Recycling Consigned to the Trash Heap of History

When I was fresh out of high school, I went to work for N.Y.P.I.R.G as a canvaser. That is to say I went door to door begging for money to “help the environment” and get N.Y. to recycle. Of course, just a cursory perusal of the “evidence” we used to use to try to convince people to fork over near a hundred bucks a year for a quarterly news letter made it clear that recycling was a fraud. Back then it was a fraud because while we lobbied for the people of N.Y. to have to separate their trash or pay a fine, we knew that the separated trash was going to be lumped back together eventually and all end up “too contaminated” to do anything else with but throw in a land fill.

And that was the opinion of the pro-recyclers.

Again thanks to LGF, we have Penn and Teller exposing this dirty little secret and more on their program Bulls*@t. Among other thing you’ll learn is that recycling programs cost 8 billion dollars a year and must be subsidized by the government, with your tax money. Don’t tell Ed Brown. Enjoy:

UPDATE: Hippies really do hate water!