James von Brunn a Radical Atheist who Hated Christians and William F. Buckley, Just like Daily Kos!

This James von Brunn is shaping up to be the worst right-winger in the world. It seems von Brunn was a radical atheist who wrote pieces posted on the Anti-Christ Atheist Network which is a watered down version of the old Christian Holocaust radical Satanism site. As usual the site’s authors simply rip-off Celsus’ Discourse Against Christians and the writings of Anton LaVey and cover up their theft by spewing out Richard Dawkins-esque pretension. Sad really, and illuminating.

Von Brunn’s page has been scrubbed by the Paulnut author, but here’s an excerpt of his nonsense via What’s Wrong with the World:

 As duped Aryan sheep begin to understand the “Holocaust” they also begin to better understand Christianity. Both have similar origins. Both have identical objectives…. The New Testament was written in Greek. Paul – who believed the World was flat, that Joshua made the sun stand still, and Jehovah spoke from a burning bush — wrote one-third of it, perhaps more. The events described in the 24 Books are often contradictory, fail the time-line, defy both archaeology’s and nature’s immutable laws, and are suicidal if practiced. Nevertheless, the shamans bought it, taught it, and the illiterate public was coerced, brainwashed, threatened, tortured, murdered, and enthralled. The Encyclopedia Britannica states that over 6,000 major redactions exist between the Septuagint (translation of Aramaic into Greek) and its St. James biblical translation.

The Gospels profess that only Christians may enter Yahweh’s Kingdom of Heaven. To qualify, among other demands, Christians must LOVE THEIR ENEMIES (Jews); give away their personal belongings; eschew knowledge; judge not, despise nature, abandon earthly pleasures, acknowledge that all YHWH’s children are equal; and above all else worship YHWH, the jealous, wrathful, vengeful, unforgiving, genocidal, anthropomorphic tribal god (Jesus’ father) created by Hebrews in their image and likeness. Omnipotent, omniscient YHWH promises Hebrews that they alone shall inherit the earth, that it is commendable to steal from Gentiles, better yet — kill them. Whereas Gentiles, if they fail to worship YHWH, are transported straight to Hell. And it is written, “A little child shall lead them.”

These dangerous, imbecilic, concepts, tenets, and teachings, often treasonous, DESTROYED the Roman Empire and drenched the soil of Europe with Aryan blood for almost 2000 years!

The Big Lie technique, employed by Paul to create the CHRISTIAN RELIGION, also was used to create the HOLOCAUST RELIGION … CHRISTIANITY AND THE HOLOCAUST are HOAXES.

“Christianity” destroyed Roman Civilization. The “Holocaust” Religion is destroying Western Civilization. The Aryan gene-pool dies, “unwept, unhonored and unsung.”

Except for the Aryan stuff von Brunn sounds very much like Amanda Marcotte or Charles Johnson. Anybody check to see if he was an LGF member in good standing?

Kathy Shaidle sums up why painting him as part of the Conservative movement is pure dishonest agi-prop:

For example, true to his nihilistic Niechtzean philosophy, von Brunn hated Chrisitianity, which he condemned as the main source of “weakness” in Western civilization. Whether said Western civilization would be what it is without the influence of Christianity, and whether said civilization would be  worth defending so ardently, aren’t questions that seem to have troubled von Brunn.

Likewise, von Brunn is being linked to various groups and individuals who represent the fringe (or worse) of the conservative movement and/or the Republican Party (although most likely these folks prefer the term “remnant”…)

For example, von Brunn frequented Ron Paul discussion forums, where reasoned discourse is thin on the ground. It’s true that Mr. Paul was allowed a podium at the most recent GOP Presidential debate; however, let’s recall that Al Sharpton was granted a similar platform at the Democratic counterpart, within living memory.

In addition, von Brunn is now being associated with the LIberty Lobby. William F. Buckley famously purged the mainstream conservative movement of the John Birch Society, and anti-semitic groups like the Liberty Lobby, way back in the early 1960s. For his pains, the Liberty Lobby accused Buckley of being a “mouthpiece” for the Jewish Anti-Defamation League. (After 14 years, Buckley won a libel judgement against the group.)

In short, von Brunn’s connection with conservative thought and action today — be it talk radio or “tea parties” — is tenuous. Those trying to puff up such “connections” are acting in bad faith, out of blind partisanship — of the sort which is as corrosive to the health of the body politic as von Brunn’s own blatherings.

Exactly. And bad actors like the crew at Daily Kos will continue to use this attack as a smear against the right even while agreeing with much of what von Brunn wrote. Or his actions, as Politico is reporting that police believe The Weekly Standard office was on the killer’s hit list:

FBI agents visited the offices of the conservative Weekly Standard magazine yesterday after a shooting at the Holocaust Memorial Museum and told employees they’d found the magazine’s address

A senior Standard staffer confirmed the visit but declined to discuss it in detail. An FBI spokeswoman, Katherine Schweit , also declined to comment on the investigation.

Two other sources said two FBI agents arrived shortly after 5:00 p.m. Thursday at the 17th Street offices of the magazine. They told staffers that they had found the address of the magazine on a piece of paper associated with the shooter, James von Brunn, and asked whether the Standard had received any threats.

The magazine is about a mile north of the Holocaust Museum, and there’s no other indication that von Brunn had targeted it. Von Brunn’s published rants included attacks on “neocons,” and the Standard has been at the heart of the neoconservative movement.

The suggestion that the Standard may have been a target complicates any view of the racist shooter in contemporary left-right terms.

Michelle Malkin has more on his attacks against the right. How loud would the cheers on the left have been if he started with The Standard?

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  1. Rob Taylor,

    Its kind of interesting how someone liberals label Von Brunn as a rightwinger based on only on their own bigotry.

  2. That’s a good point. But he was clearly anti-Christian, but may have been involved with any number of White Supremacist cults.

  3. James Watson is a liberal atheist racist, the same biologist who claimed that blacks were inferior to whites

    So it’s not really surprising that atheists are racists

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