Victimless Crime File: Krista Arceneaux French Kisses Random Six-Year-Old in Front of his Family


I wonder why she thought this was a good idea? From the Fresno Bee:

Krista Arceneaux, 37, was arrested Wednesday night at The Pines bar, sheriff’s spokeswoman Erica Stuart said. She also is accused of fighting with officers, spitting on them and possessing marijuana.

Stuart said Arceneaux was outside the bar about 7:30 p.m. when she saw the boy crossing a parking lot, accompanied by his family. Arceneaux, who appeared to be under the influence, according to Stuart, ran to the boy, told him he “was sexy” and kissed him. Witnesses immediately confronted Arceneaux, who ran back into the bar. Both security and 911 were called.

“And the fight was on,” Stuart said. “She was screaming, making a scene.” Stuart said another woman who was with Arceneaux quickly “took off.”

When deputies arrived, Arceneaux denied kissing the boy, Stuart said, and as she was taken into custody, Arceneaux became violent and tried to kick out windows in the patrol car. As a deputy drove to the jail in Madera, Arceneaux repeatedly spit on him, Stuart said. Arceneaux also is accused of threatening the life of the deputy and his family.

The pot was apparently found on her while she was being booked. The reports say she is 37 but frankly that’s a hard 37. But I guess it’s worth it to look like you’re in your 50s to get drunk and high everyday right?

I will bet you anything that after sobering up she too is disgusted by what she did. Of course people will claim getting high/drunk doesn’t cause you to commit crimes but are we saying then that sans drugs and alcohol Arceneaux would have done the same thing?

One thought on “Victimless Crime File: Krista Arceneaux French Kisses Random Six-Year-Old in Front of his Family

  1. OMGs… I’d have beat her to a bloody pulp had she done that to my son. WTF??? Seriously, I’d have snapped. And damn, she looks just skanky and used up.

    Her friend was smart to leave. Seriously. She’d be even smarter to cut all ties with that PoS. I mean, who the hell does that shit?

    Oh, right… pedophiles and people who get so drunk and high that they can’t fucking think straight.

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