John Edwards Agrees with David Duke on “The Jewish Question”

A mainstream Democrat echoing nonsense first made popular by David Duke and his treasonous ilk? Seems like a pattern’s developing. Hot Air reports that the super rich Ken doll running to the left of Hillary (and Stalin) stunned some supporters into silence by claiming that Israel’s theoretical first strike against Iranian nuclear facilities is the single biggest threat to world peace we’re facing at this time.

A world wide Jihad, being fought on almost every continent in the world doesn’t come close. The enslavement and genocide of Black Africans by Arabized Islamist governments in Africa is meaningless, Russian aggression against former soviet bloc countries, and America is harmless and the increasing tensions in Latina America, where it is estimated that there are 30,000 Hezbollah supporters doesn’t come anywhere near the threat of those pesky Israelis who are constantly worried about their security.

Of course it’s not fair to heap this all on Democrats (though they seem to be embracing the uglier portions of netroot philosophy at an alarming rate) as we on the right have our own, shall we say, eccentrics working hard to embarrass us.

And not just Ed Brown supporters. Read the comments to see what I mean.

While getting a link for David Duke I ran across a Ron Paul article hosted on Duke’s site. That’s the second time in about a week that I’ve found the good Congressman’s thoughts being disseminated on a white nationalist website. The first was at a site called The Civic Platform.

Edwards will be embraced and defended by the left which, by and large, agree with him. Ron paul presents a problem for Republicans, because his association with racist groups is more overt then Edwards, thus giving ammunition to the left to smear Republicans as a racist party. Isn’t it time someone asked the G.O.P to do what the Democrats won’t, and purge itself of these unsavory elements?

7 thoughts on “John Edwards Agrees with David Duke on “The Jewish Question”

  1. Edwards is a jerk. Any politician that puts America before Israel should be run out of America. Israel is God’s nation and thankfully politicians put Israel before America. God bless Israel.

  2. Rick, you are a judeo-supremacist asshole. Amazing what is “hate” nowadays, anying zionists hate.

    Saint Martin Luther, author of “The Neocons and Their Lies” would burn you at the stake himself. I have no sympathy for “Christians” like you.

  3. The Name’s Rob. I’m not a Christian and I’m an American supremacist. I don’t think Jews are superior or inferior to anyone els, I do believe that radical Islam is a threat to America and Israel is are natural ally in that fight.

    I also think White Supremacists, who all seem to be Marxists though they don’t want to admit it, are traitors to our country. They worship Hitler, a man who decalred war on us, and promote a National Socialist homeland, which is another way of saying an all Wite welfare state. Move to Europe where you can revel in Jew hating socialism all you want, but in America we judge people by their individual accomplishments, not their race or creed.

    What have you done that makes you better than a Jew?

  4. I was refering to the poster Rick (first comment, granted he posted it in Febuary) on top, as someone who does not believe jews are “superior or inferior to anyone else”, can this statement get anymore idiotic?

    Edwards is a jerk. Any politician that puts America before Israel should be run out of America. Israel is God’s nation and thankfully politicians put Israel before America. God bless Israel.

    That statement is absolutely appaling. I assume this guy is a modern Ted Haggard Judeo-Christian Mega-Church Sodomite who worships the state of Israel in some strange covenant, which is to say not a Christian at all.

    What have you done that makes you better than a Jew?

    That’s irrelevant. But I don’t consider my self a “Chosen Race” for starters.

  5. But Rick was being sarcastic, making the same point about Jews you were, but with that “sense of humor” White liberals and neo-Nazis share. The “chosen race” thing is a red herring-all religions consider themselves special, and they should. Muslims believe ALL non-Muslims should be converted to the “true faith” as do Christians. Does that mean all Muslims and Christians are bigoted? Of course not, it’s a theological point.

    As a Christian, you’re pretty sure non-Christians are going to hell, isn’t that in essence saying that you’re “chosen”, or more beloved by God? And isn’t it you’re right to believe that?

  6. Our president, a “Christian” believes the Jews are the “Chosen Race”, and not for example, Palestinian or Lebanese Christians.

    You’re saying people like Bush and Pat Roberton are jews and not Christians, on the acount of who they hold as a “Chosen People”, that I would strongly agree on. Bush/Pat Robertson/Ted Haggard/The Freeper Crowd are Liberal/Reform-Jews, not Christians.

    The Iraq War is their Tikkum Olam. Any true Christian, anyone who really wishes to perserve western civilization, rejects this usurist war for jewish profit.

    People who do not follow the law, live in the ways of man instead of God, their civilizations shall perish in God’s furious wrath. They are going to hell and that’s all there is to it. There’s nothing “Chosen” in that.

  7. Wrong. What I’m saying is all religious people have theological views that seem bigoted to outsiders. Your views on who’s a “real” Christian is based on a theological point that is in essence stolen form the Christian identity movement. In theory, because you subscribe to this view doesn’t mean you’re in reality bigoted or hateful of these fake Christians in everyday life (though I’ve seen your sight and know you to be little more than a petty bigot) just as it isn’t true that Jews think their better than you or I just because a passage in the old testement says they’re the chosen people.

    I’m not saying Bush is or isn’t a Christian, because I wouldn’t know or care. I do take him at his word,.

    Since you care so much about Christians, you’ll be interested in donating to the variuos organizations that are trying to protect Christians in Muslim territories from the rape, torture and murder that your Jihadi brethern inflict on these minority communities on a daily basis. The Palestinian Christians are particularly hard pressed, as Muslim plaestinains have been kidnapping and raping teenage girls in the palestinain territories.

    Oh but wait, you don’t really care about Christians, this is a canard. Your a closet White Nationalist, thus a Marxist, and hate Christians as much as you hate Jews. You’re happy to let Christians be raped and killed by your Jew-hating Jihadi allies as long because you (and the White Nationalist movement) have finally found a group of degenerates as vile as yourselves.

    By the way, we follow the laws of the land in America, and your wrathful god seems to like us just fine.

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