Jihadi Swine Celebrating 9/11 Attacks: “Happy 9/11 to All the Muslims of the World”

The Jihad Fields are Calling has a post up celebrating the terror attacks of 9/11 and lavishing praise on the attackers and Osama bin Ladin. It’s long and as tedious as anything else Mujahid writes, so I’ll excerpt the only part that will interest you:

On the 6th Anniversary of the Blessed Attacks of September 11 it is our message to all the Americans and their allies. The Blessed Attacks of September 11 was just the beginning, by these blessed attacks we drag you to your graves in Afghanistan and Iraq, your countries and governments faced in these lands the worst humiliation in their history. But all what is happened to your countries yet is nothing.

Mark these words and mark them well, what your countries have suffered in 9/11 and in Afghanistan and Iraq is just the beginning, the worst is yet have to come, and its coming very soon Allah Willing.

We invite you to invade in more of our lands and bring yourselves more and more closer to your destruction or just wait and watch your destruction in Iraq and Afghanistan because in either case the destruction is your destined fate which you must met soon Allah willing and we promise you we will not let you run away from our lands until you will be completely destroyed.

God Bless Osama bin Laden

God Bless Al-Qaeda

God Bless Mujahideen all around the world

God Bless the Muslim Ummah

and Curse be upon America and all of its allies, puppets and pets.

Happy anniversary of the blessed attacks of September 11 to all the Muslim Ummah

The Jihad Fields are Calling is not the only site for whom the anniversary of 9/11 is a joyous occasion. Muslims the world over are deliriously happy that 3000 of our fellow Americans died at the hands of the Jihadist death cult and use this sacred date as base propaganda for recruitment. But his year they seem bolder, as if they expect something to happen that will top 9/11.

Also Inshallashaheed’s original website is still down but he has slapped up a new version here, which has excised much of the comments and articles which led them to shut down the first site. The author’s are claiming that some mysterious force shut down their site. I have it on good authority that force was panic when he found out I, along with dozens of others, had dropped dime on him. He’s back to posting Al-Qaeda propaganda though, so it’s just a matter of time before he gets picked up.

And since we’re talking about Jihadists desecrating the memories of the victims of the cowardly 9/11 attacks, nows a good time for me to announce the Red Alerts contest starting September 20th which ironically will be entitled “Desecration 07.” I’ll put up official rules on a separate page but in a nutshell the contest will be open to all artists to explore the theme of desecration using the Koran as either the subject or the medium. The winner will be announced the week before Halloween and will receive a (modest) monetary reward and maybe an invite to my the greatest Halloween celebration ever.

For inspiration, just read through Mujahid’s entire “Happy 9/11” post and let the muse speak to you. Nudity is acceptable and encouraged. Not for my sake, but for the art!

UPDATE: In the time it took to type out this post, The Jihad Fields are Calling disappeared. Has Mujahid gone to ground with his cohorts?

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