Dick Durbin Wants DailyKos to set Dem’s Agenda!

Hot Air reported this a while ago, but it’s still a shock to me. DailyKos is a radical circle jerk known to have a whiff of the zyklon about it. That Durbin would, as AllahPundit put it, “crawl” to this corner of the left should give conservatives, and Jews, pause. Perhaps Durbin, or his staff, don’t actually read DailyKos, but some of the items on their agenda would be considered less then American by even the most meat-headed lefty.

Like this little “thought experiment” by heathlander in which we’re told to consider that Iran has a right to nuke Israel since Israel and Iran are moral equals, thus both should be accorded equal respect or something. Like all dishonest intellectuals he uses his own writings as a reference, which is in part why logic is so flawed.

Also on the agenda, questioning why the MSM isn’t on board with 9-11 conspiracy theories. The popular front of DailyKos, Hustler and Maxim will, with Durbin’s help, get to the bottom of that.

It’s an ambitious agenda to be sure, but one Durbin is willing to pursue, which should make all Americans nervous.