U.K. Judge Allows Child Molesting Teacher to Continue Relationship with Underage Girl!

England is truly full of degenerates. Because the pervert involved is a pretty, young(ish), blond teacher, the judge involved clearly takes her predation on a 15-year-old girl quite lightly, although frankly even violent rapes tend to get less than 20 years in the Labour blighted shores of Britain. This story seems particularly outrageous:

A public  school music teacher was yesterday jailed for having a lesbian relationship with a 15-year-old pupil  -  but told she could continue seeing her when she leaves prison.

A court heard that trumpet mistress Helen Goddard, 26, helped weave a web of lies so the ‘ vulnerable’ girl could stay in her flat overnight, and took her for a weekend in Paris, where they joined a gay pride march.

Judge Anthony Pitts jailed Goddard for 15 months, saying: ‘This case is so serious an immediate sentence of imprisonment is inevitable.’

But despite hearing from the girl’s parents the devastating effect the five-month sexual relationship had on the teenager, he rejected a prosecution request to ban the teacher from contacting her victim for five years, claiming it would be ‘unnecessary, unkind, and cruel to the victim’.

Goddard will be allowed to write to her from prison and will be able to see her in private the moment she is released from jail, probably halfway through her 15-month sentence.

The teacher punched the air in victory when she realised her relationship with the pupil, who is still underage, could continue.

Understand that we’re talking about a teacher who preyed on a troubled girl and whose influence has exacerbated the girl’s problems. Yet the liberal courts in England thinks it’d be cruel to separate them. Even worse is this ruling by the judge:

The judge refused to ban Goddard from ever being alone with under-age girls, rejecting another prosecution request.

It’s not like she’s proven that she’s dangerous to children I guess.

Helen Goddard is an interesting case, a former child prodigy who achieved musical success young and grew up in a country that had begun to abandon rule of law long ago. Goddard’s “Lesbianism” is a fairly new phenomenon since she was known to have several boyfriends up until recently, some famous in their own right. However her affair began once Goddard settled down into a boring career of teaching. Since even her own lawyer claims she has maturity issues, I wonder if this is all attention seeking behavior on her part. A troubled child would likely lavish the praise and attention on people like Goddard who crave such things, and the drama of the incident feeds her over-sized ego and sense of self-importance which is the product a psyche partly stunted by coming of age in a society that claims there is no right and wrong.

The judge is green lighting their relationship, but I predict that once the girl becomes an adult with desires and needs separate from hers, Goddard will begin grooming some other teen. With England’s blessing of course.

A Good Reason to Own a Gun: Police Take Four Hours to Respond to Rape Threat

Four Hours:

A chief constable has apologised personally to two student nurses who had to wait four hours for help after a gang of intruders threatened to rape them.

Flatmates Amy Overend, 19, and Melissa Cooper, 22, barricaded themselves in their rooms and rang 999 when four men sneaked into their hospital accommodation shouting abuse.

But when they called again after an hour they were told they were classed as a ‘ secondary emergency’ because they were behind locked doors.

Miss Overend then called her father, an ex-magistrate, who repeatedly called the control room to demand that someone was sent round.

By the time officers arrived the gang had run off, but the nurses were worried they would return.


‘As they were leaving, they said, ‘We are going to remember your faces and names, and next time, we are going to rape you’.

Of course a story like this comes from England. I would point out though that New Jersey, New York or Chicago have similar incidents everyday, some of which I’ve witnessed myself. When you criminalize self-defense, criminals can operate freely because there is no way for the police to cover all crimes at once. In the above story there were 40 simultaneous violent crimes being dealt with by an over taxed police force, so in reality this was not the fault of police. The streets in England are much more violent than the streets of my new home of Mauldin S.C., where most of our violence is driven by drug problems and the addicts tend to target each other rather than the heavily armed population.

But even here there is violence the difference is our recognition that the solution to criminality is to arm potential victims, thus making crime unlikely to pay.

h/t Cryptic Subterranean

Paris is Burning … Again

Muslim youth are once again exerting their authority over the French population in a preview of what is to come in all of Europe.

From The Telegraph:

One person fired at police with a handgun in the rioting in a housing project in Bagnolet, on Paris’ eastern edge, and 29 cars were torched, the interior ministry said.

The latest bout of suburban violence erupted after an 18-year-old pizza deliverer lost control of his motorbike while fleeing a police identity check. He died en route to the hospital.

Later Sunday night, a group of around 40 local youths hurled Molotov cocktails, stones and other objects at police and emergency workers on the scene. They also smashed windows of a secondary school and shop. One person was arrested and order restored.

Brice Hortefeux, the interior minister, called for calm and insisted that “all light will be shed” on the cause of the young man’s death. An autopsy was scheduled yesterday (Monday).

The internal police watchdog agency is also investigating the incident. A police official said there was no contact between the police car and the motorcycle.

Tensions have remained rife in France’s deprived, high-immigrant suburbs since riots swept through the country in 2005.

Indeed. Here’s another report from The Globe and Mail:

Some 40 rioters in a Paris suburb hurled Molotov cocktails at police and firefighters, torched cars and one person fired a handgun during a rampage early Monday prompted by the death of a teen pizza deliverer fleeing police.

Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux called for calm after the overnight violence, signalling fears that unrest by angry suburban youth could spread from Bagnolet, on Paris’ eastern edge. Mr. Hortefeux announced plans for an internal police investigation with results to be made public.

Police reinforced their presence in Bagnolet, and some 40 vans of riot police were seen outside the housing project where the rioting occurred. No one was injured, authorities said.

Some witnesses claimed that a police car hit the 18-year-old’s motorcycle after he tried to flee a document check outside the project. “I saw it with my own eyes …. He didn’t stop (and) they hit him,” Alexandre Matthias told iTele TV station.

However, Philibert Demory, deputy prosecutor of Bobigny, which handles the region, said that “as it stands so far there is no element to show contact” between the two vehicles. He asked witnesses to come forward.

The teenager lost control of his motorcycle and hit a metal barrier; he then died en route to the hospital, police said.

About 40 young people hurled Molotov cocktails and projectiles at police and emergency workers on the scene, and one person fired a handgun at police, Mr. Hortefeux’s office said in a statement.

The rioters set fire to 29 cars and smashed windows of a high school and store, the statement said. One person was detained and order was restored after police reinforcements arrived.

Flowers and a note were left at the metal barrier to mark the young man’s death.

Mr. Hortefeux insisted that “all light will be shed” on the cause of the young man’s death with an internal investigation.

It’s pretty obvious what’s going on here. Muslims are blaming the police for the accidental death of a criminal and they will get the police to back down and remove the offending check points. Islamist control of France will move one step forward while rule of law takes two steps back. And we’re heading in the same direction:

Revolution Muslim is a Jihadist terror group operating in New York. And yes, in that video you saw Muslim members of the NYPD accept their material. Feel safer now?

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England is the Most Violent Country in Europe

And it surpasses the United States, long harangued for how violent and barbaric we are by the toothless finger waggers of Britain, in cases of assaults, rapes and muggings. Of course the Brits are trying to explain away the Clockwork Orange like spike in violence caused by a combination of civilian disarmament, hug -a-thug policing and the soul rotting moral decay of any massive welfare state but those explanations don’t pay the hospital bills:

Britain’s violent crime record is worse than any other country in the European union, it has been revealed.

Official crime figures show the UK also has a worse rate for all types of violence than the U.S. and even South Africa – widely considered one of the world’s most dangerous countries.

The figures comes on the day new Home Secretary Alan Johnson makes his first major speech on crime, promising to be tough on loutish behaviour.

The Tories said Labour had presided over a decade of spiralling violence.

In the decade following the party’s election in 1997, the number of recorded violent attacks soared by 77 per cent to 1.158million – or more than two every minute.

The figures, compiled from reports released by the European Commission and United Nations, also show:

* The UK has the second highest overall crime rate in the EU.
* It has a higher homicide rate than most of our western European neighbours, including  France, Germany, Italy and Spain.
* The UK has the fifth highest robbery rate in the EU.
* It has the fourth highest burglary rate and the highest absolute number of burglaries in the EU, with double the number of          offences than recorded in Germany and France.

But it is the naming of Britain as the most violent country in the EU that is most shocking. The analysis is based on the number of crimes per 100,000 residents.

In the UK, there are 2,034 offences per 100,000 people, way ahead of second-placed Austria with a rate of 1,677.

America has a violent crime rate of around 466 per 100,000. Canada is around 935 shockingly enough. Both numbers are dwarfed by jolly old England’s jaw dropping 2,034 violent crimes per 100,000 citizens. Worse is that because England is significantly smaller than the United States what this stat really means is that more people in England are touched by violence than here in America even as they claim we’re so much more dangerous.

Like I said there are a lot of factors at play here, but if I were to nutshell it I’d just say that criminals in England know they can do what they want without serious consequences. Here in my new home state of South Carolina if someone tried to hit my house with a home invasion they’d get shot, and I’d be well within my rights. Thus, here in SC there are less home invasions than in blue states where they take a more English view of self-defense, because the would -be home invader never knows what’s waiting for them behind the target’s door. In England even defending yourself from a violent attack is forbidden, but the attackers can also be assured of light sentences and perhaps no jail time at all if police do in fact even catch them.

Any rapist/mugger with a brain will be heading to England right now, where they basically allow you to break their laws and provide you with a populace of sheep unable to defend themselves. And any English person with half a brain would run to the nearest U.S. Embassy and apply for asylum.

Not Fascist at All: France Seeks Dissolution of Scientology

I’m not a fan of the “Ethical Culture” cult but I don’t claim people don’t have a right to join them. France however is now claiming to have the authority to make people’s religious choices for them. Anonymous may be happy but anyone who thinks people have a right to live their lives without the government making choices for them will be appalled:

PARIS (Reuters) – A French prosecutor on Monday recommended a Paris court should dissolve the Church of Scientology’s French branch when it rules on charges of fraud against the organization.

Registered as a religion in the United States, with celebrity members such as actors Tom Cruise and John Travolta, Scientology enjoys no such legal protection in France, where it has faced repeated accusations of being a money-making cult.

The Church’s Paris headquarters and bookshop are defendants in a fraud trial that began on May 25. Summing up her views on the case, state prosecutor Maud Coujard urged the court to return a guilty verdict and dissolve the organization in France.

The Church of Scientology denies the fraud charges and says the case against it violates freedom of religion.

A ruling is expected within months.

French state prosecutors had previously resisted the idea of an outright dissolution of Scientology in the country.

If the court follows the prosecutor’s recommendation, Scientology could appeal and the verdict would be suspended.

The trial centers on complaints made in the late 1990s by two former members who spent huge sums on Scientology courses and “purification” sessions.

Maybe if France had a free and fair press (like we used to have in America) people in France could see the evidence that Scientology is a scam and decide for themselves. But the French have found a religion it’s safe to persecute and the authorities can take out their frustrations on Scientologists secure in the knowledge there will be no riots.

Meanwhile, how much justice is there for the Muslim gang that kidnapped and tortured a Jew to death?