Code Pink Refuses to Visit Castro’s Prisoners!

Just two days after Code Pink received this plea from the wives and mothers of dissidents jailed in Cuba for such “crimes” as teaching students about the legacy of Martin Luther King, wanting free speech, you know all the things a communist dictatorship cannot allow if it is to remain in power, Cindy Sheehan and company have refused to speak out for the tortured political prisoners of their favorite evil despot.

Cindy Sheehan, who gained her notoriety by haranguing President Bush for not meeting with her enough (she had met him previously) to discuss her son’s death is ignoring the Mothers of dissidents who are even now being tortured and killed in Castro’s gulags.

I declare her moral authority over.

It is clear that these heartless harpies are interested in nothing more then radical stardom, fame and fortune gained at the cost of the pain and suffering of millions of others. They do not speak as the conscience of the Nation, the left or any one else.

They have no conscience.