Victimless Crime Files: Crystal Anders Likes Her Pot and Guns in Easy Reach … of Her Five Sons

Crystal Anders likes to party. If the fact that she has five sons ages 5 through 12 at the tender age of 30 doesn’t tell you that then perhaps it’s the weed she keeps on her coffee table along with her bong. You know, just in case her children need a quick hit? Then there’s also the loaded firearms she keeps laying around, because nothing is more awesome then some stoner with five kids stumbling around a 9mm with one in the chamber, am I right guys?

So like most drug users Crystal was sharing a filthy hovel with some other degenerate. Unsurprisingly, they had a falling out and Crystal’s roommate wanted to leave. But Crystal didn’t want to allow her friend to get his stuff, so the police were called. Hilarity ensued:

Investigators said they went to Anders’ home on Tuesday to assist a former occupant of the home who needed help from the sheriff’s office to retrieve belongings he had left behind.

Once officers arrived, they said they saw marijuana and drug paraphernalia in the living room. Investigators then obtained a search warrant to look around the home.

During their search, deputies said they went to a second-floor bedroom where Anders’ five sons stay. Deputies said the bedroom contained mattresses that were lying on the floor next to feces.

In addition, deputies said the home has holes in the walls, a door propped up against a wall and a broken stair leading from the first floor to the second floor.

Investigators also said firearms were kept in the home in a place that was easily accessible to the children.

Yeah, seems like Crystal really liked to party. But if only weed were legal this would have turned out differently, right stoners?

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4 thoughts on “Victimless Crime Files: Crystal Anders Likes Her Pot and Guns in Easy Reach … of Her Five Sons

  1. The unfortunate part of this whole story is that I know this roommate who is also a very good friend of mine, this girl literally never allowed him to go anywhere not even to find a job, she slept on the couch “the other degenerate” who was also her own nephew, traded and sold drugs out of the house and even allowed the kids to snoke the weed, when the police came in not only the drugs were found but the entire floor was covered in trash, the kitchen had plates with moldy food, animal feces all over the place. The kids are now in custody of dss until further notice, what’s not mentioned is she also kept the kids out of school for nearly 3 weeks.

  2. That is horrible. I hope the kids are OK. Maturity is the real issue. No one wants to grow up stop getting high and be responsible for their children.

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