Rob Pincus and James Yeager on the “Ass-Clownery” of Open Carry

Via Gun Nuts Media – I don’t have a dog in this fight because I frankly don’t carry a gun on a regular basis, though maybe I should. I do like open carry in the woods or around the homestead if I think there might be a fox about but I agree with Pincus on the open carry crowd giving liberals extra ammunition so to speak. On the other hand since when have liberals needed an excuse to grab guns?

On the other hand the “he’s not taken my class so he’s an idiot” subtext of people like Pincus and Yeager (who I respect otherwise) rubs me the wrong way. People have been carrying firearms around without dropping a few grand on “tactical” classes since the 1500s and have done just fine. Anyone who drops thousands of dollars on gun classes but doesn’t have at least a years worth of food and water or who is in debt up to their eyeballs should have their piece taken from them so they can be pistol whipped with it.

As a protest open carrying may or may not work, but there are certainly times when open carry is the only sensible way to go. Like I said (and Pincus does in the video) when you’re in the woods or if you’re working a ranch were hogs and coyotes are. But what about people on the Mexican border? What about walking your dog in urban areas where there are coyote or mountain lion problems? Bothering to make sure no one sees your precious Glock to take your dog out for a quick #2 at 3:00am is silly when you have a Uncle Mikes hip holster ready for dog walking duty. I think they might be broad brushing a bit to make an otherwise important point.

James Wesley Rawles on the Coming Collapse

This two part interview via SGT Report is an interesting discussion with Suvival Blog editor and author of the popular survival novels Patriots and Survivors James Wesley Rawles. He and I agree on the infeasibility of gold as a real trade medium post-collapse, though he recommends silver as a trade good which I will have to agree with him on though I still stand by the idea that production and means of production is real wealth especially in a TEOTWAWKI situation.


Part I:

Part II:

Oleg Volk on Riots vs Pogroms

A very interesting read by Oleg Volk on riots, pogroms and why he doesn’t see large scale rioting in America as anywhere near the threat it would be anywhere else. One particular passage struck me and made me think about my own preparations for civil unrest:

From the 1992 LA riots, we know that at least some criminals kept up attacks despite being fired upon with pistols. Being able to observe their victims and overwhelm them with numbers apparently made up for the risk of getting shot. We also know that rifle fire from extended ranges, especially with the shooter being invisible, cause instant retreat. In 1992, people were willing to fire at extended ranges due to the absence of authorities — 50 yards is not a typical self-defense range and most people are conditioned not to fire until backed into a corner and almost at contact distance. Lawful people are also conditioned to perceive individuals rather than groups or mobs as threats, so most would not fire into a hostile group. Putting buckshot with “to whom this may be addressed” dispersion into a group can be very effective but goes counter to the peacetime conditioning. The number of conversations with 911 dispatchers where people in dire and immediate danger keep asking for permission to fire suggests that the main factor preventing massive casualties to rioters is the lack of the will, not the lack of firepower. That will is notably bolstered whenever a riot affects residential areas rather than business districts. A store may be abandoned, but a home with a family within is likely to be defended to the last.

I admit I’m a scattergun guy, and an eccentric one at that with my Stoeger Coach gun and pistol grip Mossberg Cruiser in 20 ga and my .45/410 NEF Survivor. Like many Americans I have some basic training in firing a rifle but I just can’t justify owning a rifle since I live on a tight budget and don’t do any hunting. I’m also a bit leery over firing at crowds out beyond my property no matter how bad a riot just because post-riot you’re at the mercy of authorities who may stick you in the same prison that people you fired at are in.

Tht said I have been planning on trading in my Mossberg for a multi-barrel gun like the Rossi Pick 4 which comes with both a .243 and .22 lr rifle barrel and his essay is making me want to finalize that plan. It is said Israel has had great success with controlling mobs in the past by using .22 rifles to wound “leaders” within the mob. Unless there was real TEOTWAWKI style unrest I’d be more comfortable trying that then just deciding to plug some rich, liberal’s kid with a .308. I also take issue with the idea that large scale looting can’t happen here because of gun ownership, L.A. had plenty of gun owners during the Rodney King riots.

But read the rest and make up your own minds, Volk makes a lot of good points.