Born Bad: Werribee Gang Rapist’s Rap Song Proves Sex Offender Counseling is a Sham

Back in 2006 a 16-year-old girl with a developmental disability met two boys on a social networking site. The girl went to hang out with her new “friends” when she was surrounded by several other teens who the boys invited, dragged into a nearby wooded area and raped in a case that shocked Australia and the world. The group filmed the girl as she was raped, beaten, urinated on and had her hair set on fire. The group, who came to be known as the Werribee rapists, then made DVDs of the film and sold it to people. They called their film Cunt: The Movie.

But the most outrageous part of the story is that when all was said and done, Australia’s liberal “justice” system did not send these unreformable deviants to prison where they belong, but let them off basically scot free with probation and sex offender counseling.

Would it shock anyone to know the counseling didn’t take? As Trench points out on MyCrimeSpace, the ringleader of the attack has released a rap song online bragging about the rape and getting off with a slap on the wrist.

Feminist blogger Hoyden About Town has a transcription of this vile piece of garbage designed to further victimize the poor girl who saw justice denied in her case. Fair warning, she seems to believe in that old Ritual Abuse Hoax canard about “triggering” so while I think her information is accurate as far as I know, grain of salt. Ozsoapbox is just as disgusted and tentatively identifies the rapper as Daniel Porto based on a reference to in the song, which OSB has embedded, to the rapper setting the girls hair on fire.

But the most outrageous aspect of this story is that in the article reporting this, there is a psychologist claiming that this unrepentant rapist is a victim who has been failed by the system:

A TEEN who posted a hate-filled rap about the Werribee sex DVD online has been failed by the system, an expert says.

Adolescent psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg said one of the ringleaders behind the infamous DVD received the appropriate sentence.

Dr Carr-Gregg said the system had failed the teen in question, but said his chance of reoffending may have increased with a jail term.

“The reality is if you send someone to jail at that age the likelihood that they are going to reoffend is huge,” he said.

“The sexual offending program is massively more effective and on research and statistics the kids are much less likely to reoffend.

“It would appear that that has been the case fore six out of seven of these kids.”

Piffle. It is more likely that seeing the light sentences rapists get, women, especially those in contact with the Werribee gang, will simply not bother reporting assaults because they know it’s pointless as long as Dr. Carr-Gregg is around to defend them. It is beyond nonsense to claim that a person predisposed to sadism will be amenable to changing after counseling if he believes he’s gotten off easy for his crimes, which this display proves. The thug-hugging Dr. Carr-Gregg continues to spin this obvious refutation of the “cure sex offenders” movement:

Dr Carr-Gregg said there was no proof that the teen would not have made the rap song if he had been sent to jail.

“What we have to recognise is that while everyone gets their jollies from the whole idea of retribution, what we actually have to think about long-term is what’s best for society,” he said.

“What’s best for society is that these kids – who made serious errors of judgement, performed gross indecency on a developmentally-delayed kid – should be given the chance not to do that again.

“It would appear on the balance of what we hear today that it’s worked six out of seven times.”

In the rap, the teen brags of his notoriety and vows to commit more violence.

“I hope it hurts to reminisce when you think about us Werribee kids, all things we did,” he sings.

The teen escaped jail over the crime but attacks “c–s who judges us”, saying they can all “get f—ed”.

Victims of crime advocate Noel McNamara said the song was “disgusting”. He said it proved the teenager treated his crime like a joke and should have been sentenced to jail.

Notice that Carr-Gregg himself is predisposed to think the violent attack is not evil, or even horrible, but simply a “serious error in judgment” as if they accidentally gang raped a defenseless teen, accidentally laughed while she was sodomized, and didn’t realize it was wrong to spit on her, urinate on her and set her hair on fire.

I suspect the good doctor is trying desperately to distract the country from the obvious innate flaw in the idea that counseling sex offenders works (people have to want to change before any counseling can help them) by making a claim that essentially means little (“look, these other kids are doing well as far as I know“) because he doesn’t want the public to realize the simple truth of the matter: some people are just bad people.

Rapists aren’t people who need sympathy, they’re simply sadists who enjoy hurting others and that isn’t something tat you can cure in them. It is a decision they make, just as there is no therapy for muggers, ponzi scheme con artists and people who beat their wives. These people aren’t mentally ill, they just decide to act in horrible ways because they enjoy it and feel entitled to.

The medicalization of criminality is the single worst thing progressive politics has done to our society. It leaves the victim without justice and makes the victimizer essentially a victim who receives the same sympathy and often more consideration than the little girls they rape. This rap song is what all these people feel, most of them are just smart enough to keep it to themselves. Unfortunately people like Dr. Carr-Gregg aren’t smart enough to figure that out.

Cat in Trench’s comments points out that the profile hosting this song is breaking MySpace’s TOS. So if you have a minute lodge a complaint to get this site taken down. Here’s the page:

7 thoughts on “Born Bad: Werribee Gang Rapist’s Rap Song Proves Sex Offender Counseling is a Sham

  1. I’m officially disgusted. Completely disgusted. WTF is this doctor’s problem??? What if that was HIS daughter? I wonder if he’d tell her “they didn’t mean it, honey”… he is disgusting and should have his right to practice revoked permanently.

    As for that “poor kid who made a mistake”… he’s just lucky it wasn’t a relative of mine he made that mistake with. I’m not sorry to say that, for what they did, they should have gotten worse than life in prison. Society should not be burdened with supporting the likes of him. Period.

    I’m just disgusted.

  2. Wow. Looks like we shouldn’t jail any rapists since “reoffending may increase with a jail term”. In my opinion, giving them a chance to “not do it again” is an open invitation to do as they please….which they will. How many more women will suffer?

    Absolutely awful!

  3. Feminist blogger Hoyden About Town has a transcription of this vile piece of garbage designed to further victimize the poor girl who saw justice denied in her case. Fair warning, she seems to believe in that old Ritual Abuse Hoax canard about “triggering” so while I think her information is accurate as far as I know, grain of salt.

    When something on a feminist blog is labelled ‘triggering’ it is usually just a warning that the content may be emotionally distressing to sensitive people or people who have personal experience with rape/abuse etc. I don’t know why you assume some kind of connection ritual abuse conspiracy theorists.

    In regards to the case… ugh. I don’t usually wish physical harm on criminals, but I just feel a visceral rage in response to this. I don’t get how these people can continue to be supported by anyone. How can that music producer bring himself to be associated with someone like this?

    Those hateful, bland and inept lyrics just ooze with smug entitlement. I hate that these little bastards continue to exist.

  4. Vinegar look up the origins of the term, it literally began it’s life online as a term used to describe things “they” did to Ritual Abuse believers designed to “trigger” their “programming.” Later next week I was planning on a post about how that movement preys on the mentally ill but I might push it up.

    It has bled into other groups but that just makes the term look legitimate. It isn’t, it was a scam developed by people who preyed on women (like Ted Gunderson) to explain to them their very real issues in a way that made them more dependent on the RA movement, and all the swag they sell through the Internet.

  5. “Trigger” is a bog-standard-English word used very commonly as a metaphor in a wide variety of different situations, because it means “something that causes or initiates something else”. I don’t doubt that it’s been used in Ritual Abuse Conspiracy, but that doesn’t mean your pet topic is the one and only original use from whence all others came.

    “Trigger” is standard usage in PTSD, and a well-described phenomenon in various settings. Examples here, here, here, here.

    But it really doesn’t matter whether you believe post-rape PTSD exists, or what your etymological kinks are – our readers describe the phenomenon and appreciate warnings on this sort of material; out of courtesy to our readers, who are people we like and wish no harm upon, we offer the warnings.

  6. Triggering entered the common parlance of the Internet through the acceptance of conspiratorial thinking and perpetual victimization. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a rare affliction that hundreds of malingerers claim to have because it’s impossible to diagnose and as far back as the mid 90s you can see Ritual Abuse nuts claiming reading something might “trigger” this or that.

    I don’t know if you do or don’t believe in RA but here in America those sorts of feel-bad pseudo-science have put innocent people in jail. If you’re saying that a story might distress people or dredge up bad memories why not say that instead of jargon?

    Look. The term “neo-con” was made up by Pat Buchanan types as a polite way of saying “Jew” but it caught on and there are people who use it and may not know that for most it has an anti-Semitic context. But even that “innocent” usage legitimizes the usage of the Buchanan’s of the world. You’re saying that because Veterans groups and other blogs use it I should simply know you don’t believe that secret organizations sexually abuse children so badly that these children become programmed to repeat certain behaviors on cue, being triggered so to speak. Maybe. Though I haven’t seen you actually deny believing it.

    My problem otherwise with the term trigger is not that RA is my “pet topic” but it reduces people to objects that can thought of as set” in their responses. This topic will trigger this sort of feeling is a gross simplification of the human mind; it does serve to allow people to dwell in perpetual victiomhood instead of actually working for their recovery though. Especially when they become part of a re-enforcing online community that tells them they have good reason to ghettoize themselves rather that trying to overcome their obstacles or that essentially their abusers have won because they have been damaged beyond repair.

    But if I misunderstood your use, which I’m told is common on left-leaning feminist blogs, you have my apologies.

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