Degenerate Californians Stood and Watched Sergio Casian Aguiar Kick his Infant Son to Death

I argued yesterday in the comments to the Dreamin’ Demon post on the Aguiar murder that at least the people tried to help the baby, assuming the witnesses had actually tried.

I was wrong, according to this S.F. Gate article the witnesses did nothing to stop this monster from murdering the child.

Let’s start with the first “man” on the scene, a heroic volunteer firefighter. When he and his old lady saw Sergio killing the baby he swung into action:

McKain, of Crows Landing, said she drove past Sergio Aguiar’s pickup Saturday night on West Bradbury Road and, at first, thought he was “kicking garbage or something.”

But she said her boyfriend, Dan Robinson, told her to back up and put her headlights on Aguiar.

“Sure enough, he was kicking a baby around,” McKain said.

She said the child was unconscious, his clothes falling off, and looked liked a “rag doll.” Robinson, a volunteer fire chief in Crows Landing, showed Aguiar his badge and ordered him to stop, but Aguiar calmly said something like, “It’s just trash,” McKain said.

Aguiar also said, “Look how they make toys now,” McKain said, and at one point asked Robinson for a knife.

When Robinson went into the pickup to turn on the hazard lights, Aguiar stopped kicking the boy, helped him find the flashers, then went back to his attack, McKain said. She said there was blood in the truck’s cab.

What?!?! Shouldn’t Robinson have tried to, I don’t know, physically intervene? He was killing a baby right in front of his eyes! Killing a baby!

What sort of man, of any age, can sit by and watch that? Robinson is worse than a coward.

But wait, it gets worse. You see, it’s not like Robinson was alone. There was a whole crowd of people standing around:

McKain said her son, her son’s wife and her son’s friend were also there, as were a woman and a man who pulled up in separate cars. She estimated that she saw Aguiar kick or stomp his son at least 100 times, but she said no one tried to stop him because he appeared to be dangerous. One fear was that “maybe he had something in his pocket,” she said.

Oh. In other words, cowardice. There were more than enough people there to subdue Aguiar but they would rather have a baby beaten to death than risk injury to themselves. How disgusting is that?

Then the degenerates have the unmitigated gall to make themselves out as victims! For example there’s Lisa Mota, who is a typical example of the self-absorbed attention vampire who uses the tragedy of others to demand the massive amount of pity she needs from others to fill the void in her being where a soul should be:

Another witness, 23-year-old Lisa Mota, said Aguiar “wasn’t acting like a crazy person, running around or screaming. He said, ‘I’ve just got to get the demons out of him.’ He was very calm.’ ”

Mota said she went to a counselor Monday to talk about what she saw but wasn’t ready to talk about it publicly.

“Even having witnessed it, I still can’t believe it happened,” she said. “I don’t think it’s ever going to leave my mind. For someone like me who is about to start a family, it’s a fear that there’s people out there like that – that even have the thought to kill a child.”

What should disturb a young mother more is the idea that there are people out there without the will or moral certitude to protect a child. There were at least three men there, and since women are able to do anything men can do we have a group of people who could have easily overwhelmed Aguiar, but didn’t because they, in their own way, are just as evil.

Evil isn’t just abhorrent acts, it is the absence of doing good. Evil is the loss of knowledge of what is right, honor, integrity, self-sacrifice. When we as a society lose these ideals we allow evil to replace them. It is evil to watch a baby be murdered; it was evil when the Aztecs watched their priests do it on the blood soaked steps of the Temple of the Sun and it was evil on a dark California road when a crowd gathered to witness another child sacrifice.

It is equally evil for those who should be shamed by those actions to go on with their lives as if they were victims, it dishonors the memory of that poor child and elevates the craven impulse of the coward until it seems acceptable. These people who watched should be publicly shamed, and perhaps made to tend the grave of the child they did nothing to save.

Update: Julian points out in the comments that other reports claim two of the men wrestled the man but could not stop him, making those witnesses unmanly at best, but brave and deserving of our respect. My opinion of Mota and the people who watched and didn’t help has not changed.

Update: People you’ll See in Hell has a good post on Aguiar, thanks Dylan’s Mommy!

Update: Michelle Malkin isn’t happy about this story. She reminds us that incidents like this are the end result of us abandoning the ideal of a culture of self-defense.

61 thoughts on “Degenerate Californians Stood and Watched Sergio Casian Aguiar Kick his Infant Son to Death

  1. I have a 11 month old at home and the thought of someone beating an infant like this sickens me. I want to agree with you wholeheartedly but and I would really like to think that I myself would have intervened (even if I was alone, I can’t believe a crowd of people wouldn’t intervene physically), but nobody really knows until they’re faced with something of this magnitude…

  2. To the Witnesses: How could you? Mr. Taylor: You’re 100% correct – the witnesses did NOT do enough. I have not stopped crying since I read this story – I could not sleep last night I am in so much anguish. I KNOW I would have jumped out of my car and tackled that bastard ALONE…gun, or no gun, knife or no knife. That baby, I PRAY, was knocked out while still in the truck, and I PRAY was gone to God during the rest of the 6-10-15 minutes of this mutilation. He attacked that baby in the cab of his truck, brutally, as there was blood in the cab. He could have beaten him for much longer than has been reported. Unimaginable. Horrifying. The human race should just parish. I pray he was knocked out immediately. Mr. Taylor, you got it RIGHT, the witnesses are just as guilty of being evil. I wish I wasn’t on this planet. I am SICKENED by people. That poor baby probably just wanted his mommy, was tired, was out TOO late with his worthless evil father and his father not only ended his life, but terrorized and mutilated his two-year-old BABY. How could ANYONE stand by and watch! How can they even print this stuff? If they find this shitbag had drugs in his system, they should lock-up the mother for allowing her BABY to taken by an abuser. I am so sick, I am so depressed, I wish to GOD I would have been there. I would have stopped it in the first second. God please comfort this baby, remove any memory of pain and fear and banish his father for eternity. I pray the witnesses who sat on their asses never have another good nights sleep…and to the officer – you’re the only hero in this case. I thank you. Why is Modesto such a hellhole, vacationland for sickos and murderers and sadists? Please pray for that baby’s soul, he is in heaven away from all these monsters.

  3. I heard she was out of town and he was pretty clean before this. I betting a toxicology report comes up drugs, maybe some laced weed or something.

  4. Everyone is so quick to judge. Stop and think about it. If I happened upon something like that in the middle of the night, it would take a minute for it to register what I was seeing. We would all like to be a hero. The truth is noone has a right to say how you would react. This is horrific. Human beings are capable of so much and yet prove over and over how primitive and fragile they are. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would just stand by and watch, So all of you out there on your high horses, shut up. A mother lost her baby. Mothers, how would you feel? If she knew that would have happened I don’t think that she ever would have consented to her child leaving with him? This is a tragedy.

  5. You’re saying no one in their right mind would stand and watch but many of the people admitted to doing just that. Why should we not judge them for their cowardice and perfidy?

    You have no right to live a life unjudged by others. That is a childish and naive fantasy. You judge people every day, you have to. You judge whether people are trustworthy or dangerous. You judge whether a person would make a good boyfriend/girlfriend or if someone is a good friend. A world without judgments is a world without standards.

    The bottom line is that these people watched a person savage a baby. That makes them degenerates.

  6. I have seen several news accounts that readers have responded to with anger about the fact that the bystanders did not do more to stop the attacker. I have not seen mention at all the idea that perhaps the bystanders were in complete shock? Wouldn’t you be? I can imagine it would be absolutely shocking and impossible to fathom what is happening right before your eyes. Several accounts mentioned that they could not even tell at first that it was a child. I do not believe that any of us should be so quick to judge, but instead we should try to learn from this. It has been shown that in a crowd people are less inclined to step forward to help because of the “crowd mentality” that occurs, be it right or wrong but it is a phenomena that does occur that we should all be aware of so we don’t get trapped by it someday when our help may be needed in a dire situation.

  7. None of that mitigates the moral responsibility adults have to protect children. I was shocked when I saw a kid fall off the play set in a school I worked in, more shocked to see his obviously broken arm. But the staff and I shook it of and called an ambulance, kept him still and comforted him until they EMTs arrived.

    This wasn’t shock it was fear, and I’m a firm believer that afraid or not adults should be ready to sacrifice themselves for children. Period. I’d judge them less harshly if these were two adults fighting but this was a baby.

  8. You’re absolutely right – it was fear that kept these cowards from doing the right thing. I’m sure that there was a delay of several seconds, perhaps even a minute, during which the onlookers were unable to fathom what they were witnessing. Certainly the mind plays tricks when we see something as shocking as this. But within a minute or so (and I’m being generous), these people had to have processed what was before their eyes. They knew what they were looking at and most did nothing but gawk.

    No doubt about it, there’s a special place in hell reserved for people like Lisa Mota.

  9. “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”-Albert Einstein

    You know how you prevent something like this from happening again? You hold people accountable – including those who stood still in the face of this baby’s destruction. The worst that could NOW come of this is for Baby Axel (Sergio Axel Casian) to have died in vain. As a mom, I would have risked my own life for him; I don’t doubt this for a minute. And I have been in life threatening situations, and I did react. I did so not because I want to be a hero or because I’m superwoman, but because it is my design: it’s instinctual. And maybe you doubt how you would react, but of all the adults there, at the scene, someone should have had the where-with-all. They easily outnumbered him. When we, as a society, condone violence against the innocent, we cease to be. Everyday in the media we hear reports of people NOT responding when their fellow human is in need. This society has become impartial to suffering; those witnesses were self-serving and cowards in nature. IF WE don’t hold those witnesses accountable for sitting on their asses, then we all better pray our children, or our loved ones, or ourselves never become victims in a hero-less society. That is, with the exception of the officer who did not hesitate. As far as the mother, if Aguiar was a drug user, she knew it. How can you extend sympathy to a woman who would hand over her defenseless baby to a drug user, particularly when she had parents available who loved their grandbaby. Even if Aguiar was ‘clean’ for sometime, he was separated from his family and living with a roommate. This is not the environment for a baby. We cannot afford to compromise good parenting because we may be short on means, or time, or options. We sacrifice for children. There were two people directly responsible for the care of that baby, his mother and father. The rest of us were all indirectly responsible for him, and we all failed. WE decide what kind of world we live in. We all need to consider how we could have better reacted in such a situation, so we can be better prepared in the event we can someday save a life. I just wish I had an opportunity. May God have his loving arms around baby Axel and may he know how desperately we wish we could have saved him…and we will never forget you.

  10. You can defend these spineless cowards by saying they were in “shock” but come on! Surely after about the 20th, 30, or even 40th stomp, a normal person would have intervened if not right away. These people are gutless and not much better than the scumbag who did this horrible thing to that poor baby. I wish to God I had been there. I would have stopped it. I am disgusted by the witnesses trying to justify their cowardice with excuses. They have to live with themselves. I don’t know how they could just stand there and watch a baby get beaten to death. What really gets me is the fact that this bastard stopped beating the baby long enough to turn on his hazards and STILL no one intervened. One witness even mentions “well, we knew the baby was gone anyways” It’s a fact that the baby died on the way to the hospital after suffering a slow, torturous death. They should all be shot and pissed on these witnesses. The so called “men” who stood there and did nothing should have their balls cut off.

    God please bless this baby and let him have no memory of his awful death. I shudder and cry when I think of what this baby endured from the first unexpected blow from his dad, to the final stomp that ended his short life. How completely shocked and in severe pain he must have been in. It breaks my heart. This is one story I’m never going to forget and a lot of me wishes I never heard to begin with. It’s been haunting me for days and unlike most horrible news stories I read, my mind won’t let this one go. I am having a hard time dealing with thinking about what that baby endured. It’s what nightmares are made of.

  11. In Julian’s post she states that they tried to help baby Axel….I don’t think showing a tin badge and half heartedly pulling at this maniac was much of a “try”. They COULD HAVE & SHOULD HAVE DONE MORE! I hope the “worthless 5″ see the images of that poor baby being beaten every time they close their worthless eyes! If Julian thinks their feeble attempts were trying then I wonder if she would feel the same way if it had been her child/grandchild,I think not!
    I for one believe that Crows Landing Volunteer Fire Dept needs to reevaluate their so called chief position.I wouldn’t want this coward in charge of saving my home when he wouldn’t even stand up and try to save this baby!
    Deborah McKain stated that she counted 100 kicks Axel received!How could any human sit on their ass and count kicks and NOT do something?! Did this so called woman even bother to get out of the car?What about the 2 20 year old men they had with them? Don’t tell me that 3 able bodied men couldn’t do more then just ” argue and flash a tin badge” PLEASE!! When this maniac stopped his attack on this baby to show coward Robinson how to turn on his emergency flashers why didn’t someone grab the baby then? These people are surely at the bottom of the intelligence and decency pool!

    BTW Jodie I couldn’t agree with you more!Spineless cowards all of them! I hope they read these statements and know that the majority of people wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire!Burns my ass to think of them watching this horrible,horrible tragedy and then making excuses for their cowardice!

  12. There is still a chance that the father’s toxicology report will come back clean, and that we’ll find out he has no history of drug abuse, which opens up the possibility that he really ‘snapped’ & had a psychotic mental break. In that case there will never be any closure for me, because it would seem such a senseless and unfair act of God. I have also speculated that the father might’ve lost control with Baby Axel because of the separation, or because the baby was having a bad night (wanted mommy, was out too late, etc., as Dylan’s Mommy suggests above), especially after reading about other horrific abuse cases such as Tanner Dowler, Jason Midyette, and Riley Ann Sawyers (Baby Grace). BUT I CAN’T QUITE GET MY HEAD AROUND THE FACT THAT IF THIS EVIL SUBHUMAN HAD AN OUNCE OF SANITY, HE WOULD NOT HAVE CONTINUED TO VICIOUSLY ATTACK HIS OWN SON IN FRONT OF A CROWD (regardless of whether or not his psychosis was drug-induced).

    With respect to the witnesses, however, my mind is CRYSTAL CLEAR…I have done more to save my dog than these pathetic excuses for men and women did to protect this poor baby boy. I hope they all have the intellectual capacity to second-guess themselves for the rest of their days, and that the murder that they PASSIVELY witnessed haunts them in their sleep for many years to come. I DON’T CARE IF BABY AXEL WAS UNCONCIOUS OR ‘ALREADY GONE’…HE STILL DESERVED TO BE SWEPT OUT OF HARM’S WAY, IN THE ARMS OF A CARING ADULT.

  13. May God bless Baby Axel in heaven with a loving Daddy who will always keep him safe.

  14. Rob Taylor,
    I cannot believe that I just wasted 10mins of my time reading how YOU can judge people the way you did. You my friend are a complete jackass. Are you a HERO? What would you have done????? I bet NOTHING. You are just a pussy with a computer. What was the last heroic thing that you did?? Did you run into a burning building to rescue an elderly person from a fire?? Have you been across seas serving the USA?? No. I think not. And the rest of you who think you can judge the witnesses. FUCK YOU. I am a firefighter, I will risk my life for others under certain circumstances. To risk my life for someone I don’t know on the street….No. You think you are all heros, your wrong. You wouldn’t have done shit either. Keep playing your video games.

  15. Degererate???/ Who’s the degenerates here? You people have no clue as to what really happened that horrible night. What you read in the newspaper is only a fraction as to what really happened. Unfortunately that innocent child was dead long before anyone arrived to see that disgusting so called father doing what he was doing. As far as the witnesses, they tried to do what they could, but to no avail. You people have no idea what you are saying. How can you say what you have about the witnesses. Were you there? HELL NO. So don’t try and say what you would have done, you don’t know until you are in a situation like that.All of you so called do gooders make me sick to my stomach. Don’t talk shit about something you know nothing about. I feel you all owe these witnesses an apology, to say the least. No matter what you think, they are suffering, but at the same time do not want anyones sympathy just understanding. This tragedy happened long before the witnesses were there, so don’t judge someone on something you know NOTHING about.

  16. Mike R: you don’t have to be a “hero” to stop a baby from being beaten to death, just a person with a soul. Did you know the baby died on the way to the hospital? Doesn’t that mean the baby was ALIVE when Aguilar was kicking it around?

    I’m no her, but I’ve called the cops on people when I need to and I’ve broken up fights where men were attacking women, as has my wife. Not running into a burning building I’m sure but I try to do the right thing when it needs doing. Are you saying we should all expect others not to? Are you saying men have no moral responsibility to protect a baby?

    What you’re arguing is that people who watch others get raped/murdered/whatever are not just innocent but in some way normal. I’m saying their guilty and they’re evil. If it was your baby or wife or you you’d agree with me but because you don’t know the victim you aren’t concerned.

    Let’s hope no stranger needs you to pull them from a burning building.

  17. Char M: The witnesses are suffering?!?! Are you kidding? The witnesses are suffering? The baby is dead. The baby died ON THE WAY TO THE HOSPITAL. The witnesses admitted to being to afraid to stop the man.

    Let me ask you this one question. Sergio Aguilar stopped the assault to help the volunteer fireman turn on hazard lights. While he was distracted why didn’t anyone grab the baby and run? Why didn’t anyone grab Sergio?

    If that was your wife or child and the story was the same would you accept the witness’s excuses for not saving them? Would you validate their narcissistic “suffering” and claim they were as much victims as your wife or child?

  18. Rob Taylor. I don’t know where you get your facts, but the baby WAS dead long before the witnesses got there, I know this for a fact. And yes the witnesses are suffering. You have no idea what your’re talking about, YOU WERE NOT THERE. As far as the lights, your facts are not straight. That guy was nuts and willing to stop anyone who tried to stop him. Why do you think he was shot. He was told to stop and WANTED the cop to kill him. What does that tell you MR. know it all. To bad you know NOTHING about what your saying about this horrible tragedy.

  19. The witnesses are not suffering; the mother of the dead baby is suffering. The child suffered. The witnesses are cowards who thought that their lives and safety was more important than the babies.

    Is this what we’ve come to as a country? People who passively watched a baby being murdered are asking for sympathy? Your story about Aguilar wanting to die rather than stop tells me that those people should have killed him, not flashed him a volunteer fire fighter badge, not tried to talk him out of it, they should have held him down while someone cracked his head open with a rock or tire iron.

    So by your logic if I go out and watch a woman get raped or a man beat the crap out of his old lady, I’m a victim? I’m suffering? Grow up Char. These people were too degenerate to risk their lives for a baby. They’re evil and if there is a Hell that’s where most of them are going.

    The people on that dark road all had a chance. They had a chance to make a difference, to help someone, to do some good. They chose not to, why should we feel sorry for them?

  20. Mr. Taylor, you still don’t get it.At no time did I say feel sorry for them. Just understand. But as I read what you are saying, you DON’T understand anything about what happened that night. Yes I agree the Mother is suffering a terrible loss in her life. As far as me growing up, you need to get a life. You have no idea how stupid you come off. At no time did I say these people were victims either. You seem to think it is alright to judge someone when you DO NOT have all the facts. As far as these people going to hell, I don’t recall the word GOD after your name. Who the hell do you think you are? You should chose your words wisely before spouting off about things you know NOTHING about. All the other people on this page should do the same as they are no better than you. They also DO NOT know all the true facts.

  21. This is for Jenn. Your statement that Lisa Mota has a place in hell, shame on you. You are the coward, as you have no idea what happened that night. To wish that on someone tells me you are the degenerate. What gives you the right to says such a horrible thing about someone you don’t know and have no idea as to what really happened. I really feel sorry for you. You must have a miserable life to talk crap like that. Only God can make that call. I know he is helping her get through this somehow. Chose your words wisely from now on, as God is watching all of us.

  22. Char M you did imply you felt sorry for the degenerates who watched a baby get murdered by saying they were suffering too. They aren’t suffering, they’re alive and well and only concerned that they’ve been exposed by the coverage as a collection of human refuse who, if by the will of the gods, will one day be the victim of a savage attack while a crowd gathers around them.

    I can picture two of them now, in Mountainside CA at 4:30am smoking pot and drinking and searching the Internet for mentions of their perfidy. Then they begin posting comments under silly names which imply that it’s normal to watch a baby murdered and attacking everyone with a shred of morality.

    And since you’re such a Christian “Char” are you telling me God, the good and just God of the bible, wanted you, oh I’m sorry the witnesses, to do nothing while that baby was murdered? Does not the God of the bible test his followers? Isn’t it possible he put the witnesses on that road to save that child?

    And since they DECIDED not to act, in accordance with their free will, have they not rejected the God you keep throwing in Jenn and my face? Aren’t they, through their decision not to act, embracing the temptation to put themselves above others?

    Doesn’t that mean they’re Hellbound?

  23. Mr. Taylor, I feel so sorry for you as you still don’t get it. And please don’t imply I was one of those witnesses, I WAS NOT. I’m not throwing God at anyone like you people have. To say these people belong in Hell is just You Cowards trying to blame someone other than the person who committed this horrible thing. Those people tried to intervene as I have stated, no one could change the outcome. They were NOT cowards or degenerates like you and all the others who know jack about what happened that horrible night Again do not imply that I was a witness and am posting silly names, not a chance. I write just like everyone else only I know what the true facts are unlike all of you. Don’t point fingers when you are dead wrong in you assumptions. I put my true name, that’s a fact!

  24. By the way the baby didn’t die on the way to the hospital. That baby was dead long before. I know the firefighters that were there. I know the people who were there. You are the coward. And I hope it’s not your family i have to pull out of a fire, i’d regret it.

  25. Yeah, Char M isn’t a silly name at all. I’m sure Char M is your “true name.”

    Those people did not try to intervene, they admitted to standing around doing nothing. Oh, there was the guy that asked him to stop. That was brave.

    How many of them physically touched Aguilar? None right? So don’t come here pretending these are heroes because they’re cretin, degenerates and cowards.

    They didn’t know they “couldn’t change the outcome” they were scared to get involved. And I notice you won’t answer the simple question I put forth. Does God want people to stand and watch these sorts of crimes or does he use them as a test for people’s souls. You’ve implied your a Christian who lives by the creed (that’s why your angry right, I’m judging people) so let’s hear it.

  26. So Mike R what you’re saying is you’d regret saving my family from a fire but not watching a child get murdered?

    But you’re not a degenerate?

  27. Yes I’m angry because you are judging people for something that happened and you don’t know all the facts. You have read tidbits in the newspaper that doesn’t tell the whole story. And no, God doesn’t want people to stand and watch such an horrible act. You and the rest of the writers are the ones who brought God into the mix when you said these people belong in hell. That’s where I became angry because you all made that judgement. That is not for you to decide. You have lamblasted these people for no reason other then to satisfy yourself. Shame on all of you. You and your so called opinions are the scum of the earth. As far as the so called hero in this story, that was the cop who shot that scumbag in the forehead after he was told to stop.

  28. You really think that these people are being “lambasted” for our satisfaction? You really think what they did (or didn’t do) is boilerplate?

    Everyone is the hero of their own story; everyone has a chance everyday to do the right thing. Every day we choose whether or not to do good, which puts us at risk, or allow evil to go unchecked.

    The police are not surrogates for every person’s moral responsibility to help the weak, no government agency is. Just as government welfare programs don’t relieve you of your responsibility to give to charity, whether it be with your time or money, the fact that America has a formidable law enforcement apparatus doesn’t mean you are no longer responsible for ensuring the innocent don’t suffer.

    This is where you and I differ.

  29. Yes Mr. Taylor we do differ but not by your definition. I get all the true facts about a story or someone before I start spewing the horrible names you and the others have decided to call all of these people. Again, you choose not to listen to the true facts and still believe what you are saying is right. Well, to bad, you are completely wrong. I’m so sorry a friend told me about this site as I can see is it nothing but trash talk about something you all know nothing about. This RED ALERT site is garbage and is used by people who have nothing better to do than misjudge people. I hope in the future before you write about someone or something you get all your facts straight.Try harder next time to get to the truth instead of running your mouth. Maybe then you can redeem yourself. Until then have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. I think “Char M” was one of the degenerates that witnessed this. That ot she is symbolic of the spineless garbage walking around America today. It’s people like her that allowed this beating to go on uninterrupted. The baby DID die on the way to the hospital which means he felt every punch, kick and whatever else in this brutal beating.

    To the firefighter: It does not take a “hero” to stop a beating on a BABY. It just takes a person with some concern for someone other then themselves. As a fellow firefighter, I am embarrassed by your comments. You’re a disgrace…

  31. That’s well put. I don’t know when we as a country started thinking that a crowd of people stopping a man from assaulting a child was “heroic.” When i was a kid it was just expected that people would help each other.

  32. This for Jodie, You are so wrong . I WAS NOT THERE. I don’t get how you stupid people think. To assume I was there because I know what REALLY happened shows how ignorant you are. And also for your imformation, the baby DID NOT die on the way to the hospital. The baby was dead at the scene. I know this because my brother-in-law was the first Firefighter on scene and tried to bring the baby back, but he was gone before they arrived. So, don’t talk shit about something when you have no clue. You all assume and know nothing. To bad for all of you.

  33. But Char you don’t know what happened either, you’re taking someone else’s word for it. Why shouldn’t we trust the reports if your brother-in-law won’t go on record to say the baby was dead on the scene?

  34. Ok Rob, like I have said before I do know what happened. I really don’t care if you believe me or not, but that is the truth. The reason for the baby going to the hospital and them saying he died at the hospital was to remove him from the scene as it was a horrible mess. They didn’t want that innocent child layind there like his scumbag so called father. I hope you can find it in your soul to understand that.

  35. Char, you’re wrong again. They would not have removed him from a crime scene if he was dead. You see there are certain protocols that are followed when someone is DOA when something like this happens. They have to call in the crime scene investigators and the medical examiner to do their work before the body is taken to the morgue. They take photo’s and collect evidence before they even think of moving the body. The child was very much alive when help finally arrived or he would have never been put in the ambulance to begin with. So Char, or Ms. Mota or whoever you are, even if they wanted to remove the baby from the scene as it was a “horrible mess” as you put it, they would not have been allowed to do so. There is a very clear cut protocol for what happens at a crime scene. It is not open to modification because there has to be consistency for how horrible crime scenes like this are handled. When all is said and done nothing will bring that baby back from the grave. Nothing can undo the horror of what happened that night. All we can hope for is that in the future this never happens again and if it does, the witnesses will have the intestinal fortitude to step in and stop it – not gawk and cower like spineless worms like what happened here.

  36. Jodie you’re my hero. I was so irritated by Char defending the cowardice of the onlookers that I missed that important slip up. I guess Char knows these people were wrong if she’s now making up stories to help them look better.

  37. This is for Jodie again. Yes I know there is protacol as you put it regarding a crime scene. I’m not wrong AGAIN as you put it. As I stated before my brother-in-law was the first firefighter on scene and he was doing what he was trained to do, and there was no life left in the baby. They took him still doing what was necessary but there was no life left in him. So please don’t tell me I’m wrong as that is what happened. I know you are a firefighter yourself so you know the drill. Please don’t accuse me of something when you were not there or know someone who was. Also I DO NOT make up stories. I never would do that when such a horrible thing happened. And also don’t ASSUME my last name. I just happened to be related to a fireman. Not a crime.

  38. Mr. Taylor, I don’t make up stories you spineless jerk. I can’t for the life of me get how you feel the need to judge me. I haven’t wrote one untruth in this. I have not made up any stories to make anyone look better. Where do you get that??????? I guess you just don’t want to hear the truth. You wouldn’t know if it bit you in the ass. None of these people who have commented were there or know anyone who was, I do. So how do you figure I’m making up stories?? I’m at a loss to how you think.

  39. It sounds like you are. Jodie pointed out that if the bay was dead the authorities would have left the body for investigators. the bay was taken to a hospital obviously in the hopes of revival.

    I think you’re projecting y calling people here spineless and cowardly, when it was the cretin who watched baby die that proved themselves cowards.

  40. Mr. Taylor, I know what Jodie was saying. But in case he is wrong. What I said they did, did happen that way and that is the TRUTH. The only coward that night was the creep father. He did what he did. No one could change that.

  41. You’re wrong and you’re rationalizing. All those people could have change the outcome. You have a chance every day to do the right thing, it may be small like when I stopped to chat with a lonely old lady today whose dog died a couple of weeks ago or it could be something big, like when my wife and I protected three teen girls from a crazed cab driver in the Bronx. My wife didn’t hesitate to step in and help those girls and the degenerates that were there shouldn’t have hesitated to step in and try to save a baby no matter how unlikely the odds are.

    On some level you know that, or you wouldn’t keep coming back trying to get me to absolve the people involved.

  42. I’m not trying to get you to absolve anyone or anything.I’m just stating the facts and the truth about this horrible tragedy. You just don’t want to accept the facts as they are. That’s all I’m trying to do here. At this point I see you don’t want the truth, so I’m done trying to get that across to all of you. I’m just trying to do what is right, unlike all of you.

  43. Here is a little site to leave a little note for little Axel Casian. My brother is the funerl director of the Mortuary where this poor baby was taken. He has seen many things in his life but stated to me that what he saw and what he was told by the coroner was so heart breaking that it will be burned into his memory forever. I myself have a 4 year old son, and was very disturbed by this. I have intervened before with just seeing a person yelling in a child’s face. And I know that if I would have seen something this horrific I may not have been able to save the baby but would have died trying. But we can say what would have or could have been, but that does not change what did happen. This should be a lesson to EVERYONE! If you have ANY suspicion that a child is being hurt or abused in ANY way, even the smallest suspicion, ACT. Children can’t defend themselves but we can fight for them. Fearing for yourself in a sitiuation like makes you a coward. Any good parent would admit to being able and willing to die for THEIR child, why not somebody else’s baby.

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