The Rev. Russell Schaller: “Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number”

The good reverend is a pervert who had a rather novel defense when police made contact with him:

The Rev. Russell Schaller, 35, of River Rouge, senior pastor at Greater St. Johns Missionary Baptist Church on Detroit’s east side, was arraigned in 26th District Court and ordered held in the Wayne County Jail in lieu of $100,000 bond. Schaller is a River Rouge resident and the events he is accused of took place there over the past six months with a youth under the age of 16, said police.

“There have been other accusations over the years from other communities around here,” said River Rouge Police Chief Robert Alderman. “Now that he’s locked up, we believe others will step forward. We definitely believe there are other victims. In our initial contact with him, he told an officer, ‘Age ain’t nothing but a number to me.’ “

Schaller describes himself on his Internet site as “different” from other religious types. Statements attributed to Schaller on his Myspace page include: “Hymn books are made to throw at people who fall asleep. Not a religious freak. Can have a conversation without ever bring in church or God.”

Alderman said Schaller has temporarily taken numerous troubled teens into his home over the past several years. Alderman asked people with information about Schaller to call the River Rouge Police Department at (313) 842-8700.

Why can’t we kill sex offenders again?

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7 thoughts on “The Rev. Russell Schaller: “Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number”

  1. Rob Taylor,

    At the very least maybe we could sentence people like this to life in imprisonment.

  2. I know this guy personally. He is a creep who has almost destroyed several of the people he has befriended. He is thie worst type of criminal known to the downriver area where he lives. He preys on the young anmd vulnerable, both teens and adults who have a history of mental and other problems. He uses the people for their disability income. Has gotten them to commit “crimes” for him under the guise that it would benefit them. Schaller is the only one who benefits. These people are left an emotional basketcase after he is done with them. He does all of his dirty little deeds “In the name of God”. He has swindled money from disabled teens and adults for years. I am thankful that the young man haad the courage to come forward and finally put a stop to this monster. It is my hope and prayer that the State of Michigan sees to it that Federal charges are brought against him. May all thoose that have been “hurt” by him in one way or another find strength in their faith in themselves and their families/support system and come forward or at least seek treatment. May Russell Schaller ROT IN HELL!!!!!!

  3. wow. this man is disgusting. I believe that the united states should have the death penalty for those charged as a sex offender. This crome to the victims can be worse than death. Everyday they have to go through life knowing what has been done to them. Some even become anit social and have nightmares. This tragic inccident can cause a person to go into depresseion. Why do we continue to let this happen? These people deserve the death penalty or life sentences

  4. I think it’s sad that people who have no real information are willing to make a judgment. We live in a country where one is innocent until guilt is proven. If you don’t like it, go to Iran, Somalia or China where that isn’t the case.

    I was on the jury for this trial, which let out today. Of the 12 jurors, I was among the four who didn’t want to vote ‘not guilty’ but also didn’t feel comfortable with voting ‘guilty’. We all concluded that guilt wasn’t proven. You would have too.

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