Surprise! Nazi Supporter George Soros Funding Islamist Run “Jewish” Group Dedicated to Destroying Israel

Supposed pro-Israel and pro-peace group J-Street has long been notorious for supporting positions that would kill Jews. Anyone who’s ever read one of their position statements, like this one on the Gaza war that literally called for Israel to stop defending itself against rocket attacks, could plainly see the group’s policies were designed to help Islamists destroy the Jewish state. Many thought J-Street was simply a naive group of liberals, but it has now been proven that they are simply another Soros funded attack on decency:

A former Israeli diplomat has asserted that J Street has been connected to Qatar through the U.S. public relations firm of Fenton Communications.

Lenny Ben-David, a former diplomat and now consultant, said J Street founder Jeremy Ben-Ami, a senior vice president at Fenton until the lobby’s establishment in 2008, could have been involved in a March 2009 project by Qatar to undermine support for Israel in the United States

The Fenton contract with Qatar was disclosed as J Street, regarded as close to the administration of President Barack Obama, was preparing its first annual conference, said to include 150 members of Congress. The lobby failed to ensure the attendance of Israel’s ambassador in Washington, Michael Oren.

“In early 2009, Fenton signed contracts with a Qatari foundation to lead an 18-month long anti-Israel campaign in the United States with a special focus on campuses,” Ben-David said in an open letter to Ben-Ami.

“Did you sever your ties with Fenton when you began J Street? Do you retain any role or holdings in Fenton today? Did you play any role in introducing Fenton to the Qatari agents or play any role in facilitating the contract? Were you aware of the negotiations or the contract signed on March 12, 2009?”

Ben-David said J Street’s 160-member advisory board included those listed as foreign agents for Egypt and Saudi Arabia, Middle East Newsline reported. His letter also cited J Street’s ties with U.S. billionaire George Soros, said to have long sought to undermine the traditional pro-Israel lobby in Washington.

“So, it appears that Soros has created an organization that competes with AIPAC, calls for inclusion of Hamas, and opposes sanctions against Iran,” Ben-David said. “His people sit on J Street’s board, and his other offspring from the New America Foundation and the National Iranian American Council, work in lockstep.”

If Fenton Communications rings a bell with you, that’s because they are essentially a propaganda arm for various communists including Nazi party member George Soros who’s their main benefactor. They are behind some of the most outrageous smears in recent history and they even work for Communist dictator Hugo Chavez.

Shocking? Not really. Discover the Networks have been on to J-Street for about a year now and most rational people can see through J-Street’s transparent pro-Islamist agenda. It’s just nice to see their perfidy getting more widely publicized.

h/t Winds of Jihad

2 thoughts on “Surprise! Nazi Supporter George Soros Funding Islamist Run “Jewish” Group Dedicated to Destroying Israel

  1. Not surprised by this. I should mention that some “anti-Zionist” Jews such as Max Blumenthal have been heavily involved in J-Street too.

    Recently on a trip to Israel, Blumenthal, I believe wrote a typical Leftist lie on stating how Israeli Jews whom were involved in an anti-Obama rally were being quite “racist”. Even though I’m sure the same Israeli Jews could argue the same about Dubya supporting the “moderate” Fatah leaders, and Dubya was white.

  2. Slim and Soros
    New word order
    one fucks the queen for what ever reason
    the other fucks all-( by trying to fusionate our freedom or what is left from it with communist China – aliance from Iran, well the mask is ripped off , really riped off even the last wango sees now)
    in the first I never had doubts in the second my last doubt is gone- it seems we have it pure
    the new SS
    because I am dead already to put it on the red does not make me afraid.
    I wish everyone on earth love and peace and when ever it is told so
    not to line up again.
    nothing more and nothing less seems to be planned.

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