O.K., Two Congressmen, a Cop and a Cigar are on Capitol Hill…

Hot Air found this story. Set up for the best joke ever, or a sad example of the sense of entitlement the radical left fosters within their new allies? Keith Ellison, lawmaker and apparent anti-cigar activist, called the cops on his Tom Tancredo because Tancredo was smoking a cigar in his congressional office which is next door to Ellison’s.

It should be noted that congressmen are allowed to smoke in their offices.

Ellison never bothered to actually tell Tacredo the smoke bothered him, he cut to the chase and called the “the man.” Aside from being extremely rude it’s a bit effeminate isn’t it? Which illustrates a very humorous, and very un-P.C., facet of Islam not often discussed.

It’s got no balls.

Let me explain, I grew up in East Orange, N.J., one of 3-4 Bi-racial people in a predominantly Black city. It was rough, and no one group made it rougher on us then Black Muslims. Hateful, racists and always ready to advocate violence, the shadow of radical Islam terrified we “zebras” and “devil children” (as Black Muslims were apt to call us) more then the drug gangs that were rising to power there. That is, until we realized that despite the rhetoric, the Muslims rarely did their own dirty work.

Oh, they talked a good game, and a crowd of them are as dangerous as anyone, but the sad truth is that once a man puts on that long white dress and starts slapping his wife around he loses his desire to confront others directly. Instead they gather a crowd around to preach against interracial dating (while your around of course) or they give you a dirty look here, leave a Malcolm X quote there.

Or they call a cop on you.

I’ve seen this happen before, and I can guarantee you it’ll happen again with Ellison. Lot’s of bloggers who’ve not seen the real face of Islam, fearful, self-doubting men and women who find strength in the fatalistic nihilism of a religion that tells you ending your life is a victory, don’t understand how the individual radical acts, thus stories like this seem shocking in the sheer obnoxiousness of it. Mark my words though, Tancredo, and his cigar, haven’t hears the last of this. Not that they’ll hear from Ellison, but from varoius officials Ellison demands “help” from.