James von Brunn was an Admitted Socialist with Connections to Noam Chomsky

Looks like James von Brunn’s “right wing credentials” are disappearing as fast as the Kossacks who came here yesterday to argue them. Seems just a cursory perusal of the cretin’s own writings show that he’s basically an old school lefty. And by old school I’m talking 19th century:

If Von Brunn shared the anti-Christian hatred expressed by Revilo Oliver, he accepted the collectivist, socialist views of Francis Parker Yockey, a guiding light and philosopher of fascism unafraid of aligning with Third World socialists. Francis Parker Yockey’s magnum opus,the 600+ page Imperium, is among the books most beloved by Willis Carto – who founded the “bookstore” that employed Von Brunn following his prison release – and Carto continues to proffer it a foundational text for the philosophically pretentious fascist. Yockey wrote, “The 19th century was the age of Individualism; the 20th and 21st are the ages of Socialism.” Sounding like a Marxist determinist he wrote, “Destiny is irreversible, and the Spirit of Socialism, with its latent Resurgence of Authority and its youthful will-to-power moved steadily forward.”  Yockey faulted “Capitalistic thinkers” who “found no ethical fault with destruction of groups and individuals” – that is, races – “by other groups and individuals, so long as the criminal law was not infringed.” In his mind, “The alternative to Socialism was not Capitalism, but chaos.”

Von Brunn proved in Kill the Best Gentiles that he learned well:

Yockey, in his suppressed book Imperium, notes that MARXISM is seriously flawed because MARX, being a JEW, could not understand the real differences between CAPITALISM and SOCIALISM, which emanated from the WESTERN CULTURE-ORGANISM. Capitalism and Socialism are how a Nation (Family, People, Race) feels, thinks, and lives, and secondarily are ECONOMIC CONCEPTS. One [capitalism] is past history; the other, WESTERN SOCIALISM, represents the future of the West, and the end of JEWRY on Western soil.

The Age of Reason produced CAPITALISM in the West, the IDEA of rugged individualism: “Every Man for Himself.” Freedom from authority: “Don’t tread on me!” At the same time, paradoxically, it was understood, that these rugged individuals should act in the best interest of the Nation-State. To the West ECONOMIC CAPITALISM meant: free trade, no personal income-tax, no state interference in money matters, private ownership, etc. USURY, however, was relegated outside the Pale, and proscribed. Capitalists found no fault with economically defeating, within the law, opposing economic groups. That was considered “healthy competition.” European States, goaded by Bankers, also competed with one another. Often with disastrous results. During WWI it became painfully clear that the IDEA of “rugged individualism” worked against the ARYAN NATION and its individual States.

WESTERN SOCIALISM, unlike Marxism/Communism and Capitalism, emanates not from Reason alone but from the ETHOS OF THE WEST. It expresses the instinctive and Intuitive feelings UNIQUE to the Aryan Nation. Its Idea is the Musketeers’ cry: “One for All and All for One!” The ingathering of the White Nation-States into ONE CULTURAL ORGANISM — its own territory and its own State in which to house, protect, and nurture the Nation — precludes Marxist inspired class warfare and hate-struggles between its component parts. The ECONOMY springs from the CULTURE. MONEY becomes merely a tool, a means of exchange, a storage of value — not an ILLUMINATI weapon.” (pp. 143-4). “No intelligent person took MARX seriously. His Old Testament idea that work is evil — and New Testament idea that men and races are equally endowed — opposes Nature and the very Soul of the West.” Marxists, Bolsheviks, Communists denounce “capitalist pigs.” While from behind the scenes — in the on-going battle to implement the PROTOCOLS OF ZION — all wars and revolutions are financed by JEW CAPITALISTS. (pp. 143-5.)

He, too, despised the freedom and potential decadence capitalism affords, insisting Jews were “exacerbating natural disputes between the Western States and influencing the results in favor of Liberalism as opposed to Authority; that is, materialism, free trade and usury, as opposed to Western Socialism; Internationalism as opposed to Western unity. MONEY was their sword and buckler. Hate and revenge their motif.” (pp. 109-110.)

The nexus of this capitalist plot is…the Federal Reserve Board. Although his website is currently down, the shooter’s account of his 1981 arrest at the Fed states, “The U.S. President, with approval of the Senate, appoints the FED Board of Governors. The majority of them are Wall Street denizens…After all, the FED was designed by bankers for bankers.” (Emphasis in original.) Such sentiments could appear easily on DailyKos or CounterPunch.

My buddy Mah29001 runs two separate blogs that detail this kind of leftist rhetoric which gets categorized as right wing extremism. Zionist Anti-Communist I and II are must reads if you really want to know the truth about the von Brunns of the world. His section on Alex Jones is a must read.

James von Brunn also was a both a fan of Noam Chomsky and responsible for helping disseminate his anti-American theories:

The “bookstore” that employed the museum shooter was Noontide Press, the brainchild of Willis Carto, often named the most influential anti-Semite in the country. In addition to Holocaust denial material and conspiracy theories, the firm printed and peddled left-of-center volumes by more conspicuous figures, among them the most cited academic in the United States. In the 1980s, Noontide published Noam Chomsky’s book The Fateful Triangle. Chomsky became a hero of Jew-haters for his quasi-conspiratorial views of American society, his defense of Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson, and his distaste for Israel. Noontide’s catalog once carried a number of Chomsky materials out of appreciation. Alongside the linguist on Noontide’s roster stood far-leftist Holly Sklar’s volume Trilateralism: The Trilateral Commission and Elite Planning for World Management and the lecture Palestinian writer and centenarian Sami Hadawi delivered to the IHR entitled, “Who Are the Palestinians?”[5] Noontide also publishes statist works of bygone days, including Gen. Smedley Butler’s “War is a Racket,” a Nye Commission-era screed blaming war on capitalist “war merchants.” One perusing its catalog may also find, for example, reprints works of Depression-era “radio priest” and Nazi plagiarist Fr. Charles Coughlin (whose rallying cry was “A Just and Living Wage”) and his contemporary, fascist theorist Lawrence Dennis (among whose works is Is Capitalism Doomed?).[6]

Wow. That’s some far right company he’s keeping. It looks like one of his main influences was Francis Parker Yockey’s White Nationalist opus Imperium, still traded around as spank material for people fantasizing about a new Third Reich.

But I assume lefties will find a way to tie socialism, Chomsky and everything else about von Brunn to the GOP.

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  1. I should also state a disturbing sign. The Western supporters of Kim Jong-Il in the anti-Semitic North American Committee Against Zionism And Imperialism gave their endorsement to the Arkansas terrorist whom murdered an American soldier:


    An editor for the group’s site-Kevin Walsh, a rabid anti-Semite, Marxist shill and supporter of white supremacists, and follower of Kim Jong-Il horribly congradulated the Arksansas self-describe Jihadi. Really, I hope the Feds are watching these people. Since Walsh enjoys seeing dead Ameicans on the home front, doesn’t this qualify as treason?

  2. Rob Taylor,

    I wonder how the left wing multiculuralist bigots will try to spin this, if don’t just ignore it.

  3. Today I deleted Little Green Football’s RSS feed from my reader. Charles Johnson was one of the first to trumpet how the DHS was right about their profiled report on right wing extremists and pointed to Vonn Brunn as proof of this vindication. Then Johnson began to complain how someone pointed out that Von Brunn was a darwinist as if that makes one bit of difference at this point. Rob thanks for keeping your blog fair and sane.

  4. Good work on fishing this out. If decent people don’t flood the net with the truth about this 100% typical leftist, the MSM thugs will get away with trying to label him as right-wing.

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