Faith and Begorra! David Duke Claims The Irish Are Killing G.I.’s in Iraq

Or at least he’s repeating the claims of lefty rag The Independent who are using the I.R.A. angle to refute American reports of Iraqi insurgents being aided by Iranian Revolutionary Guard. I guess that whole “white brotherhood” thing goes out the window when your a Jew hating traitor who needs a patsy to try to cover for your new B.F.F., who’s Revolutionary Guard are attacking our troops.

Of course, the story is based on shaky logic anyway. The reporters from The Independent claim that Insurgent I.E.D.’s are detonated using the same technique used by the I.R.A., so it must be those sneaky Irish helping the insurgency, not the poor misunderstood Iranians. The underlying assumption to this bizarre leap in logic being that there’s no possible way I.R.A. bomb making instructions could be disseminated to anyone searching for bomb making info on, say, the Internet.

Besides, Muslims are peaceful people and the Irish love fighting and blowing things up. At least that’s what the Brits at The Independent say. In private. They also like having a handy minority around to pin things on when a conspiracy involving Jews or Blacks just won’t do.

I guess I won’t be seeing them, or Duke, at the next St. Paddy Day parade.