Islamic Expansion Continues Unhindered

Here’s a round up of stories that we don’t usually cover on Red Alerts, mainly because they’re so well covered by other blogs we respect. Islamic Expansionism remains, however, one of the gravest threats to America we’ve faced. Abetted by the radical left and an increasingly radicalized mainstream in the Democratic party, those who seek world wide Islamic Empire are making inroads into traditionally “liberal” societies like Europe and “Blue state” America at an alarming pace.

The Brussels Journal has the most disturbing news, detailing how the newly formed bureaucracy of the E.U., lacking true transparency, has been secretly helping Islamic countries “colonize” Europe in the name of appeasement. The newly announced medical cooperation is just the first public step for Eurocrats who want to give Islamic state de facto membership into the E.U., no matter what the long term cost is.

Our possible next President, Barack Obama, may be an apostate from Islam. What’s of concern to Americans is the great lengths the MSM are to in an attempt to dissuade Muslims that this may be the case. It’s almost as if they know something bad will happen if it filters down into the rank and file Jihadists that the new darling of the left is technically supposed to be beheaded for leaving Islam. That the media recognizes the danger of Islam, but won’t tell us about it directly, should concern us all.

Al-Qaeda will be targeting France in an attempt to influence their elections. The fact that we assume France will knuckle under says something both about Franco-American relations and the French situation.

The much lauded compromise of Hamas and Fatah involves, not surprisingly, continued war against Israel. This guarantees that even if the left gets their much sought after defeat in Iraq and Afghanistan, unless America totally abandons Israel (which even the Democrats aren’t ready to do) America is still a “legitimate” target for terrorists.

In Virginia, Christians protesting the naming of a public street after a known terrorist have been threatened by Muslims with assault rifles who stay in a cult like compound on that same street. An armed religious compound with a habit of threatening people used to be a target of much government scrutiny, or fire bombings, but the local government has covered for the group involved and are attempting to smear the Christians as the “real” terrorists.

War with Iran looms closer as well, as evidence mounts of Iranian involvement in Iraq, but the Iranians have the advantage of a fifth collum who unquestioningly spreads it’s propaganda.

The scimitar of Islam is poised to strike at the heart of America, and with their anti-American allies, are capable of bring the war to our very streets, and our homes.