I’m paraphrasing here.

Anyway, I’m still available for debate if any of these fine “patriots” are interested. Though just like their quasi-legal arguments claiming that taxes are unconstitutional, the call for debate is bunk, they’ll never debate anyone because the majority of them know they’re wrong. They’re trying to make people believe that no one is challenging their nonsense, and that in some way proves they’re right not just about taxes, but about the morality of plotting to kill government officials guilty of nothing more then doing their jobs.

Like Brown himself, his supporters are at best dishonest and unwilling to engage in serious discussion, instead they’ll resort to leaving angry, anonymous comments here, and pretending that they’re in the right. I doubt they’ll make arrangements to interview me, or anyone else who questions either Ed Brown or his actions, and certainly not people who’ve researched the arguments of the tax protest movement. They prefer living in their fantasy over being confronted by reality.

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  1. I see that my reply will not be seen by anoyone visiting this site. Why ask a question when you won’t show the responces you get? Seems a little cowardly to me!

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