Victimless Crime Files: Pot Heads aren’t Dangerous Edition

Chronic pot smokers are no different from any other addict in one important respect, they think they deserve special consideration. On a certain level every addict or alcoholic feels entitled to get high, and that is why they make up excuses or minimize their behavior while drunk or high. I once got this comment on a post about a woman who, in a pot induced stupor slept through the screams of her baby while it was being eaten by the dog she hadn’t fed in days:

Alright Rob I was shocked about how niave ur comments were, untill I read you’ve only tried it once. I bet you got really really high and the same would happen if you had done it again. Now what u need to realize is the ok’ness in pot is the extreme EXTREME tolerance you build. Once you start burnin it 5 + times a day, its a total different story. Nothing like an aclhool tolerance were get just get use to what “drunk” is like, comparing your first 50 times smoking, weeds affect or high drops like 85-95% (from my personal expierence, not factual at all but my most honest guess) Most definitley the same for all my friends who 6 years ago would be laughing at the carpet once they endulged, now if the were shaking your hand for a job interview after smoking a joint u wouldnt even notice, I swear. Example Im such a speeder to school and it pisses my dad royaly, I have to drive all these hours with him, and never have time to burn before the drive. Once I made time my dad said ‘wow’ your not speding and ‘look’ you used your signal(when Im high I seem to care for others more, everbodys different; ) and ‘glad’ to see you not tailating as much. Diffenetly not saying smoke weed to be a better driver just saying with my personality that just happens and i didnt even notice. Thought It would be a good example because my dad has similar views as you and the 3,786,932,987 times Ive smoked(estamite) he still has no idea. Im 16 and IM truley sorry people scarred you into living the way u do(terrorism???) and you pot haters collectviley saying stuff like ‘dog eats kid beause of pot’ is the reason so many husbands, brothers, childern and sisters will sleep in cell right next to the toilet tonight. Cure shouldnt be worse than the disease. And as for the article on top its so bias its not worth thought. But lets say it was true then its not weeds fault, the lady shouldnt be smoking if it has such an effect on her. Muck like its not the Mc Donalds that giving you the cardiac arrest, it was your desicion to eat the burger. Because of a few irresponsable fatties should Mick D’s be outlawed? Lastly, ha sorry im going on forever, but pot was outlawed due to raciall discrimination I swear. Could go on forever but got to smoke a bowl peace love. And rob dont listen to a word I said what you gotta google reasons for maruijana laws u’ll notice there is no stong goverment argument against the radical reasons u’ll hear.

If you think this kid is saying a woman sleeping through her baby being eaten is similar to people getting fat from eating McDonalds and that he thinks driving high is a great idea that’s what I got too. And he is not atypical of any drug user. The pot in the above story got the woman stoned enough that she slept through the screaming of her baby as it’s flesh was torn from it’s body by a hungry dog. The dog was hungry because drug users are irresponsible. It’s a simple and terrible story.

No pot smoker will admit that marijuana destroys their judgment and that drug users are irresponsible at best because it undercuts their sense of entitlement to getting high. They need to claim that they’re not hurting anyone, ignoring the effects of their drug use on their friends and loved ones and too often on society. Driving while high? Ask Nicole Marty if that’s a good idea:

An Islip Terrace mom was arrested late Sunday following a crash that injured her 9-year-old daughter, police said.

Nicole P. Marty, 25, was high on drugs at 10:26 p.m. when she crashed a 2008 Dodge Avenger into a utility pole near the intersection of Route 111 and Date Avenue in Central Islip, police said.

Her daughter was taken to Southside Hospital in Bay Shore, where she was treated for head trauma and released into the custody of family members, Suffolk police said.

Marty, of Charles Street, was charged with driving under the influence of drugs, as well as seventh-degree possession of a controlled substance and endangering the welfare of a child, police said Monday.

Pot heads are mellow, decent people? You mean like Alexander Perry:

A 6-week-old child was brought into the emergency room at Trident Medical Center last Thursday, suffering severe second-degree burns to his hands and left foot. Hospital officials called authorities and later transported the baby to the Joseph M. Still Burn Center in Augusta, where he remains today. The party responsible for the burns? Mom’s boyfriend, 20-year-old Alexander Perry.


The abuse investigation led to a search of the home where Perry lived with Angel, her brother, and her father. The search led to the discovery of six marijuana plants the couple were cultivating in the home. That led to the arrest of Angel on charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and manufacturing marijuana, and her father, Allen Richardson Sr., on charges of  contributing. Additional charges on all three adults are pending toxicology reports from the infant. Angel’s 16-year-old brother was taken into protective custody. The baby is expected to recover and will be placed in foster care.

Perry is being charged with inflicting serious injury to a child, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and manufacturing marijuana.

Or Matthew Roland who has been arrested for possession of Marijuana at least three times, as well as forgery, trespassing and a host of other crimes. He also tortured his daughter to death:

Kristina had been living in the home with her father, Matthew Roland, 23, and his girlfriend, Chelci Folds, for about four months.

Roland was arrested at 4 p.m. Monday and charged with aggravated child abuse and aggravated manslaughter of a child. During his first court appearance on Tuesday morning, bond was set at $750,000. Roland is being held at the Gilchrist County Jail in Trenton.

While being questioned about Kristina’s injuries and death, Roland reportedly told deputies that he “got into it” with her on Sunday night and had spanked her. He also told deputies that he had hit her with a belt on Sunday afternoon.


Early Monday morning, Roland woke Folds and told her that Kristina was not breathing. Roland and Folds reportedly took the child to the living room, put her down on the floor and Roland tried to give her another nebulizer treatment and CPR before calling 911 at 5:33 a.m.

Among the first to arrive at the home was emergency medical technician James Campbell, who saw what he described to deputies as dark vomit on the child’s bed and clothing. He also found dried blood in her mouth and bloody fluid in one ear.

Emergency officials also noted that Kristina had significant bruises on her forehead, left eye and cheek. Her left eye was sunken into her face, a possible indication of broken bones around the eye socket.

Fresh and old bruises were noted on her upper arms, shoulders and thighs, according to emergency officials. Two deep scratches were found on Kristina’s back and bloody, circular marks were found on her lower back, officials said.

Dr. Burt examined Kristina at the home before her body was taken to Gainesville for an autopsy. Burt reported that the child’s upper lip was torn on the inside of her mouth where it should have attached to her gums. Bruises on Kristina’s leg appeared to match the shape and size of an electric hair straightener that was found in the bathroom, Burt said.

Investigators found blood in the bathroom sink, and a patch of hair still attached to a piece of scalp tissue was recovered from the bathtub drain.

A cause of death was not yet available, Sheriff Daniel Slaughter said Tuesday.

Sounds pretty mellow. Individual pot smokers always claim that these stories don’t represent them (although knowing dozens of pot smokers over the years I say it often does) but the drug culture itself, the selfish and adolescent sense of entitlement that it fosters, is responsible for most of these crimes.

Chelci Folds left her daughter in the care of a drug user with a history of criminality. That’s typical pot smoker nonsense. It ends in the same way over and over again but the drug culture and the “everyone who smokes is cool” mythology that surrounds pot encourages people to trust chronic drug users in a way they wouldn’t trust people who drank or shot heroin.

And every day there is a new story of a dead child who was entrusted to some pot head, or a woman surprised that her “mellow” boyfriend flips out and hurts her child:

Just after 3 a.m. this morning, Jasmine Bedwell, 17, called 911 to report a domestic dispute. Jasmine told officers that her ex-boyfriend, 22-year-old Richard Anthony McTear Jr., came to her apartment and started arguing with her. McTear attacked Jasmine, and her 3-month-old son, Emmanuel Murray. Before leaving the residence, McTear threw the infant onto the concrete. He then grabbed the child and took off in his car.

About 45-minutes later, an off-duty news photographer was on his way to work when he spied something on the side of the road on I-275. ‘Just out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw some trash on the side of the road. But the more I thought about it, I saw eyes,’ said Jason Bird. ‘It flipped me out, and I started shaking and said, “It’s a doll, a baby doll.”‘ It wasn’t a doll…it was Emmanuel Murray. The infant was pronounced dead on the side of the highway at 4:30 this morning. Police believe McTear tossed the infant out of the car.

I used the last two stories to illustrate this point because there are mugshots of both “men” and in both they are clearly high. They committed horrible crimes while on a drug literally dozens of emails and commenters have told me makes people too “mellow” to be violent.

Chronic pot smokers are no different than chronic drinkers or pill poppers. Until we can accept that truth we can never have an honest discussion about drugs in this country.

2 thoughts on “Victimless Crime Files: Pot Heads aren’t Dangerous Edition

  1. I applaud you for even being able to make heads or tails from that first reply from the 16 year old. Wow That child needs to lay down the drugs and get to school.
    Having been a pot head as a teen and having moved on and graduated to other things like coke and heroin in my 20’s and my 30’s and to finally getting sick of living in a fog I have well over 12 years clean now and I can totally agree I see so many talk about how they can in fact be great parents and how they only smoke it while their kids are sleep and that makes it ok just makes me want to scream. Mind you when I was an addict i felt i was a great parent because the only time I got high was when my child was at the baby sitters. I always did make sure he had everything he needed and i paid the sitter well So I was at least a functioning addict but make No mistakes about it i was an addict.
    Of course later when I got clean I sat and added up the time I was high and he was at that sitters and the time I was NOT high and he was with me.
    Yea the time at the sitters was a Lot more. Good Parent i think not.
    After getting clean I sat and thought What if something had happened say my child choked on something or got a really high fever and had to go to the emergency room. How in heavens name would I have been able to help? I would not have been able to. Again the sitter would have been forced to handle it or parent my child.

    So I wonder how many of those pot heads sitting in their stupors at night with the munchies giggling about the littlest unfunny thing they see on TV while little junior sleeps is really able to parent that little one if he or she wakes up with a nightmare or sick needing attention ASAP??
    I hope they are as lucky as I am and Never ever have to deal with a situation like that.
    I pray that someday they accept the fact that they are in fact addicted and that they really can not stop anytime they want as so many claim.
    I hope someday they see that they are in fact smoking it to block out something that they are not ready or willing to deal with in life be it something in the past or present or just a feeling of sadness loss or being victimized or feeling they do not fit in or do not measure up be it in their friends eyes their partners eyes or family’s eyes. i hope they will finally see that while they are smoking and justifying it that the feelings and things they are avoiding someday in life if they want to find true peace they will and can find it if they stop smoking it and face those issues head on and work through them and sit with the pain they are hiding from and well in the end they will find a natural peace and happiness without any other substance it will just be there with them naturally all the time.
    Heck I challenge any one of them to stop for 1 whole year and not smoke anything at all. I challenge them to deal with their issues and after 12 months to 18 months tell me they do not feel better than they ever had.
    If they can i will applaud them and admit it is possible, but then we addicts lie like heck so who would really know the truth?
    They will and they will feel like a whole new person and will be able to enjoy those kids like they never have before. i missed the first 3 years of my Sons life My babysitter was there and remembers so many things I missed. I hope that those with kids will try to stay clean and enjoy their children and actually not be in a smoked out stupor and will actually remember that experience years later.

  2. Marie-Thank you for writing this and that is the message I’m trying to get out. Smoking pot does have consequences, especially when it’s chronic use. Hopefully some people will read your comment and think about what you’ve said.

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