Charles Johnson and the Little Green Pogrom

Jewish blogger Yid with a Lid is the latest person banned form Charles Johnson’s former anti-Jihadist now anti-Creationist/Conservative/Historical Accuracy website Little Green Footballs. I’d link to his site but he has blocked traffic from here after the last time I criticized him, like a petulant child.

The crime that Yid with a Lid committed? Being friends with Pamela Geller and daring to link to Geller’s site and Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch, on his own site. Sammy stays classy in his announcement:

Dear Readers please allow me this personal thought.

Today, I was Banned From Little Green Footballs. My Crime, I am friends with Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs and I link to both Pamela and Robert Spencer.

Pamela and Charles Johnson of LGF had a now famous falling out about a year and a half ago. On this site and especially on LGF, I have stayed out of it. Although I have discussed with Pamela privately as friends do.

To be honest, Charles is a legend in the blog world, he has done so much to legitimize the “blogisphere” as a news source, he has outed false reporting from the mainstream media more times than I can name.  I will not bad mouth Charles on this site. I have learned much from him.

And maybe Chuck could learn something from you, like class. But Since Sammy won’t put the bad mouth on Charles Johnson I’ll do it for him.

Charles Johnson’s ban-a-thon and near constant libels on Atlas Shrugs and Jihad Watch (and Red Alerts for that matter) are purely driven by envy, narcissism and the desire by Johnson to be the leader of the counter-jihad movement. It started with his attacks on the Center for Vigilant Freedom and Gates of Vienna and will only end when Johnson is too old and decrepit to sit in front of his keyboard vomiting out pretentious bile into the waiting mouths of shiftless unemployed cretin like Sharmuta and Salamantis (a 50+ year-old Wiccan with a MySpace by the way, my pagan brothers and sisters will know what that means) whose entire lives revolve around being the most beloved followers of the most asinine leader of the world’s most insignificant personality cult.

At some point either Yid with a Lid or anyone who linked to his post about being banned will be called an anti-science religious nut with neo-Nazi leanings. Like clock work Sharmuta, Salamantis, and iluvchuckalingous35 will show up in said blog’s comments flinging around all sorts of nonsense like angry Internet chimps and everyone will have to waste their time going on record to ensure that people know they aren’t pedophiles, White Supremacists or secretly in league with fascists plotting to kill all Muslims. It’s a tiresome exercise that is designed to stroke Charles Johnson’s ego and feed his craving for everyone, everywhere, to be at least peripherally involved with him and his increasingly irrelevant hate site.

I wrote a piece about Johnson and his childish denigration of people’s religious convictions which struck a nerve with him so I know it’s at least partially correct. But frankly I now think that much of what  drives Johnson is good old fashioned Psychic Vampirism. Johnson has a pathological need for people to invest their time and energy into him. That’s why he constantly makes spurious charges against people, to ensure that they will in fact respond to him in some way. That’s why he unceremoniously banned Yid with a Lid for something so inconsequential. That’s why he rails against the “evils of creationism” or how fascist Michelle Malkin is.

But that’s just a theory, the facts are that Johnson has now, among other things, claimed Pamela Geller is a Jewish neo-nazi and declared Jews who maintain contact with her to be undesirables. That Geller is one of the biggest Jewish bloggers on the ‘net, and that his unseemly attacks on this popular figure are crossing the line into anti-Semitism means nothing to him or his Little Green Pogrom. All he cares about is this childish lashing out, and the purity of his domain and uniformity of belief in his hate cult.

Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

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