Victimless Crime File: Richard Nazareth Forces Son to Smoke Pot, Drink Spit in Stoner Sacrament

This story starts off bad and gets worse. Anyone care to tell me how legalizing drugs would have made this story better?

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — A Port St. Lucie man was arrested on child abuse charges after he made his 11-year-old son smoke “God’s herb” and then “made him stand with his arms extended out to the side in the same fashion as Jesus on the cross,” according to a police report released Tuesday.

Richard Nazareth, 38, turned himself in to police Thursday, more than a month after the alleged incident occurred.

Port St. Lucie police said Nazareth forced his son to smoke marijuana while he and his 9-year-old sister were staying at Nazareth’s house for a weekend in March.

According to the police report, Nazareth served both children a piece of bread and a small cup of wine, telling them it was the body and blood of Christ. After dinner, Nazareth brought a bag of marijuana, a pipe and a lighter to the table and began to smoke the marijuana in front of them, telling them it was “God’s herb.”

When the children declined Nazareth’s offer to smoke with him, Nazareth told his son to “cup his hands around his mouth and exhale all of his breath” while Nazareth blew smoke into the boy’s mouth, the report stated.

Wow. That’s some stonery parenting. But it gets worse. Much worse:

The next day, Nazareth took the children to a woman’s house for church, where Nazareth made his son smoke marijuana again and then made him imitate Jesus on the cross, the report stated.

After dinner, Nazareth placed one of his tears and the woman’s tears into a bottle of wine, then spit in it and added a drop of beer. Nazareth then used the mixture to bless the house and made both children drink from it “before drinking some himself and sharing some” with the woman, the report stated.

So if drugs were legal this probably wouldn’t have been illegal and … what? Richard Nazareth would have raised a serial killer? Or eventually would he have ended up killing the boy in some more extreme ceremony he and his gutterslut dreamed up while getting high?

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3 thoughts on “Victimless Crime File: Richard Nazareth Forces Son to Smoke Pot, Drink Spit in Stoner Sacrament

  1. That is just awful. Think this guy has a messiah complex? Think his last name has added to that? Maybe he’s trying to raise his own little stoner cult. I think he forgot to take his meds (or stopped taking them due to interactions with the pot.) WTF is wrong with people?

    I’d wager that this asshole would have forced his son to smoke pot even if it were legal.

  2. I come to this website *every time* some d-bag high on his own philosophy spouts about how ending the War on Drugs will lead to a utopia. What BS. To end the war on drugs would look worse than when we had Prohibition. We would see open abuse of drugs, increased crime, and decreased civil liberties because businesses, petrified over having MORE pothead employees will be performing more drug tests instead of testing them in case of accidents . Now they will be testing because since drugs are legal, so will addiction. And yes, drug addiction will rise because people in their wisdom assume that legal = safe (rolls eyes)

  3. Drug Addiction will not only ruin your body but it would also mess up your life.”,:

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