Canada Lousy with Violent Communists

Tibetan protesters rallying for freedom in their home country were harassed and assaulted at a Communist Chinese organized rally in the supposedly free country of Canada. From Epoch Times:

TORONTO—A rally that was billed as promoting “anti-violence” turned hostile on Saturday as flag-waving Chinese denounced Tibetans who they blamed for the recent turmoil in Tibet in which 100 are said to have died.

Close to 1000 Chinese were in Toronto’s Dundas Square for the afternoon event, many of them students.

“Dalai Lama die there!” some Chinese shouted at a group of Tibetans who had gathered across the street from the square to protest. “Leave Canada!” others urged.

Tibetans say the Chinese rally, which began orderly, was designed to incite hate against them.

The event was promoted in Chinese-language press as a rally to tell the “truth” about Tibet and “safeguard the reunification of the motherland.”

Several major Chinese-language media outlets in Canada have parroted the Chinese communist regime’s line on Tibet, blaming the turmoil on the Dalai Lama and his followers and fanning a nationalist animosity toward Tibetans.

The rally began with a parade of speeches repeating the Chinese regime’s line on Tibet: that it has long been part of China, that the Chinese government spent millions trying to help the Tibetan people, and that Tibetan monks and youths led violent protests in Lhasa recently that caused death and suffering of Han Chinese, the majority ethnic group in China.

The speeches were interspersed with patriotic Chinese songs. No mention was made of police violence used to quash the protests, nor of the Tibetan grievances that experts say sparked the initially peaceful protests in Lhasa.

“China and Chinese people have helped Tibetan people to improve human rights,” said one organizer who spoke in English. “How can somebody who cannot even read or write understand anything about human rights? If they cannot read or write, how can they understand what they have lost in the past in Tibet? People were just blind faith to believe in their religion. They were controlled.”

Another speaker added, “Tibetan culture not only has not been damaged, but has been greatly protected, spread and developed.”

The Pro-Chinese protest was clearly supporting the dreaded Imperialism that lefty college professors hate so much. Oh, how I just know those students get an ear full of self righteous moralizing on the horrors of the Chinese empire every semester.

What should worry the Canadians more however is the fact that the Chinese language press in Canada is shill for the Chinese Communist government (or an arm of it, really) and that they can turn out 1000 college students anytime they want to “protest” this or that. 1000 students who sang “patriotic Chinese songs” (Communist party songs they mean) and were ready to commit violence against their fellow Asian immigrants.

What else could the Red China get these 1000 people to do? Riot? Spy? Kill the Prime Minister?

Canada, the same country that hauled Ezra Lavant in front of thought crime court for criticizing Militant Islam, allows the Chinese government to broadcast Communist propaganda into millions of homes there (as do we, via Direct TV), including what Canada itself would define as hate speech.

The southern border gets a lot of attention from Americans but our northern neighbors are becoming just as dangerous as they allow themselves to be infiltrated by governments and movements that seek our destruction.

I’m ready for a fence.