Leftists on the Attack! Civil War in America Starting?

Hot Air has video of a protest by “liberals” at American University in which Karl Rove was at one point “pelted” with objects by the spoiled children of nouveau riche baby boomers to whom mob violence is considered harmless fun. It certainly doesn’t seem very liberal to attempt to physically attack or call for the murder of people you don’t agree with, but the new left wants to change the way society interacts, so I guess from now on a good liberal arts education will include classes on bomb making and hand to hand combat.

The folks at Digg, (myself included, I’m “Mercyful Fate” on the thread) are in a hot and heavy “debate” with lefties calling the students “Heroic” and righties are understandably going ballistic. It’s like a little mini civil war, which got me thinking about this interview with Orson Scott Card about his new book Empire. The left and right in this country couldn’t be further apart, not just in ideology, but culturally and morally. The idea of a civil war starting seems laughable to the right; after all we own most of the guns and much of the military is made up of red blooded freedom loving patriots.

But the radical left courts violent elements that are inherently dangerous. Neo-Nazis and Jihadists have allied amongst themselves, and with the larger anti-War movement. The far left in this country is building up an alliance of violent elements with promises of change, and as the Dems settle into their new power, changing very little, this alliance will become a dangerous, disenfranchised army in our midsts. So the question is this: is there going to be a civil war in this country in our lifetime?

UPDATE: Here’s a news report that includes a short interview with one of the students involved.

11 thoughts on “Leftists on the Attack! Civil War in America Starting?

  1. This “civil” war between left and right has been ongoing for quite a while. Just look at how liberals act at election time.

    All that’s missing are actual fire-fights. But I think those won’t be too far off if this garbage continues.

  2. Who thinks up of this bullshit!! Conservatives are fucking idiots. Stop destroying this country, you dumb uneducated fuck.

  3. Typical liberal response. Nothing but hate and investive. No, you liberals are destroying this country with your treason, sucking up to every communist dictator and kissing the terrorists a$$.

  4. helpusall – your silly comment does nothing to further your cause, whatever it might be. The people who frequent this blog would be happy to engage you in civil debate, but instead you choose to spew foul language and hateful insults. If you’d like to demonstrate some depth of thought, we’d be happy to listen. If you’d like to continue your nonsense, well, you’re just proving what we already know about the hateful, shallow left.

  5. I’ve just come across your website. I know it is a useless exercise but I’m in the mood tonight to talk a little (polite) trash to some right wingers.

    I suppose, given the right wingers denunciation of the American University students, that they would be willing to swear an oath to never engage in violence of any kind even if they felt that violence was being done to them. The genius of the conservative attack on our civil liberties and freedoms is that it is done bureaucratically and under the guise of legitimate authority. I know it is a cliche to say so but that is exactly how the Nazi’s and their collaborators defended their atrocities: It was the law: :”We had to turn the Jews in to the authorities”. Another thing the conservatives have in common with the Nazi’s is a need to blame the enemy for their own shortcomings. The war in Iraq is in the toilet. King George continues to torture prisoners and citizens alike while his cronies raid the public purse through non-bid contracts for selling the government supplies to keep the war effort going. Bush’s team members are all jumping ship to spend more time with their families. The Republican dream is imploding and the Cool Aid drinkers are trying to shame a dozen or so young people for showing a little intestinal fortitude in the face of the shameless hucksterism of their elders.

    Oh, and just so I’m sure to make it onto your “stupid liberal” list I just wanted to say that you can all just go fuck yourselves.

    Have a nice evening.

  6. The key difference between National Socialists and the right is that Nazi’s are leftists. In fact Hitler’s policies were influenced by American progressives but being a Nazi yourself you’d no that.

    But more to the point, are you high? I don’t have a list and if I did the one you’d be on is the “pretentious White liberal who drinks to much when his old lady cheats on him so he trolls the Internet looking for people to hassle over four month old post” list.

    I like my lists to be specific.

    Get some coffee and some sleep.


  8. With president Bush celebrating Ramadan in the White House with our enemies and Hillary Clinton kissing Marxist fannies our nation is stepping in quicksand and sinking fast.

  9. Mohammad would cry over this. Assyrian,Babylonian,Egypt, Hittite & Mitanni history proves Israel existed in ancient times. Jews have historical rights to their land. Moslems are not there when Israel first appears on the world scene. Moslem’s don’t appear in Israel until after Mohammad dies.

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    God bless Israel!

  10. “The key difference between National Socialists and the right is that Nazi’s are leftists. In fact Hitler’s policies were influenced by American progressives but being a Nazi yourself you’d no that.”

    Hate to resurrect an old thread but:

    One of the main platforms for the National Socialist Party was their ardent opposition of “leftist communist.” But then being a Nazi yourself you’d know that.

    Please educate yourself before you even attempt to sound educated. It just makes you sound pretentious.

    Fritzsche, Peter. 1998. Germans into Nazis. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press; Eatwell, Roger, Fascism, A History, Viking/Penguin, 1996, pp.xvii-xxiv, 21, 26–31, 114–140, 352. Griffin, Roger. 2000. “Revolution from the Right: Fascism,” chapter in David Parker (ed.) Revolutions and the Revolutionary Tradition in the West 1560-1991, Routledge, London.

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