The Western Civilization Civilization is Collapsing Link Round Up

While the MSM tells you everything is just fine now that Barack Obama has magically saved the economy through creating unsustainable entitlements and smugly dismissing the majority of Americans, those of us who by necessity wade into the news with an eye on economics, criminality or the cohesion of the country have seen much that is disturbing. America has never, in my memory, teetered on the brink of chaos so obviously, and those that pretend to not see it are whistling past the graveyard.

There’s been violence at the Tea Parties … mostly from the left. Code Pink ally, 9/11 truther and St. Charles Democratic Party member in good standing Steve Bulosi attacked an elderly woman at a Tea Party while he John Durajczyk, the Secretary of the St. Charles County Democratic Committee tried to shout down Lt. Governor Peter Kinder. Violent leftist thugs were arrested in Sacremento trying to disrupt a Tea Party. Zombie has pictures of leftists causing trouble at the San Francisco Tea party.

ACORN and Huffington Post helped organize the violence.

It has been confirmed that two Republican activists brutally assaulted and hospitalized were attacked by leftist/racist anti-Bobby Jindal protesters as they left the Southern Republican Leadership Dinner.

Rio’s Christ Statue was vandalized with leftist political graffiti. In response to the A.F.P. article on the incident I found this comment, which was one of dozens with similar sentiments:

The statue is just a symbol of bigotry, religious supremacy, spiritual enslavery, and general hatred of anyone who is not white and heterosexual. It’s just a statue. Let it go. If the statue was there in order to forcefully express its message, then the public has the right to rebuke it.

Mexican Cartels are forcing the evacuation of border towns as they continue to create a state within a state right on our border. Homeland Security issued a warning to El Paso police and law enforcement cartel muscle Barrio Azteca was planning on attacking them.

The Vagos Motorcycle gang continues to siege the small town of Hemet. The City Council has voted to approve funds to harden police buildings to protect cops from the gang.

National Socialists were allowed to rally in downtown Los Angeles, and police allowed several people to be hurt when counter protesters attacked the group.

California’s jobless rate is at 12.6%

A felon was running an animal rape farm in Washington State. Several small animals had to be put down and other animals, including large dogs and horses, some of who were filmed being raped, were taken from the farm.

Ryan Gifford is the latest in a string of infant rapists that have been caught this year.

21-year-old pervert Matthew Clemmons purposefully vomited on a 11-year-old girl at a baseball game.

Anna Taylor, one of the victims of the Philly “flash mobs” is now speaking out about her experience.Violent Flash mobs have been on the rise lately, as reports of them come in from South Orange, N.J., Fort Greene, Brooklyn and Kansas City, Missouri.

Most of the states are going to have huge budget shortfalls and “slow recovery” that may take years.

Z.A.C. traces the communist resurgence worldwide which America is powerless to stop.

John Taylor of FX Concepts is predicting a deflationary depression by the middle of 2011 that will literally change the world.

NYC has seen a spike in violent crime.

USDA predicts “sharply” higher cattle and hog prices, meaning higher meat prices for Americans. Tomato crops were hit hard by the cold weather this year leading to shortages and some are saying the world has had the worst crop harvest they’ve ever seen. We do not have enough food to feed ourselves.

Is it any wonder I spend most of my day in my bunker?