NYU Protesters Unaware of How Hilariously Funny They Are

Par for the course in any college nowadays we find emotionally stunted “activists” creating a fantasy world of high drama which comes crashing down around them when the rest of the world doesn’t play along. Bear in mind while watching this video the person filming is A) Not an NYU student and B) Supposedly male. Here’s some critical reviews to keep in mind while viewing, then I’ll expect some thoughts on how this video demonstrates the modality of power dynamics from the perspective of “othered” bourgeoisie in post-modern American academia.

Allahpundit: “To be this far over the line into self-parody and yet somehow oblivious to it is hard to fathom; it feels like satire, but it isn’t.”

Greg Gutfeld: “This footage should be mandatory viewing for every young person in America. If the person watching sympathizes with these students, then you know she or she is beyond hope.”

Stick with it until the end, where the radical documentary film maker complains that the police “probably drink corporate water” as he safely tucks away his Apple Macbook. Awesome:


2 thoughts on “NYU Protesters Unaware of How Hilariously Funny They Are

  1. WTF did I just watch?! Seriously, I even went to the site and tried to research what I was seeing. I have yet to find any semblance of thorough explanation. This is the most mixed up hogwash I’ve ever seen.

    They look and sound like a bunch of 10th graders whining about an extra 30 minutes of school. There is nothing here that suggests they deserved a shred of the respect they are demanding – and yeah, DEMANDING when they are on private property with rules that everyone must obey, refusing to show ID, and led by someone (and God knows I use the world “led” LOOSELY) who isn’t even a student and is, therefore, on grounds illegally.

    Did you get the girl screaming? Oh, all of a sudden just as she is inside the door and the camera is there, she suddenly feels threatened. I hope her major isn’t acting. (and I didn’t miss the hijab around her neck)

    Honestly, even if I knew the details behind the film, I could never take this seriously or care enough to not feel my time was wasted and my intelligence offended by this crappy “protest”.

    The point I thought I was going to lose my lunch was when the cameraman started yelling “Brutality here .. You’re on camera.” Yeah, he’s on camera trying to climb over the barricade and NOT TOUCHING ANYONE. What a jackass that cameraman is!

    What disrespectful little whiny emo children they all are. This is humorous in a fashion but mostly it just makes me want to smack the shit out of every one of those kids and send them home to their parents for another shot at raising their kids right! Dammit!

    Want the answer why this country is in the shape it is? Watch this video and listen to these foul mouthed, disrespectful drama whores, whose greatest entertainment is more than likely hanging out on chan sites trying to pick up 11 year olds – because no one their age will tolerate their immature bullshit.

  2. And yes, Rob, I caught the hypocrisy. It happens in this country all the time in regards to people protesting big corporations/the government ignoring the poor and homeless/”sell outs” while plodding along to their gas guzzling latest model elite-brand car in their high-fashioned sneakers, placing their Sharper Image gadgets in their name brand bags, and fussing with their salon-fashioned hair.

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