The Amnesty Bill is an attempted Bi-Partisan Genocide of Black Americans

One of the unintended consequences of the amnesty plan that pundits, both left and right, seem to ignore is the spread of violence against Black Americans by Latino gangs who’ve imported their culture of bigotry and oppression to our country. As a person of African descent myself, my fears are that an influx of over 20 million Latin Americans will worsen the problems of racist attacks on Blacks by immigrants that have been, until now, confined mainly to California and the American South West. Newly invigorated and unconstrained by the need to remain hidden in sanctuary cities, these groups will spread into the Northeast and the South, both places where I have a large number of Black relatives who will be victimized.

White liberals, and unfortunately some Republicans, have largely ignored the reports by the Southern Poverty Law Center detailing the troubling rise in violent attacks by Latino immigrants on Black Americans. The S.P.L.C. is itself a liberal organization, but is being denied access to the media because their report paints the leftist agenda in this country as dangerous and cavalier. They’ve ignored the intensity of Latino racism because they never had to put up with it, but I’ve seen it. Because I’m bi-racial and “look white” and I live in areas with large concentrations of Hispanics I’ve heard what they say about Blacks when they think none are around, and it isn’t pretty.

Make no mistake, there is an ethnic cleansing of Los Angeles going on right now by the same group of people that were just basically granted amnesty. Many conservative pundits are rightfully condemning the betrayal by those who were elected to keep Americans safe, but the true horror is yet to come as millions of illegals granted citizenship after demonstrating in massive racist rallies move into more and more historically Black neighborhoods and began their program of ethnic cleansing. The politicians who passed through this bill have not just betrayed America, but sentenced Black Americans to generations of third world abuse at the hands of people with so little respect for law and order they couldn’t be bothered to apply for a visa.

Is there any law they won’t break? Where will Black Americans be safe? I say that every law abiding Black man and woman should arm themselves, because the government has declared open season on us. Just as we could not trust that Washington would secure our borders, we cannot trust Washington will secure our safety. Arm yourselves and protect your families because all those White liberals you thought were your friends have just announced that they won’t.

UPDATE: Velvet Hammer has disturbing images from California. This isn’t just an issue for Black folk.

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