DailyKos Uses Neo-Nazi Propaganda Film to Attack AIPAC!

Long time Kossack Haitham Sabbah, a man who looks to be in his 30’s yet still believes it appropriate to have a Facebook account, posted this diary on DailyKos today attacking the influence of “the Jewish lobby” featuring a YouTube propaganda video by a racist Neo-Nazi. The video is a product of Vanguard News Network, a White Nationalist website that serves as a meeting place for the various groups of traitors that make up the White Nationalist movement.

Sabbah claims that the film is a Dutch documentary that he found on Google, yet the posters of the video on Google are a Jihadist “group” (likely Sabbah and/or his friends) who quote seditious racist David Duke as an introduction to their site. The essay they quote includes an anti-Black diatribe that the supposedly liberal DailyKos readership would be obliged to criticize, had it come from a conservative.

Only one Kossack bothered to call Sabbah on his use of Neo-Nazi propaganda. The rest are claiming VNN stole the video and “re-branded” it as their own. That must mean it isn’t anti-Semitic, after all if White Supremacists don’t actually make the video, just support and distribute it, it means the video isn’t racist, right?

Not surprisingly, Kossack The Heathlander was quick to make excuses for Sabbah’s love of Neo-Nazi propaganda films, but they’re birds of a feather on that respect.

LGF broke this one wide open. You’d think Kos would keep a tighter leash on his people knowing LGF is always waiting to pounce on them like they’re a wounded gazelle.