Salt Lake Jihad?

An 18 year old Bosnian Muslim went on a shooting spree in a Utah mall Monday night,which was mercifully cut short by the heroic actions of an off-duty police officer. Though the news media is predictably down playing any connection to Islamist terrorism, some are raising questions as to the young mans motives, and the there has been a reported increase in “chatter” on known Islamist websites which are said to be encouraging individual action by lone Muslims as an alternative to the 9-11 style attacks America spends so much time preparing for.

Jihadism by individuals acting on their own is a hidden danger in our society, where officials are unlikely to label an individual like the mall shooter anything but mentally ill. Few point out this increasingly common danger, and in our complacency we all become less safe.

More people are questioning the motives of the shooter. Steve Decatur has some interesting backround on the history of Muslims in Utah in his post.

Jihad Watch is also on the case, with some great insights in the comment section.

W.N.D. doesn’t mince words, and points out that four of his victims were in the process of shoping at a card store. Some Muslims have expressed their displeasure at America’s most expensive holiday.

Atlas shrugs is also on the case, and displaying the outrage we all should be feeling.

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  1. OMG That is the most frightening story I have heard in a long while! How horrid! Thanks for posting this Rob! How in the hell, do we fight against this new threat? Will the US become a police state because “they” have forced her hand? Or will the people rise up and take care of business? Just thinking out loud…. One way or another something has got to give and soon!

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