Rikki Rockett Wanted Action: Arrested for Vicious Casino Rape

Poison drummer and committed dirty hippy Rikki Rockett was arrested for raping a woman in a Missouri Casino. From TMZ:

TMZ has learned that the arrest warrant issued for Poison drummer Rikki Rockett stems from an incident that occurred on September 23, 2007 at a casino in Mississippi. According to cops Rockett was staying — not playing, music that is — at the Silver Star Hotel & Casino when he allegedly raped another female guest in his hotel room.

We’re told the woman did not report the alleged assault until several days later, when she came in to the Neshoba County Sheriffs department and filed a report. After determining there was probable cause for Rockett, real name Richard Ream, to be arrested, a warrant was issued. That warrant, we’re told, is still active and he’s a wanted man. Police will not give out any additional details about the alleged sexual assault.

LAPD busted the rocker at LAX on Monday night on the warrant, but let him go after Mississippi law enforcement decided not to extradite him, pending official charges from the Neshoba County D.A.

A rep for Rockett could not be reached for comment

I bet. Aside from being carried by fellow Poison rhythm man Bobbi Dall in the early days of glam Rockett is best known for for his self righteous sermonizing about animal rights and the “need” to go vegan. In this interview with with a vegan activist Rockett claims that veganism is synonymous with enlightenment:

Q. Do you find that it’s difficult being vegan? What’s the hardest part?
A.Just really knowing what is in certain foods. Traveling can be tough especially in other countries. However, I don’t really look at it as an inconvenienced. Not to sound whacky, but I think going vegan is a gift of enlightenment.

Q. At what age did you go vegetarian/vegan and why?
A.Only 8 years ago. I was fighting against animal abuse and one day I simply realized that the mass slaughter of animals for food is one of the worst forms of abuse in our world today. We get upset when we here about the guy down the street with his dog chained up outside on a short leash in all kinds of weather but we overlook the abuse in the farming industry.

I would argue that true enlightenment was realizing that man was a part of the natural world and should not attempt to sit separate from, or above, nature as vegans tend to do. Vegan philosophy, such as it is, simply secularized Jainist and certain schools of Buddhist philosophy, watering it down for mass market consumption by people who think morality is defined by what you eat rather than what you do.

In Rockett’s case his idea that slaughtering animals is one of the worst atrocity being committed by man today shows a lack of compassion, intellectual seriousness and dare I say enlightenment in a man who equates killing cows with genocide, repression and most obviously rape.

Degenerate murderer “Yankee” James Leshkavich made a similar argument about supposedly Kosher killing practices in slaughterhouses, claiming it was an atrocity. This was maybe a year before he murdered his wife and killed himself in a cowardly attempt to avoid punishment. It was also part of a ploy to smear Jews by a deranged White Supremacist.

While I doubt Rockett is a White Nationalist, I point out the similarity because pretentious moralizing to others is often the sign of a weak moral character. When hippies lecture you about how you’re a barbarian for something as natural as eating meat, participating fully in nature, it is almost always a preemptive attack meant to distract you from their own excess, whether those excess are endangering their children, desecrating churches or in this case date raping some fan.

The vegan imperative to convert us all, unwillingly, to their unnatural lifestyle is a form of Fascism. A de-humanizing half-baked ideology that seeks to change society into a dystopian fantasy world where cows and chickens and lobsters are treated as equals humans. Are we really shocked to learn that such people, whose lives are wrapped up in stopping “cruelty” to animals and believe the non-vegan masses are morally and spiritually inferior to themselves, are capable of extraordinary cruelty to their fellow human?