Victimless Crime File: Mother Gets High, Castrates Infant “With Unknown Sharp Instrument”

A Texas jury just convicted a woman who cut off the genitals of her five-week-old son during a drug binge:

HOUSTON —  A jury has convicted a Texas mother of mutilating her infant son by cutting off his genitals two years ago.

Jurors deliberated for about three hours on Friday before finding Katherine Nadal guilty of first-degree felony injury to a child.

The jury will now hear evidence in the punishment phase of the trial before deciding Nadal’s sentence. She faces up to life in prison.

Prosecutors told jurors the 28-year-old mother was high on drugs when she mutilated her then-5-week-old son, Holden Gothia, with an unknown sharp instrument in their suburban Houston apartment in March 2007.

Nadal’s defense attorneys blamed the attack on the family dog, a 6- to 7-pound dachshund.

Before any cretin claim she might have been telling the truth, her “my dog ate my baby’s penis” story was thoroughly debunked by the father of the baby and witnesses at the scene. This is another drug user getting high and hurting innocent people with their selfish immaturity. She should have given up her child if she wanted to maintain her drug habit.

4 thoughts on “Victimless Crime File: Mother Gets High, Castrates Infant “With Unknown Sharp Instrument”

  1. Yes they do, but she won’t get it. I’m glad the kid survived (although what kind of life will you have knowing your mother castrated you?) but she will get out of jail while he’s still suffering. My hope is for some rough prison justice.

  2. This woman should be sterilized first, and then be given the death penalty to burn in hell!

  3. Man, there is no type of counseling this kid can receive to cope with this gruesome act, the animal tried to pin it on the poor dog? Wooow man, unbelievable. I wish this country believe in an eye for an eye

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