This Apparently is Enough to Earn You Death Threats from Muslims … in Europe

Via Atlas Shrugs comes a video from a Dutch “satirist” who thinks ripping off The Hustle while a whole lotta woman shakes it is daring critique of Islamist militancy. To be fair it apparently is since Muslims in his home country are threatening to kill him.

Pam Geller says they should have gotten a girl who can dance for this skit – I say she’s doing just fine.The real issue is what kind of world do we live in when a buxom blond showing off her goods makes people angry? Hell, this pretty much looks like everyone of my Halloween parties except instead of Dutchmen I usually head down to the Home Depot parking lot and hire me a mariachi band. You Jihadis can take my plus sized adult entertainment when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.


The Third Jihad – Full Movie

This is the movie that Hamas linked CAIR is demanding not be shown to police as part of counter-terrorism training because it’s “anti-Islam” according to them. That’s a lie, of curse. The movie is narrated by devout Muslim and American Patriot Dr. Zuhdi Jasser and very clearly talks about radicalism in the Islamic community being introduced into America by Saudi-funded Wahhabi schools and other militant groups. It is a factual, reality based review of the internal drive toward imperialism that certain schools of Islam are afflicted with and how the West, in ignoring these facts, empowers radical Islam and dis-empowers patriotic Muslims like Dr. Jasser.

Ayan Hirsi Ali, Rudy Guiliani, Tom Ridge, former Islamic terrorist Dr.Tawfik Hamid, former Clinton era CIA director Jim Woolsey, Melanie Phillips, Dr. Walid Phares and Bernard Lewis are among the host of experts interviewed about such wide ranging topics as Saudi funded schools teaching radicalism, prison recruitment by radicals and the 30+ militant compounds like “Islamberg” that are bases for religious paramilitaries in our own country. Anyone seeking an understanding of militant, political Islam needs to see this film:

United Nations Trying to Force America to Fund Terrorist Groups!

UN Watch does more to expose the Islamist and Marxist agenda of the United Nations than any other group. This is the most troubling report I’ve seen in recent years, since it’s more than likely the Euro-Socialist model the Obama administration uses for deciding foreign policy dictates we knuckle under and pay what amounts to a Jizya:

UNESCO officials are braced for “months” of back-and-forth with the United States as they seek restoration of U.S. funding following mandated cuts in response to the Paris-based agency’s embrace of “Palestine” as a member, diplomatic sources report.

One confirmed that the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama has been seeking ways to effect a waiver of the law that mandates immediate cessation of Washington’s contributions to any UN agency that allows Palestinian membership. But this official added that the one key person holding out is Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who chairs the Foreign Affairs Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Indeed, the Florida Republican launched a call this week for the United States to “strengthen and preserve” the funding prohibition law. In a press release, she says that the Obama administration has “failed” in what she describes as efforts to “gut” the law and restore Washington’s UNESCO contributions.

She also warns that granting a waiver to the law would encourage more UN agencies to embrace the Palestine entity.

The funding prohibition law makes no provision for a presidential waiver in the absence of Congressional consent, which Ros-Lehtinen – speaking in the wake of renewed Palestinian pledges to advance the Palestinian statehood cause at the UN – restates that she strongly opposes.

“As the Palestinian leadership continues their destructive statehood scheme at the UN, the U.S. must act decisively to stop this ruse,” Ros-Lehtinen says in her statement released Monday.

“Other than our Security Council veto, the only roadblock in Ramallah’s way is that by law, the U.S. must cut off funding to any UN body that grants membership to ‘Palestine.’”

Ros-Lehtinen says the law has deterred other agencies from opening their arms to the Palestinians, and that any dilution of it would have the opposite effect.

“The Administration wants Congress to gut U.S. law and let the Administration fund UN bodies that support the Palestinian statehood scheme,” Ros-Lehtinen’s statement says.

“But the Administration’s diplomatic efforts have failed to seriously impede the scheme; in contrast, leveraging our funding to the UN has succeeded, as others see that we mean business and that they can’t take reckless, anti-Israel actions with impunity.”

The statute emerged in the wake of successful efforts by President H.W. Bush to prevent the Palestine Liberation Organization – which preceded the Palestinian Authority – from joining agencies such as the World Health Organization and UNESCO.

Disgusting. Palestinian statehood is the one building blocks of a re-established caliphate – which fundamentalists Muslims will be forced to accept as the only legitimate political authority and will kick off a world war. That, in reality, is what the Arab spring and “Palestinian” liberation is really about. Jihadists need a caliphate to force all Muslims to wage war on the infidel. Without a caliphate Muslims cannot be obligated to fight their fellow Americans (until the Muslims are strong enough according Koranic law) but if a Caliphate is established no Muslim would be allowed to avoid the call to war of the Caliph.

Surprise! Ron Paul Supporting GOP Official Distributes Pro-Jihadi Propaganda Films

A long post well worth your time on Republican Party Animals about the authors dealings with Los Angles County GOP official named Danielle “Dani” Rascon who is a avid Ron Paul cultist. The piece details a disturbing social network interaction where this woman makes several anti-Semitic and pro-Jihad statements but more importantly details her involvement in producing a Jihadi propaganda film called Rabia that paints a sympathetic portrait of a suicide bomber. She is apparently also a 9/11 truther and has a YouTube channel full of David Duke-esque anti-Semitism. And yes, she’s a pot smoker.

That channel also shows she has some level of involvement with the communist run Iraq Veterans Against the War.

The L.A. County GOP can be contacted here. Ask them why this cretin is representing them.