Career Criminal Tries to Convince Judge He’s Crazy – By Eating his Own Feces

James Orr is a career criminal looking down the barrel of what would probably be the 60-year-old’s last stay in prison after kidnapping and robbing a woman. Clever con artist that he is, he remembered a scene (around 7:44 in this clip) from dirty cop flick Training Day in which the main character is told about a man who beat a rap by sticking peanut butter down the back of his pants and waiting until he was in court to produce and eat it, shocking the judge who mistakes it for feces. The man gets remanded to an asylum instead of prison.

Orr thought this sounded like a great idea, but he simply didn’t have any peanut butter. He did however have a colostomy bag. Don’t read on if you just ate:

James Orr put an immediate halt to his criminal trial Wednesday when he squeezed the contents of his colostomy bag onto the table in front of him and ate it.

“There was what appeared to be feces on the table and on the floor,” assistant Hamilton County prosecutor David Prem said.

Prem was prosecuting Orr, 66, for robbery and kidnapping. The trial, without a jury before Common Pleas Court Judge Ethna Cooper, began last week but continued today.

A witness had just taken the stand in the case Wednesday when Norm Aubin, Orr’s attorney, said Orr leaned into him and asked if Aubin had anything to eat.

A shocked Aubin said he didn’t. Orr then said he was hungry and asked for food. Aubin ignored him.

That’s when Orr made a spectacle of taking his colostomy bag, worn on the outside of his body to collect his waste, and placing it on the table. He then squeezed it and looked to be eating it.

“It appeared he was eating his own (feces) at the table,” Aubin said.

The Sheriff’s deputy in the room shouted “What are you doing?” and then cuffed Orr and rushed him out of the courtroom.

The Sheriff’s office later reported there was feces on Orr’s lips, beard, hands and the defense table where he was sitting.

The judge suggested the courtroom had become a biohazard area and closed it for cleaning, continuing Orr’s trial until next week.

Prem admitted he almost vomited up while watching Orr’s antics but suspects they were done with a purpose.

“He’s a con man. He has over 50 aliases and has convictions in Ohio and New York for thefts and robberies,” Prem said.

“He’s done just about everything a person can do to avoid justice. He feigned (mental) incompetence” leading up to this trial, Prem said.

Orr was ordered to trial after court mental health workers deemed him mentally sound and a faker.

What kind of scumbag do you have to be to do that? Even after he has been exposed as a faker he escalates to this? And let’s not forget his crime:

Orr was being tried for robbery and kidnapping charges after officials said Orr and a partner tried to get money, in a ruse, from a woman buying food at a Silverton Chinese restaurant. When the woman wasn’t fooled, Orr is accused of pulling a gun on her – with her three children in the car outside – and taking her to a bank where she was forced to withdraw $1,000 and give it to Orr. He faces more than 60 years in prison on those charges.


6 thoughts on “Career Criminal Tries to Convince Judge He’s Crazy – By Eating his Own Feces

  1. Ew…
    That is the most absolutely disgusting thing I’ve ever read.

    So, what I find interesting is that this guy will potentially get 60 years for robbery, while this guy and others like him get a slap on the wrist for possession of child porn and molesting and/or raping children.

    Am I the only one that sees the imbalance and the injustice here?

    Yes, this guy should go away for a very long time… as long as they can put him away for. But he stole money. Yes, he kidnapped the woman at gunpoint to do it, and she will likely suffer from PTSD for a long while, but child molestation and rape are no less serious. Child rapists steal childhoods and lives, and their victims suffer for life.

    Sorry to go off topic like that… this shit just pisses me off.

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  3. And here’s another one
    This guy only got six years for abusing multiple children, all under the age of 14, on several occasions… the youngest of which was 7 years old when the abuse occurred.

    How is that right when this shit-eater gets 60 years for armed robbery?

  4. DodiaFae, I agree that there’s a major imbalance in the justice system when Robber McShiteater gets 60 years (which he probably deserves) and child predators get sentenced to a fraction of that.

    Did you hear about the former Regent University assistant dean and his wife who were just sentenced for sexually abusing three teenage girls they adopted? In exchange for a guilty plea, the husband was sentenced to 3 years and the wife to just 40 days. And not only that, they won’t be kept away from their two biological children because the prosecutor decided “there was no indication that either [predator] would abuse their natural sons.”

  5. I read about this dude elsewhere earlier this evening and even posted about him but reading it again just gives me the sickly creeps one more time before bed 🙂

  6. Jenn, that is terrible! And what about the influence they’ll have on their sons, who will no doubt grow up now thinking that this behavior is OK and that those caught get off light? What is wrong with our criminal justice system?

    Thanks for that link. I’m in the process of collecting articles showing how imbalanced the system is for victims of CSA, and I hadn’t come across that story yet.

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