Tax Law for Dummies (and Ed Brown)

My last post about tax evader/Jew hating truther Ed Brown sat around unnoticed for about a week, then exploded into an orgy of anger, accusations, and faulty logic on my comments section. The main point of contention between myself and several marks who are desperate to believe that the overpriced book on dodging taxes they purchased at a “seminar” they paid to get into was money well spent, is that I can’t prove to them that they should pay their taxes. The reason it’s up to me to do so apparently is because:

“Rob, I assume by your rhetoric that you work in some way for the Federal Government….”

That’s right, because I’m for paying my taxes (though I think a flat tax is really the way to go) and I’m against people arming themselves to go kill U.S. Marshals at the behest of Ed Brown, I can only be an agent of the Federal Government. At least according to my new “lawyer” friend Bill H. Read his comments for a peek into the mind of a “tax protester.”

My favorite comment however was by “tbird” who ended his post with this gem:

“Oh, and a couple of last points, the government is your worst enemy and 9/11 was an inside job. Do some homework before you reply.”

My orginal point, that the shootout Ed Brown wants to happen is an outrageous ploy by a man with no conscience (or soul) to ensure he’ll live on in infamy at the expense of some very gullible people, was lost in the well-rehearsed chorus of “prove to me taxes are legal!” that Brown supporters use to distract from the ugly truth about what they, and their movement, really want.

But before I blog on that and expose the anti-American roots of the tax protest movement, I decided to meet these traitors half way, and provide them with some counters to their “arguments” for them to think about.

First, as general backround on the movement itself, the A.D.L. has an article about them in their database. It includes a history of the court cases invoved in the tax protest movement, and their outcomes. Brown supporters will want to read this before April.

Etaxes has posted information on the “big four,” the gurus of the tax protest movement and how their nonsense has ended up causing all sorts of legal problems for people who followed their advice, and themselves. Again, before you skip filing taxes, you may want to read up on this.

Here’s a point by point rebuking of almost every tax protester fallacy by a person who’s willing to spend much more time on trying to debunk this myth then I am. Others were dealing with these same people ten years ago with the same results. Most of the protesters never learn, but this one did, sort of.

Now the ball’s in the tax protesters’ court. Here’s some proof that tax protest books and services are shams by greedy con men (and women) aimed at anti-American kooks. I’m sure there is much to discuss in the comment section about this so …

Flame On!