Support Israel This Sunday, May 6th

The Israel Day parade in NYC has been targeted by leftist anti-semites from groups like A.N.S.W.E.R. for disruption and possibly violence! It is imperative that American friends of Israel attend the parade in solidarity with our Jewish friends and in numbers great enough to dissuade the anarchists, communists and white supremacists from attacking the peaceful celebrants at Sunday’s rally.

Patriots will be meeting up at 59th and 5th at 2:00pm for a counter protest. Bring your friends and bring cameras so that agitators can be filmed committing their crimes. The U.A.C. is urging people to also bring signs, flags and banners so that parade attendees see that we support them in their celebration of peace, democracy and fraternity. Representitives from Gathering of Eagles and The Center for Vigilant Freedom will also be in attendance.