Chi-Town Board of Education President Shoots Self, Dumps Own Body in River

At least according to the Chicago police that’s what happened. For some background on Michael Scott you can check Michelle Malkin’s site but in a nutshell Scott was a long time Chi-Town elite who was pushing for Chicago’s Olympic bid, and was found to have been positioned to make a killing if the windy city had become the 2016 hosts.

He also just got slapped with a subpoena over a corruption scandal at the board of education and may have been caught up in other corruption probes. Luckily for anyone he could have rolled on, he decided to shoot himself. Oddly he decided to kill himself near the banks of a river rather than, say, take some pills at home. Oh, and so far no suicide note has been found.

Doesn’t sound suspicious at all:

Police investigating the death of Chicago school board president Michael Scott say initial reports from the scene indicate Scott shot himself in the head along the banks of the Chicago River.

Scott’s family had reported him missing on Sunday. Police used his cell phone to locate his body and his car behind the Chicago Apparel Center at 350 N. Orleans along the north branch of the river early this morning, police sources tell the Chicago Tribune.

He apparently fell forward after shooting himself, and the gun was found near the body, the sources say.

While police sources say it appears the gunshot wound was self-inflicted, the Cook County medical examiner’s office was still conducting its investigation and hadn’t determined how he died.

Scott’s family had contacted police Sunday night when he didn’t show up after visiting his sister at a South Loop care facility. The relative said he visited his sister regularly on Sundays and described him as a creature of habit. He was last seen about 6 p.m.

Creatures of habit are notoriously good targets for all manner of crimes. Not that I’m suggesting that someone in Chicago would stoop to killing a person who was about to get pinched by the feds and had information on other political figures which he could use to cut a deal. Nor would I suggest that authorities in Chicago are so embedded in a Culture of Corruption that they might cover up such a fact.

Interesting time line of events. Scott is last seen at around 6:00pm leaving a visit with his sister. At 3:15am cops find his car parked yards away from where his body was found. At around 7:30am Jesse Jackson shows up on scene for some reason which isn’t clear.

If I didn’t know better I’d say Scott went to meet someone by the river for a meeting and got popped and thrown in the river by an amateur who didn’t get that people don’t just dissolve into water. But that can’t be what happened. Not in Chicago!

h/t Afrocity