Egyptian Girl Dies During Circumcision, American Feminists Silent

From the Memri blog:

Budour Ahmad Shaker, a young girl from Al-Minya province in Egypt, died while undergoing circumcision at a private clinic. The Egyptian National Council for Mothers and Children called on the Egyptian health minister to ban doctors from performing female circumcisions. Egyptian Mufti Dr. Ali Gum’a said in response to the incident that the former mufti of Egypt had already banned female circumcision.

Sources: Al-Ahram, Egypt, June 23, 2006; Al-Masri Al-Yawm, Egypt, June 24, 2007; Al-Quds Al-Arabi, London, June 25, 2007.

This comes on tail of a story from Jpost on Egypt’s brutal attacks on Sudanese refugees trying to flee Egypt for a better life in Israel which left one woman dead: (h/t Tel-Chai Nation)

Egyptian police shot and killed a Sudanese woman and seriously wounded four others Sunday on the Sinai Peninsula as they tried to sneak into Israel, a local police officer said.

Many refugees trying to enter Israel from Egypt have been arrested, and some wounded, by police, but Haja Abbas Haroun’s death was the first of its kind.

Haroun, 28, was killed instantly by police gunfire, while four others, including a woman and young girl, were critically wounded and taken to a local hospital, said Capt. Muhammad Badr of the northern Sinai police force.

No word on why the police had to shoot them. I’m assuming it’s because they were Black, non-Muslim and ready to embrace the hated Jewish state.

Then if you have a strong stomach, here’s proof that Egyptian Muslims are sexually attacking Christian girls in an attempt to forcibly convert them. Free Copts presents the evidence in the form of a cell phone video taken by several men who stripped and photographed a teen-aged Christian girl in an effort to humiliate her into marrying(?) one of the degenerate perverts. WARNING! The post is brutal and guaranteed to make you angrier than anything you’ve ever seen. Steel yourself before watching it.

What’s Pandagon have to say about the plight of Egyptian women these days? Not much unsurprisingly. Of course neither do the racists at Firedoglake or the “feminists” at Feministing.

It’s almost as if they don’t care…

9 thoughts on “Egyptian Girl Dies During Circumcision, American Feminists Silent

  1. “Gosh, it’s a cultural thing and we need to be more supportive of other cultures we obviously are ignorant of, baaah, baaah” The sheeple have spoken.

  2. You want the feminists to howl, tell them that doctor was trying to keep that woman from having an abortion. That would put them in a predicament: Defend abortion, or defend Islam?

    Regarding the attack on non-Muslim women, that is the best part of Islam for the men: the sexual jihad! It was always a big selling-point for the men: you submit to Islam, and force the women to submit to you.

  3. The most recent mention of FGM on Pandagon. I know you don’t actually care what feminists actually say, but I thought I’d at least give you the opportunity to pretend rather than spouting empty words.

  4. That most recent post says nothing about the suffering of thousands of women world wide, just another dig at some man or another. Where’s Pandagon’s ire at the Egyptian governemt? What about the poor Coptic Christian girl sexually assulted in that video? What about the Black African women seeking refuge from the Janjaweed in the Sudan only to be oppressed then murdered by Islamists?

    Do they not matter Auguste? Because they aren’t Americans, or because they aren’t White.

  5. I agree the feminist movement are quiet about many things, I guess their agenda is way to busy to even care about all these other things.

  6. Many Western feminists have been brainwashed into thinking that only white Christian males oppress women. This is why Anglo Saxon men who tell dirty jokes in the workplace are often met with more feminist outrage than Muslim men who force nine year old gils into arranged marriages or kill women whose “unchaste” behavior brings shame to their families. Recently in Toronto a sixteen year old Muslim girl was murdered by her brother and father for refusing to wear the hijab. The silence of feminists was shameful and telling.

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