Victimless Crime File: Pot Smoking Skank Blames “Bad” Children for her “Need” to Get High

Shannon Kramer is the seemingly unemployed single mother whose 15-year-old daughter turned her in for getting high. A reporter caught up with the mother of the year who claimed that because her children had behavioral problems (how’d that happen?) she needs to get high to deal with them.

Nothing like knowing your mother thinks you’re so awful she can’t deal with you sober I bet. Kramer’s lucky her daughter just turned her into cops because frankly her kind of mothering usually ends badly, as in dead hooker in the woods badly.

At the end we find out that Shannon Kramer actually was charged with child neglect a couple of years ago when one of her kids wandered out of the house without her noticing. But of course if Pot was legal none of this would have happened, right guys?

h/t Breitbart