Corrupt Union Leaders Launches Defamation Campaign Against Member Who Voted Wrong

And this is why so many of us are leery of unions. Wade Laszlo, known to many online as Knight of Pan, is a Thelemite, musician and Teamster who dared to demand his local leadership be held accountable to dues paying members. The reaction from that leadership gives the term union goon new meaning:

Elections bring out the worst in people. I am a Teamster and it’s election time for the local 320 board. I, gasp, exercised my right as a dues paying member to endorse the competing slate challenging the sitting board. Holy fuckin’ shit! You’d think I killed Jesus!

I’m not even running for a spot but the fans of the current board have gone apeshit! They made an expose video of me and created false identities like (feel free to spam). Like this is going to hurt my sensitive feelings! The unfortunate part is they’ve spammed my other sites to the point that I had to go to moderated comments on those ones. The funny thing is I’ve got a good idea who these dwellers in my spam filter are.

YouTube removed the defamatory video but the harassment continues. It is based largely around the attempt to claim Wade is a devil worshiper – which would make no difference to the issues if it were even true.

When people ask why I’m against Card Check this is what I fear will happen. Wade Laszlo is not some right winger, and I’m sure he considers me afar right on many issues but he’s a loyal member of his union who wants the best for it (and his country) and rather than argue the point with him the establishment of Local 320 sought to assassinate his character.

You don’t have to be a Teamster to stand up for Wade on this. Call or email Sue Mauren at 612-378-8700 or and tell her that her attacks on one of her own members is un-American.

12 thoughts on “Corrupt Union Leaders Launches Defamation Campaign Against Member Who Voted Wrong

  1. Rob Taylor,

    This is a pretty good argument for secret ballots. No one can threaten you for voting “the wrong way” if they have no way of finding out how you voted.

  2. Rob, first off you should get the story right before trying to portray Wade Lazlo as an innocent member who voted wrong. No video ever called Wade Lazlo a “devil worshiper.” What it did was point out that Mr. Lazlo likes to associate himself with devil music, wears garb that endorses Satan and even credits “gods and demons’ as his inspiration. No one at anytime called him a devil worshiper. The video wasn’t taken down because YouTube thought it was defamatory. It was taken down after Mr. Lazlo realized he looked like an idiot in his own video response. No one is after Wade Lazlo for how he voted in any election. Mr. Lazlo is trying to portray himself as a victim when In reality he is the antagonist. You can look for yourself by going here: EDIT No spam

  3. Wow! a liar. Well I see you blocked the link to the IBT Decision that explained exactly what the video was. The video didn’t use the words “devil worshiper’ or “devil music.” It merely pointed out that Wade and his band published an album and Wade sites “Gods and Demons” as his inspiration. The video also showed Wade in a shirt that indicated he wanted people to “Join Satan’s Team.” The maker of the video only pointed out facts. Facts Wade now tries to hide from everyone. He is not the victim of a vote gone bad. He is the victim of his own stupidity.

  4. I won’t publish defamation of a person here i respect. Charles Baudelaire wrote a book called Flowers of Evil which included a poem called Hymn to Satan – was he being stupid?

    You’re using his art to smear him as something he is not. Then you’re too cowardly to man up make admit to what you’re doing. You are implying that he’s a devil worshiper (he’ s not) and thus he’s untrustworthy. This is disgusting.

    You’re some commie tool smearing a man for disagreeing with how your commie union is wasting it’s time. You make all decent people sick and it’s typical that a piece of white trash like you would do all this anonymously rather than use your name. Your gutterslut mother and pillow biting father must be so proud.

  5. The membership sure didn’t see it that way according to the election results and the IBT didn’t see it that way either. But it must be all a smear campaign since the world is all turned upside down and people like you are the only ones who notice.

    Wade Lazlo is a member of a mystic cult period. Devil worhiper? I don’t know. But if someone runs around singing praises to satan and dressing like a druid, is it any different than someone who dresses in Nazi uniforms and walks around saying, “Hail Hitler!” or a kid who dresses like a gang banger but when caught says, “Oh, I was just playing arole for my own entertainment.” I don’t think so and nor would a reasonable adult. So, OK, maybe Wade isn’t a devil worshiper but he IS a member of a cult. It isn’t an art, it is a cult. a cult that says, “To hell with moral principal” and “Do what ever YOU want to hell with what everyone elde thinks.” Those are not virtues I would want a leader of my Union preaching.

    I will ignore the references to my parents and spare you insults on your limited intelligence after all, you must be right since you have your own blog.

  6. So you’re not just a Communist but a religious bigot. Got it. Freedom of Religion not a high priority amongst union goons I take it?

    I’m a Pagan myself – the webs first and most famous Republican Pagan. I suppose I’m a devil worshiper too.

    I’m not a Thelemite myself but I do know they don’t in fact preach amorality. You and your union goons do though, when you force companies to promise you pensions which are unsustainable ensuing the guys after you take it in the ass.

    Aren’t you the Nazi here? Attacking religious freedom and promoting socialism?

  7. You can’t seem to figure out what you want to label me. Communist, Nazi, religious zealot. All you know is I asked you to look at the truth and you refuse. Anyone who disagrees with you is someone you call childish names. I can see there is no room for anything but hate from you. too bad, I thought you might be of some intelligence but I see I was wrong about you. you can go back to your own little world now. I have better things to do than have a continued dialog with someone no smarter than an elementry school child.

  8. I didn’t say zealot moron, I said religious bigot. I’m not surprised a piece of trash like you can’t read.

    And Nazis are socialists, just like Communists. Again I guess you’d have to be literate to kow that.

    You’re not telling the truth, you’re libeling a person i respect. Thelemism isn’t a “cult’ that preaches immorality. If i thought you had any money I’d tell him to sue you.

  9. DerRitmeister is a BIGOT and an ASS! Wade is a stand up guy and a hard worker, always has been! Speaking of hate, notice how he uses pejorative terminology when referring to Wade, and then denies implying anything..Then he turns around and crys because he’s being called names!? Who cares if Wade is a Thelemite!! OMG! Someone who plays heavy metal music wore a ‘team satan’ shirt! How shocking!! Who fucking cares! Whoop de doo.. Can he do his job? DerRitmeister, on top of being a nut job puritan trailer trash fundie conspiracy theorist, ur a bully, nothing more, grow up fuckin troll, speaking of childish.

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