Victimless Crime File: Stoner Put Baby in Oven

This story is a little different though in that a) the baby wasn’t hurt and b) when the stoner sobered up he did the right thing.

From KFVS:

PADUCAH, KY (KFVS) – A 34-year-old father who lives in the Paducah area was arrested Monday after he apparently put his five-week-old child inside an oven.

The McCracken County Sheriff’s Department identifies the suspect as Larry Long, 34, who lives on Cold Springs Road in the Reidland community.  Long was booked into the McCracken County Regional Jail on charges of wanton endangerment.

According to deputies, the infant’s mother told investigators she was awakened Monday morning by the sound of a baby crying.  She said she went into the kitchen and found the child in the oven.  The door was not completely shut and the oven was turned off.

Detectives believe the child could have been in the oven for a few hours.  The child was taken to a hospital for observation but was not hurt.

Long said he must have unknowingly placed the child in the oven, which investigators believe he likely did as a result of alcohol and/or drug use.  Detectives said it was reported Long had smoked marijuana before leaving work Sunday night; Long told investigators it made him feel strange and that the marijuana may have been laced with something.  He also claimed he had been hallucinating.

Together, both Long and the child’s mother drank about a fifth of whiskey when Long returned home from work, investigators said.  The mother went to sleep after taking several shots of whiskey around 11 p.m. or midnight, but Long reportedly finished off the bottle of whiskey.

The couple have two other children in the house who have been removed from the mother’s custody. Maybe when you’re 34 and have three kids to take care of getting stoned and drunk is something you should have outgrown.

Long at least did the right thing after this and turned himself in … to a mental hospital. Close but no cigar Cheech, the shrinks called the cops and Long is sitting in county. He can hopefully use that time to sober up and start putting his life on track.

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6 thoughts on “Victimless Crime File: Stoner Put Baby in Oven

  1. Ironically, the oven might have been the safest place for it, since it wasn’t on, and provided it wasn’t natural gas. If they were that stoned, that out of it, I can’t imagine anyplace safer to put a baby, especially if there were rats running around the place. I don’t know that there were, just sayin’,

  2. I assume there were some rats/roaches. At least now the guy realizes he has a problem (he’s a douchebag) so now he can maybe get the only treatment that works on stoners and drunks – growing up a little.

  3. That whole thing has been bugging me ever since I heard about it. I live in Kentucky, so that’s been on the local news here from day one. Something about it doesn’t add up. He seemed to jump at the opportunity to turn themselves in and take responsibility, while making excuses at the same time, once his wife saw what was going on and freaked out.

    That’s what got me to thinking about the rats. Not to put to fine a point on it, but rats will literally eat a baby if they have access to it, which would not be that hard to accomplish. I just wondered if, when he was stoned, he might have got to thinking about that, and then when they sobered up, they were like what the hell. They might not be so quick to tell social services, well we have a rat problem. But if they’re the kind of people I think they are-booze and beer bottles laying around, probably a lot of garbage, pizza boxes, etc., and staying stoned, its hard to imagine there wouldn’t be rats. I feel sorry for the kids. I can also see how somebody stoned, see if he suddenly caught sight of a rat, might think of something stupid. When you see one rat, there’s probably more lurking around.

  4. Another thing he said was he had smoked some pot at work, and he thought it was laced, and then after he got home, he and his wife drank a fifth of whiskey. He said he thought he “hallucinated”, implying it was because of the combination of booze and spiked pot. I guess the “hallucination” was what made me think rats. What if it wasn’t a hallucination? I’m guessing they aren’t the best of parents under the best of conditions, but at least she called the cops, and he admitted what he done, if just in part. Which is another thing that makes me think there’s something more to this. Some communities will condemn houses that have a rat infestation, especially in certain neighborhoods.

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