Stanford Continuing Studies Department to Screen Film Featuring Blood Libel

They’re playing it up as a service to their students, who will now “the chance to see this important film for yourself.” and by important they mean anti-Semitic. The telegraph has called it “virulently anti-Semitic” and describes the horror with which rational people view a film so nakedly anti-Western embraced by young radicals, especially when it features a evil Jewish doctor stealing a organs to sell to the rich people in New York.

The same “New York money men” Wesley Clark spoke of no doubt.

I won’t link to any sites promoting this modern version of Birth of a Nation, suffice it to say that whomever wrote the wikipedia entry for it gives the films fanciful anti-Jewish, anti-American plot more credit then a decent person should. And various left wing blogs celebrate the film with such vigorous cyber-cheering that even the Nazi who authored the wikipedia entry would cringe. Gary Busey, who plays the evil Jew, deserves special mention as both a traitor to America, and a hack who will take any role as long as it affords him the money to continue taking whatever it is that makes him, well, Gary Busey. (My vote’s for Meth) They are not alone in their adoration of anti-Semitic propaganda.

It is part of a general pattern of left wing acceptance of anti-Semitism, especially when it is middle eastern flavored. Even leading “progressive” websites spew vicious anti-Semitic propaganda, though to their credit sites like DailyKos often have enough members challenging this bias to give freedom loving Americans hope.

But the Jewish community is under attack in America, and our universities are complicit in spreading views that are unenlightened, unAmerican and better left to Hitler’s Germany. It is time that we on the right speak out against this rising tide of hatred and venom before it sweeps us all away.

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