Dan Halloran Wins Queens City Council Seat!

Red Alerts congratulates Dan Halloran, the first openly pagan Republican elected to office, on his victory. May this be the first of many more.

The Village Voice mocks his victory here. The Wild Hunt has coverage and some begrudgingly semi-positive comments. Some angry lefty pretending to be seditious degenerate David Eden Lane left this comment on Steven Thrasher’s original hit piece:

Halloran won’t even finish one term. One of his followers will do or say something so inflammatory that he will be bounced. Unfortunately for all of you Asatru-worshippers out there, a significant portion of people practicing your religion are, in fact, white racialists, and there is absolutely no denying this fact. Spend some time researching the history of the movement, particularly in the Pacific Northwest, and you will see that this is undeniable. Unfortunately for Halloran, he can try and distance himself from those members all he wants to, but when his political rhetoric includes things like “preservation” and the like, he will be immediately associated with them. Add to this the fact that people within the racialist community are excited about Halloran’s election (visit Stormfront and find out), he will not last long.

Sounds more like a lefty fantasy to me.

Isn’t it funny how people who accuse others of racism are always steeped in it? I don’t think Halloran knows what Stormfront says about him, and since Halloran’s group includes non-Whites I don’t think he’d care. But leftists who claim not to be racist are always up to date on the latest Stormfront news.

Just something to think about.

4 thoughts on “Dan Halloran Wins Queens City Council Seat!

  1. Rob Taylor,

    To tell the truth, I have a feeling that white racists at Stormfront won’t really care much. Most of them will probably just see this guy as another tool of their fictional “ZOG”

  2. I waited up last night to see if he would win. I was so geeked. I’m so proud he won and that he’s conservative. I know a lot of Pagans won’t agree with his politics, but they can’t keep insisting that conservative Pagans don’t exist or that we’re Christians in disguise. At least the intelligent ones won’t.

    One can hope anyway.


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