White Supremacist Web Site Praises MoveOn.Org!

I’m not at all surprised, as I’ve detailed before that MoveOn.org has a few too many Klanners as supporters for my taste, but Paul Craig Roberts recent piece featured on a known White Supremacist website featured this quote sure to silence those liberals who loudly deny any affection between them and neo-Nazis:

MoveOn, an organization that, unlike the Bush Regime, has redeeming virtues….

This quote appears on the same site which features hateful screeds such as Ugly Jew Krauthammer: Moral Monster and The Jew who Invented the ‘Six Million’ [and not one less] Myth. Indeed The Civic Platform have a category for the site charmingly called “The Jewish Question” which should serve to illustrate exactly who their target audience is.

Between rank anti-Semitism and some very vile post about non-Whites, The Civic Platform makes room for any anti Bush diatribe that doesn’t attack the foundations of White Nationalism which they hold so dear. That includes speeches from supposed Republican Ron Paul, who’s truther credentials make him a natural ally for “anti-Zionists” and their Nazi cousins. You’ll notice Congressman Paul’s speech is cleverly retitled “The Bloodthirsty Jewish Empire“, and as far as I know, Paul’s not objected. It should say something about the content of your writings (not to mention your character) that it can be used unaltered as anti-Semitic propaganda. Those wanting to contact Paul can do so here.

Paul Craig Roberts writings show up on a lot of “Liberal” websites. AntiWar.com regularly features him, as does anti-American cyber rag Counterpunch, the borderline racist VDARE and anarcho-capitalist cranks at LewRockwell.com. An esteemed assortment indeed, one which attracts the vicious racists at The Civic Platform who easily blend in with the anti-American, anti-Zionist, anti-War politics that define the “progressive” movement. Thus an article which speaks of the redeeming qualities of the lefts favorite grassroots movement can be found nestled in the bosom of a site which claims that Blacks are inferior to Whites.

And of course, MoveOn’s now infamous action forums can be a haven for neo-Nazi’s and Klansmen, because the overarching theme of hatred for Bush/War/NeoCons blurs the lines between dissenters and traitors, critics of Israel and hater of Jews, Liberals and National Socialists. MoveOn.org, to the unrepentant White Supremacist, has many redeeming qualities, the most important being a tolerance for hatred.