Ward Churchill Groupie Goes Down In Flames!

Alas, John Moredock, we barely knew you. Vicious Communist attack troll, and Ward Churchill groupie, John Moredock who wrote some of the vilest post on the Internet at the now seemingly defunct Churchill fan site Tryworks.org, has inadvertently exposed himself as part-time adjunct professor Benjamin Whitmer. Benji works at the Ethnic Studies department at C.U., just like his hero Ward Churchill.

As John Moredock, the good Mr Benjamin made a number of enemies indulging in slander, accusing those critical of Ward Churchill of being racists, “child-rapists”, liars or stupid (in my case three of the four) and most disturbingly his penchant for on-line fantasizing of the rape/murders of those who’ve “crossed” him. And by him we mean his friend Churchill, because no one has ever heard of him.

Drunkablog broke this one, along with PirateBallerina, so a great big hat tip and thank you to them. Go to their blogs to see how Whitmer’s and his yet unidentified friend’s propensity to send hostile e-mails to people was their undoing. I have a copy of a hostile e-mail he sent me, along with my hero Michelle Malkin among others, which he was kind enough to also regurgitate into the comment section of my post on Churchill insulting Black folk which was where we first crossed virtual swords.

In my short tenure as Whitmer target, it always stuck me as odd how slavishly devoted to Chuchill this “John Moredock” was. But a little research show that Whitmer was in fact restrained in his Churchillophillia while writing under his pseudonym. For the full low self esteem, “Daddy never loved me, hold me Ward” boot licking toady effect, you must read Whitmer’s letter of support for Churchill. It begins with him admitting he really doesn’t know the man, and ends with a hateful rant at the people good enough to let him teach at their University for “marginalizing” Ethnic Studies. Certainly the behavior of people like Churchill and himself could never be responsible for so lofty a discipline as Ethnic Studies to be disparaged.

Better yet, Whitmer picked up some tricks from his academic sugar daddy, like referencing himself under another name, like he does below.


Oh. My. God.

Once his little secret came out, he took down his blog, as if that’ll stop the people he really libeled from suing him. Too bad because our “argument” in his comments section, where I prove he’s a racist Commie, were pretty funny. And I like the idea of having an Internet nemesis to torment.

I guess there’s nothing left to do but call the head of his department., and let them know that as a man of African descent, I found Whitmer’s blog extremely offensive and will look forward to them getting back to me to discuss the issue.

It’ll be my way of saying goodbye Mr Moredock.

4 thoughts on “Ward Churchill Groupie Goes Down In Flames!

  1. Rob,

    I looked at your post a few days ago and meant to link to it, but forgot. I’ll do it now. Great catch.

    I looked for a pic of Whitmer too, with the same result. Maybe adjuncts don’t rate one.

  2. Oh, I should say, too, Rob, that I didn’t break the story. Grant Crowell did. He just did it while copying the e-mail back-and-forth he was having with Moredock to Jim Paine and me.

    It was lovely.

  3. Oops. Well Mr. Crowell deserves a drink on me.

    Love your site by the way. I’m just sorry I came in at the tail end of the Moredock years, I feel like I missed so much.

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