Is the Detroit Free Press Pro Honor Killing?

Pamela Geller, the outspoken opponent of the Islamization of America, was in Dearborn this past weekend speaking out at a conference against Islamic honor killings. Sunday was the one-year anniversary of the murder of 20-year-old Jessica Mokdad of Warren, Michigan, by her stepfather because she refused to conform to Islamic cultural norms for women.

The Detroit Free Press covered the event in their piece Muslims oppose anti-Islam gathering; dueling events held in Detroit, Dearborn. The article opens thus:

“Anti-Islam advocates from across the U.S. gathered in Dearborn today for a conference to bring attention to what they say is a problem of Muslim honor killings.”

Anti-Islam advocates? Really? How is being against killing a woman because she’s becoming too Western anti-Islam? The conference was clearly about the issue of honor killings, not against Muslims.  And what the hell is meant by “what they say is a problem of Muslim honor killings” supposed to mean?  Girl wears makeup, goes out with unapproved boys, tries to be her own person.  Stepdad kills girl for not conforming to Islam.  How can anyone in their right mind ‘say’ it’s a problem with anything else?

Later in the article, the Freep writer states that:

“Last year, Mokdad, 20, was shot dead by her stepdad in Warren. Geller said it was a (sic) honor killing based on Islam, but Assistant Prosecutor Bill Cataldo of Macomb County told the Free Press on Friday it was not. The family of Mokdad is opposed to the anti-Islam conference and didn’t want Mokdad’s name on it, Cataldo said.”

Yet, Geller on her Sunday April 29 post at her blog, Atlas Shrugs, points out that the prosecutor had something different to say a year ago:

“Macomb County Assistant Prosecutor Bill Contaldo said: “He thought she was becoming too Westernized. I think this was a very nice young lady wanting to experiment with Western culture without control and without abuse.” The Detroit Free Press reported: “Mokdad’s mother told police that Alfetlawi felt so shamed by her daughter’s Western ways. He killed her in an honor killing, Warren Police Sgt. Stephen Mills said.” Alfetlawi was so concerned about her behavior that he even forced her to go to a mosque and marry her boyfriend.”

You think the so-called journalists would be able to dig up that little tidbit on their own, especially since it was on their own damn news site.

Thankfully, we have freedom fighter Geller to keep them honest.  I’m close to Dearborn, so I kicked myself for not keeping up with her site so I could go to this conference.  I’ve remedied that and hopefully will get a chance to hear her speak in person in the future.  She and her team are putting together videos of the full conference but below is a teaser to see her and other anti-honor killing activists in action.


2 thoughts on “Is the Detroit Free Press Pro Honor Killing?

  1. It amazes me how the women s movement isn’t screaming about the reversal of rights Sharia law will bring them. It’s a sad day when all American’s are not outraged by the murder of a woman, especially an honor killing.

    And the press trying so hard not to offend Muslims will candy coat a story any way they can in an effort to be politically correct.

    I’ve got news for them. If the radical Muslims have their way anything they print would have to be approved by an Imam. First women’s rights, then Freedom of the Press. Oh. I forgot, the press no longer reports news, they tell us what they want us to think….

  2. It’s surreal to have to explain to gays, pagans and women that this is happening here and now and that the radicals they defend as “just people with different religious beliefs” would subjugate them once they have power. They still seem to want to cling to the ‘big mean white Christian Republican guy’ is out to get us meme.

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