Racist Friend of Abdel Aziz Hamze Says Dragging Death was Self Defense!

Terak Chaaban is apparently a friend of murdering racist Abdel Aziz Hamze and like any good friend is coming to his defense. Unfortunately in doing so he proves the point of my original post, that racism against Blacks is so ingrained in Muslim culture that Arab Muslims feel absolutely justified in any violent behavior against them. This is what Terak said in my comments section:

hate crime ?? are you kidding me ?

he was attacked by a bunch of crazy people how do you think he will react while panicking ?

O.K., remember that the “bunch of crazy people” attacking his friend was one man, Michael Williams, his wife Sandra Hall who was killed, and her mother and sister. Keep this fact in mind for this story, because Terak and his supporters will be making the argument that Hamze was panicked and terrified.

By three women, one at least in her late fifties, and a man.

Here’s some of what Terak says on his website:

Back to the Topic :

I’m just amazed on how much coverage this thing has received! It’s ridiculous. Why do they all insist on saying that he was born in Lebanon? Just to lie and hide the truth? To exaggerate the story because he’s a Lebanese Muslim? He is a born US citizen, born in Fort Lauderdale, FL. He is not a naturalized citizen.

And by the way, the reason he tried to flee the scene in the first place is because they attacked him.

He stopped after the hit and told them he was calling the police to come and resolve the accident it but they tried to attack him while in his car.

They probably even threatened him. Remember, the lady and her company had just exited a casino after drinking there, so you can imagine what they were like.

And as everyone heard, the lady actually stood in front and even jumped on his car when he started the engine. Who wouldn’t be terrified and run for their life in such a situation?

Now what about the so-called victim :

From what I have found is that she was arrested 26 times , she had drug related issues. At the time of the incident, it seems that she was drunk (and the BS stuff …)

The so-called suspect (Abdul aziz Hamza) : He has a Job and is pursuing a master’s degree in politics and economics.

I know that this isn’t enough to prove his innocence and I know Abdel Aziz Hamze made a mistake by trying to leave the country but I understand he was in panic and I’m sure that there is a lot of info that the media didn’t publish (ignorance or on purpose..)

I just hope all this (*!)@#) ends soon , and that it doesn’t mess his life , he’s still 24 and doesn’t deserve such thing .

I’m not an Expert in US laws but I don’t know if they consider Panic , Self-defense , being afraid , as an argument …

There is whole lot going on here, so I’ll cover the main points. Over all these are obviously the comments of a “man” who believe that the life of a Black person isn’t worth caring about. Notice that he doesn’t really think this is newsworthy. A woman was dragged to death under a car. This is unusual to say the least, and certainly newsworthy in America. Terak is from Canada however so maybe he has a different experience, maybe in Canada people get dragged to death under cars all the time.

Now, he’s claiming Hamze was attacked, but the police and the press aren’t saying that’s the case. Indeed Sandra Hall was in front of his car before being run down, so was in fact in no position to attack him. Her mother was likely not involved in any supposed attack, being well over fifty I’m sure. That leaves Williams (a doughy little fellow) and Hall’s sister. Neither of whom were run down, oddly enough.

But Terak claims this is self defense.

But let’s say he was being attacked, by Williams and his sister-in-law because Sandra Hall was in front of the car. Once he drove out of the danger, why didn’t he stop? Are we to believe that it took him two miles to get out of danger?

If Hamze was the one offering to call the cops, why did the victims family have to chase him down after the original accident? Just throwing that out to you.

Now Terak puts forward the idea that Hamze was frightened by a man, his wife, and her sister and mother. He takes the idea a step further and implies that everyone else would be as frightened. “Who wouldn’t be terrified and run for your life?” he asks. Oh. I don’t know, a man. I mean is this guy serious? A family outing is terrifying? A man with his mother is scary?

This coming from a man who proudly announces that he’s part of the Canadian Armed Forces! Terak Chaaban is saying that a grown man should be so scared of some dude out with his family that running a woman over and dragging her for two miles is an appropriate response. In fact, running over a woman who cannot be a threat to him (were there reports of her having a gun?) is to Terak self defense. Outrageous.

Read his post, it’s riddled with the kind of racist fear mongering that’s usually found on White Supremacist sites, which would explain why “Jim” supports the “Hamze was in danger” theory this way:

The way I see it: Hamze is just driving along when he gets into a minor fender bender with a car he couldn’t see. It was dark and he ran into a $300 Hoop-tee Cadillac (straight out of the junk yard) with four big black people in it. The lights didn’t work on the Cadillac but yet they were still driving it in the dark (Moving Violation as I see it). After Hamze bumped into them, Sandra Hall and her boy friend Michael Williams jumped out screaming and yelling at Hamze, and he drives off in fear for his life. Then Hall and Williams jump back in there Hoop-tee with there “beer muscles” from drinking all day on the porch and all night at the Hard Rock, and chase after, wanting to cause physical harm to Hamze for scratching there $300 Hoop-De-Ville. After catching the frightened man in traffic the they surround his minivan and verbally threaten him while he remains in his locked vehicle. Then Belligerent Sandra Hall jumps on his hood as Williams approaches and Hamze in fear for his life is FORCED to drive off. He swerves a couple time to knock her off before she can harm him. She accidentally gets run over, stuck to the muffler, and dragged to her death.

No that’s not racist at all. Terak, like “Jim”, thinks that by nature of being Black and having a couple of drinks in them, that they’re automatically too dangerous for a young man to handle sans dragging a woman to death. It doesn’t occur to either that a man doesn’t run over an unarmed woman. I could chalk this up to the unmitigated cowardice of the commenters, but the truth is that it is more due to their bigotry and lack of character.

Running over an unarmed woman cannot be self defense. Even Hamze knew this, which is why he was apprehended trying to flee the country.

42 thoughts on “Racist Friend of Abdel Aziz Hamze Says Dragging Death was Self Defense!

  1. First my name is Tarek and not Terak 🙂

    Second i wont enter in a debate with you About my friend , i will let the Justice deal with this .

    Second for your information , in Islam there is no difference between a Black and a White and we dont even discuss such thing , because human is valued for what he did , the more good deeds he did the better he is …

    I would have said the same thing if white drunk crazy people attacked him ,

    You also judged him by only reading the newspaper and watching the media , did you give him a chance to explain his case ?

    The only thing is see here , it’s you and your blood type that is : Racist +

    Grow up we are in 2007 and not 1940

  2. Oh yeah i see now what kind of person you are , from your “about us page”

    “Within our country an unholy alliance of Marxists, Islamists and White Supremacists seeks to undermine our security and orchestrate the conflict each believes will bring them to power and destroy western civilization”

    Open your mind and grow up !

  3. I read both your opinions and comments, but I couldnt figure out how Tarek was racist and he didnt even mention that the woman killed was black!, I found out that she was black while reading your part, unless I missed any other conversations between you two. However, if that is not the case, I see that you got a problem dude, you’re either racist yourself!!, or really are with antiracism which made you accuse everybody with racism.

  4. Tarek is saying “Passing” that three middle aged Black women and some fat Black guy are so scary that Hamze couldn’t stop his car while he was dragging a screaming, pleading woman down the high way under his car. He in fact sped up and swirved around the highway in an effort to dislodge the woman. Get it, even when Hamze was out of the supposed danger of a family outing, he kept draggin the woamn who should have been taken to a hospital. It never occured to Hamze that she was anything other than road kill, and it doesn’t occur to Tarek that she could be underserving of this grotesque fate.

    And these opinions are reached because of a ingrained racism in Muslim tradition. Which is why I put an academic reference in about the subject, which Tarek has yet to refute.

  5. Tarek
    Since you could care less about a dead woman, no matter what you think of her lifestyle, you’re undeserving of having people care how your name is spelled, or your feeling being hurt.

    You say I should open my mind … to White Supremicism? Or are you only talking about Marxism and Islamic Imperialism? Why should I “open my mind” to philosophies which seek, at their core, the destruction of myself, my family and my country?

    You say I’m a racist because I care about Sandra Hall? Or because it’s the only thing you can think of to say to deflect criticism of the lack of respect for human life both you and your murdering freind displayed?

  6. Told you dont want to argue about the incident , everything will come in time and i will let the justice deal with this .

    As for racism , no i’m not attacking you because you care about sandra, i’m attacking you because you accused someone of racism and hate crime without any real evidence , i wouldn’t have attacked you if you didn’t have mentioned colors .

    In fact you accuse everybody from being a racist , in your site : red-alert.com

    you mention the word racist more than 120 times …

    reference : http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient-ff&ie=UTF-8&rls=GGGL,GGGL:2006-29,GGGL:en&q=site:www.red-alerts.com+racist

    50 times the word racism


    you have a problem my friend …

  7. well your claim that Muslims have a hatred for black people is completely preposterous and ignorant. I am an African American Muslim and in Islam a person is judged by their actions and not their race. You’re making this a Race issue when it is not. A drunk woman with an astounding rap sheet placed herself in front of a moving vehicle and Hamze made a horrible mistake. You think that you are shedding light to this point you’re trying to make, but all you are doing is exposing the world to you ignorance.

  8. I met many African AMerican Muslims and they are, without exception, equally racist and intolerent to bi-racial people (I was called Zebra and White Devil growing up often and only by Black Muslims)as Arab Muslims are to Blacks and worse they betray their Black brothers and sisters to side wih Islam even when Islam needs to be called to account.

    Explain why your position is exactly the same as “Jim’s”, a man who has used the word nigger (except the trash spelled it wrong) and then tell me why that doesn’t give you pause.

    Explain why the Arab term for Black men and Salves is one and the same.

    Explain why your Muslim brothers have blocked the UN from taking action to stop the genecide in Darfur, but demanded the UN AND the US take action to save the White Muslims in Bosnia.

    Explain how the dragging death of a woman is an accidnet

    Since so many African American Muslims convert inprison, if someone kills them willtheir prior rap sheet be an acceptable reason for someone to be afraid of them? If one of your Black Muslim friends got dragged to death by a Jewish woman who then said she was scarred of him, and a bunch of people claimed he deserved (some because he was Black) would you still sing the same tired song?

    In that situation I’d be on the same side, because when a Black man or woman is murdered I care. You’d have a completely different opinion, because the truth is you only care about dancing for your new White and Arab friends. You’re a sell-out.

    Here at Red Alerts, we’re proud of who we are and where we came from. If you’re not that’s on you “brother”, but don’t come here and lay your trip on Black folk with a little self respect. Just put on your dress, serve your Arab masters their dinner and leave caring about Black people to people who actually do.


    Or you would be if you weren’t one of Hamze’s Arab friends pretending to be Black. Thus proving my points.

    But whether you’re actually a Black Muslim or not, my answer to such self-loathing piffle would be exactly the same.

  9. I dont know what you guys are talking about. I am a Muslim who comes from Africa (Ethiopian to be exact). Islam teaches people that there is no difference between a black person and a white person. Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, confirmed this in his final speech to his ummah. Many of my BEST friends are Arab/Lebanese/Palestinian etc. And noone ever refers to me in any racist manner. Honestly, you guys are just trying to stir up some heated-up debate. AbdelAziz is in our hearts and prayers- not b/c he is Arab; not b/c he is Lebanese; not only b/c he is muslim; but b/c he is INNOCENT. may Allah protect him from those who want to cause harm to him.

    Your blog, your posts dont affect the morale of his family and supporters. So meh….you can spread you lies. Whatever suits you.

  10. “AbdelAziz is in our hearts and prayers”

    What about Sandra Hall and her distraught, grieving family? I guess they’re not in your “hearts and prayers”? It’s pretty hard to appear as though you’re taking the moral high ground when you openly pray for an accused murderer, and not for the victim and those she left behind.

    We live in a free country, so feel free to support whomever you choose. But if you want to sound unbiased, at least pretend to show some compassion for the family of a woman whose family was forced to endure a closed-casket funeral because her pulverized body was dragged apart during a two mile nightmare. At least act like you sympathize with those who loved her and will never see her again.

  11. So if someone’s a Muslim they stay in your hearts and prayers no matter how grotesque their crime is? If he butchered her with a kitchen set as opposed to the asphalt of a highway you’d still say he was innocent? When he looked in his rear veiw mirror and saw parts of Halls body being torn off and left in the road like garbage was he innocent?

    Muslim or not if you’re really Black (and I doubt you are) Hamze would eagerly run you down as well, while you defend your “brother” who no doubt neglects to defend his Muslim brothers killed in Darfur.

    Black or not, you are disgusting. If there was a Hell, you’d be going there with Hamze.

  12. Abdel Aziz was alone and was threatened by several other people. This has NOTHING to do with race. He could care less if they were black. They were drunk and she stood infront of his moving van. Yes, it IS sad a innocent life was taken. However, you are going to just label him guilty without even looking at all of the facts?

    And I already said I dont only support him b/c hes arab/Muslim but because he is a good man who has NEVER been involved with gangs nor has he been involved with any trouble with the law before.

    And again this nothign to do with race. His religious leader is a man from Africa so really you guys are just saying whatever you please, i.e. LIES.

    Allah Ma3ek ya AbdelAziz.

  13. and again isnt this the “home of the brave, land of the free”? Isnt the US Government attempting to rally the world in its support for spreading freedom, democracy, and justice. AbdelAziz was born in the United States. This is his home. He was rasied here, however because his parents are from Lebanon and because he is Muslim he has been labled a “terrorist”. The American media is so fascinating.

    and you called me out about not showing any sympathy for the Ms. Sandra. Same could be said about the author of this blog. You arent showing any synpathy OR respect for her by exploiting her murder to fuel anti-Arab and anti-Muslim feelings amongst Americans.

  14. You’re saying this “man” was threatened by three women and the guy they were with. Three women “threatened” him so he had to murder one? After escaping this “threatening” situation he could of pulled over an allowed Hall to live. He could have driven her to a hospital. Instead he ran like a yellow dog.

    If standing in front of a van to stop a person from fleeing the scene of a crime (having an accident on the road and not reporting it is indeed a crime here) in your mind justifies being killed, then this supposed anti-Muslim bias of mine would be justified wouldn’t it? Self defense doesn’t apply in most peoples minds to being annoying or obnoxious, but to you and your co-religionist it apparently does. By those standards, will you be running me over because I’m standing in the way of you conning the world into thinking Hamze’s innocent?

    But I am glad to see you’ve admitted that Hall’s death was indeed murder. That being the case, how can you then defend a murderer? If I’m “exploiting her murder” as you say why call Hamze, the person responsible for her murder, innocent unless you are saying that her murdering her isn’t a big deal? That was th point of my original post, that your ingrained bigotry agianst non-Muslims, especially Blacks, makes killing people far too easy for you and your ilk.

  15. I’m not sure what that means. If I’m going to sit home why pack my stuff? My stuff’s already there. If I pack my stuff up, why would I sit at home?


    Well played Tom, you’re clever comment has unsettled me to be certain. I bow to your rapier like wit and leave the field to you, sir.

  16. One of the first people who followed Prophet Muhammad and embrassed Islam is “Bilal Al Habashi”…..he was black…..he is one of the most dignified people in Islam….his rank is superior to many other white piest muslims….the islamic history, is full of stories encouraging tolerance regardless of the race…review islamic litterature…

    it is quite fallacious to generalise and say that all Muslims are racists…..this is prejudice…..even if some muslims were racists…..as someone mentioned earlie….some black ppl are racist…..but that doesn’t mean that all black ppl hate the white race….n considers them to be a bunch of crazy ppl….that should be crushed for the mere color of their skin…….

    It is not true that muslims tolerate crimes as long as they’re commited by muslims….. the islamic law punishes muslims when condamned…..for further information about this issue… look into reliable sources if the islamic law

  17. I notice that while you meant to say embraced, you wrote it as embarassed. A freudian slip perhaps?

    This was a hate crime, and only a racist would claim a MAN should be afraid of three women and a little fat guy. Modern Islam, specifically Wahhabism, is a racist imperailist creed that allows it’s followers to rape, murder and steal as long at the victims are non-Muslims.

    You know, like in Darfur.

  18. Perhaps spelling mistakes is something that a french educated like myslef fall into…..so plz take that into account…..
    Our Mater Bilal is one of the most honorable people in Islam….and he didn’t by any means embaress Islam…….and by the way … i wrote “embrassed” not embarssed….He most certainly honored muslims everywhere…..

    It’s in Prophet Muhammad’s tradition that he ordered his followers not to cut trees or kill children…”those of non muslims”…….
    the acts of wahhabies are not accepted by muslims…..we even don’t call them muslims…..we see them as terrorists…. they most certainly are not followers of the true islamic law…..there are alot of muslim anti-wahhabies sites

    I’m not here to discus the “MANHOOD” of abdulaziz….

  19. The story is about Hamze and his actions, the support he still gets from the Muslim community here, and why that’s possible. As I’ve said many other places, I don’t say all Muslims are anything but this case does illustrate a wide spread and pervasive attitude toward Blacks that you find in many Muslim countries.

  20. Many muslims are black, not only in North Africa but also in the USA/France/uk. There is no stipulation in Islam for racism towards black people. What this man did was terrible but I fail to see your point in your diatribe against his racist tendencies. Infact in lumping all Arab Muslims together in calling them racist against blacks, it is you who are committing that particular sin, not them.

    Their is enough extremism going around in this hard days, can we not learn to rise above such things and see every person in an individual light?

  21. Islam promotes Arab culture as superior to African culture, the slave trade in the modern world is driven by Islam and the genocide in Darfur is assisted by Arab Muslims who travel to Sudan to physically help the Janjaweed militas but you don’t think Arab Muslims bear any responsibility for racism?

    How are Blacks treated in Saudi Arabia?

  22. Excuse me but have you been in the court room listening to the trial at all? I’m sure you haven’t been because your arguments are shallow and opinionated.
    How can you sit and belittle this man for being afraid? It was proven, during the trial, that Hamze was indeed scared for his life because three human beings (regardless of race) chased him for miles down the street, caught him at a stoplight, proceeded to get out of the car, surround his vehicle, and bang on his windows while yelling threats such as “Get out of the car Mother Fucker, I’m going to kill you.” Should he have stopped after the fender bender? Absolutely. Did he? No. Unfortunately he panicked and you what? Sometimes it happens. Especially when growing up in a very constricted and sheltered home. It was made public in the trial that Hamze didn’t even grow up with a television at home. His entire life was made up of religion, academics, and family orientation. It is definitely safe to say that this man is very far from a killer.
    I haven’t read anything in these blogs about the 911 call made by Sandra Hall. Did you know that while on the phone with 911 she told the operator that she was going to kill Hamze once she caught up to him? Did you know that she made these statements about a minimum of 5 times? Do you know witnesses at the scene watched as Hamze pleaded with Hall to move away from the front of the vehicle so that he may drive on without harming her? I also see you failed to mention how Hall willingly climbed on top of Hamze’s minivan to continue taunting and threatening him. Did you know that witnesses also testified to hearing phrases such as “I’m going to bust the windows out Mother Fucker?”
    Nowhere in these blogs did I read anything about Hall or Williams (Sandra Hall’s boyfriend) criminal records. Did you know Hall had been arrested, charged, and convicted of several different crimes in her life? Did you know at all that Michael Williams is a FIVE time convicted felon?
    You failed to mention all of these things in your blogs but stressed so much about how racist Hamze is. Why does it make a difference what color anyone’s skin was that night? A man panicked, was rightfully in fear for his life, made a bad decision, and now he is paying for it.
    No where in the Islamic religion does it teach any form of hate, especially not racism. As a matter of fact, there are many black Muslims. If Islam taught its follower’s to hate black people then why would so many be Black’s be Muslim? Better yet, why would so many convert to Islam?
    If you are going to make an attempt to ruin someone’s reputation then get your facts together. Don’t make false accusations and expect everyone to go along with what you say. That is a sickness.

  23. By the way…from what I see you are very confused. You are mixing the Arab culture with the Muslim religion. The two definitely do not go hand in hand. You are an ignorant person with so much to learn. Please try to do some research before making such claims.

  24. Just one more thing… Why are you so bothered by the amount of support Hamze gets from the Muslim community? I don’t know if you knew Hall personally but you seem to support her a great deal. It is also to my understanding that many African American’s who did not know Hall showed their sadness and pain in her death. You have too much hate in your heart, let some of it go.

  25. Are you really asking why I should belittle a MAN who was afraid of a WOMAN? Really?

    It was you and your degenerate co-coreligionists who stressed the color of that poor woman’s skin in your disgusting defense of a coward and murderer. He dragged a woman to death. He could have stopped after 1/4th a mile, but didn’t. He could have fought the “five time convicted felon” you speak of like a man would have since this scary criminal was in his 40s or 50s.

    You’re argument is that a man should fear for his life when a woman threatens him? If it was a group of White Christians would you make the same argument?

    You are seriously claiming it is acceptable for a man to murder a woman because he was scared? Isn’t that cowardice of the worst kind? Oh, I forgot, in your circle it is a amrk of distinction to have acted in any number of inhuman ways.

    It’s no wonder that all Muslim countries are hell holes. They’re full of people like you, who will love evil. The only hate I have in my heart is for evil. Men dragging women to death (after ramming her car from behind I might add) is evil. Only a devil worshiper could argue otherwise.

  26. Why does it matter what race she is?
    The lady was arrested 26 times. She is obviously a career criminal. she chased down a hit and run suspect then jumped on the hood while her boyfriend was beating on the man’s vehicle. The lady was a grandmother at age 44. I made not mention about race because it does not matter. If it were anyone of any race doing something like that the guy behind the wheel of the vehicle being assaulted would try to get away to protect himself. Plus the lady was drunk at the time. And I heard but can not confirm that the woman was on the phone with 911 and is heard telling her boyfriend to “go get the gun” even more reason for the man to high tail it out of there.

  27. So a “Man” dragging a woman to death is ok because she was drunk?

    If she was a White woman with the same record you wouldn’t say that, because you’re just another racist piece of trash who thinks Black people’s lives are worthless. And you Do NOT know what her criminal record and I would put forward that I’d rather have a relative who is a grandmother at 44 (which is normal, meaning she gave birth in her early 20s and so did her daughter) then a wife at 8 like in many Muslim countries.

  28. you are an angry person. what does her race matter? The facts are she left a casino. Was drunk, Has a lengthy arrest record. Including drug charges.

    You may consider that a model citizen by your standards.

    Chasing down a hit and run driver when the 911 operator told her 7 times to stop chasing him is very co-operative on her part. Then having her and her boyfriend beat on this man’s car causing him to be afraid. And on top of that she jumps on the hood of the man’s car. He must have been afraid for his life and gassed it go get out of that situation.

    The person who was made the most irresponsible decisions that night was the woman. She did not follow the orders of the police. If she would have just listened to the 911 operator she would still be alive instead of trying take the law in her own hands. $3k of damage would have easily been covered by her insurance company. It’s not worth it to risk her life over at 1966 car.

  29. EDIT (Link contained illegal pornography)

    those are real hate crimes not the accident that unpurposely happened
    those u see in this link are the true murderers
    those u see are the real racists
    so why dont you explain this taylor?

    in addition we have 1000s of children that are suffering from ur terrorist in iraq and other arab regions in our hearts and prayers…actually yes theres no place for a women has killed in an accident…accident ok and such accidents happens everyday and every where but just bcz u hate muslims u insist that it was a crime

    and now come to racism…go back to your american archeive which is filled with wars and crimes against humanity along the past years begininig with the civil war against black poeple maybe you would refresh ur memory and remember who are the real racists against them…not to mention the tyrannical way you built this usa civilization by killing the real citizens of america…3 million red indians were killed cruely and cruely you occupied their land

  30. The Civil War was fought to FREE THE SLAVES stupid.

    Also, Americans didn’t kill anywhere near as many “red Indians” as the Aztec empire, which stretched from Mexico well into what’s now the United States. They practiced human sacrifice and cannibalism. No complaints about that though huh?

    Dragging a woman more than a mile is not an accident. You’re a racist, and I’m taking your child porn link out pervert.

  31. Also why don’t you explain the billions of dollars we give to Muslims every year, who can’t feed themselves? Why don’t you explain why I’m a racist for caring about my fellow Blacks, but you Muslims aren’t for joining with Hitler, still practicing slavery and having connections with the Aryan Nations?

  32. Dear taylor,
    It seems that all that u really care about is the publicity u might get out of this blog and all your responses are a case of useless repition to the “racist” propaganda, although that what I going to sa might come out harsh, but truely I wish that some day u will get to live these same events and to go through the same kind of fear and panic that pushed to him to what he did coz only then u would know how it feels to be in his shoes but hopefully u will be sttonger and manage to stop the car at 1/4th a mile and save her life but untill that happens I hope u would have some cosideration for both families’ feelings and stop abusing this unpleasent incident and let it go.

  33. You’re disgusting. That poor woman he dragged to death scared him? Is that your defense? That a middle age woman terrified a young man?

    I thought Muslim men were supposed to be fierce warriors or something. I guess they’re just scared little girls.

  34. Now u got me wondering how old u are since ur reply came so dull and irrelivent,”fierce warriors!!??” U must be a marvel® guy and I wouldn’t be surprised if I knew that u stuck out ur tongue after subnitting ur comment and now I am sure about my first assumption tht all ur getting ur out of ur blog is ur 5 mins of fame and ur reaction would have been the same even if Hamze was the victim and the and sandra hull was driving and u probably would have made her an arab hater and a racist. It really sickens me the way u are using some man’s misfortune to feel important and if u are man enough u will leave this post .
    PS:for all u who are reaing through this blog,please stop submitting ur comments becoz taylor cates the less about this woman or her family is all he’s after is some recognition and as a far shot, a chance to show on Opra and this will lead to more exploitation to this misshap and real tragedy.

  35. Not what dull or irrelevant means but I’ll let it pass.

    But how3 is Hamze, who MURDERED AN OLD WOMAN the one suffering misfortune?

    But since you don’t get the “warrior” reference I’ll put it differently. What kind of bitch are you that you think a man should be scared of a 50+ year-old woman? Are you kidding?

  36. And once u have run out of words u seem to turn a bit aggresive with ur reply proving more what I saod before I would say that u are in ur in us eay twenties an internet nurd screaming for attention and u got ur break with this block and it seems that the more attention ur getting the more willing u seem to get on with this so cut ur self some slack and go play some WOW or what ever cyber life u have as for irrelivent and dull y don’t u google them coz surely uve never used a book and definitly no dictionaries…

  37. The word is “nerd” but no, sorry I’m not in my early 20s. And it’s funny to be lectured in dictionary use by a person who literally writes in a patious. So no answer though for why you think it’s acceptable to drag a 50+ year old woman to death then claim you were “scarred” of her? I’d say that was interesting but it really isn’t, it’s typical.

    Hamze is a craven coward and a degenerate murderer. If there was a god that would accept his behavior (there isn’t) that god would truly be a god of evil, a demon worshiped by people of low character because it gives them license to act in the most depraved ways imaginable.

    You know, like marry children, massacre Lebanese Christians, rape unveiled women and drag innocent Black women to death then claim it’s self defense. But certainly no religion that claims to be good would support those things at all right?

    And I just finished a book, the Koran. It was fairly entertaining but now it’s just sitting on my coffee table acting as a coaster. Since you’re a Muslim though perhaps you could answer a question about it for me.

    What Sura gives men the right to run over women, drag them for a mile, then craven claim they were too terrified to stop the car and help her?

  38. Whatever u say next will not matter u claim that u are anti racism while ur words now are flowing with hate and racism if I didn’t know u better I would have told u that u should be ashamed of ur self but then u don’t know what shame is…….another word for u to look up

  39. If Islam is a universal religion how is criticism of it “racist” unless you believe, as many Arab Muslims do, that Islam is an “Arab” religion first and Blacks should take a subordinate role?

    But I see that you have no real answer tot he question of where in the Koran your god gives you permission to defned craven cowards who murder old women. I guess I’m a better Muslim than you. I mean if I were given to such nonsense.

    Also I see you’ll simply dodge the question about your own racism. Are you really saying a MAN should be terrified by a group of four old women and the midge their with? That’s kind of effeminate isn’t it? Is Hamze a delicate flower, or a grown man?

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