Child Raping Pervert Joy Babcock Posts Photos of Her Fondling Guy in Front of Toddler on Facebook

JoyBabcock Freching Dude in Front of Child

Kourtney Joy Babcock is a 19-year-old drug addled pervert I never got around to blogging about although other crime blogs like Shadowscope and Dead Kids of MySpace did if you’re unfamiliar with the story. Here’s a story quick summary of the case from the Newton Daily News:

(MCT) — The Yarmouth, Ill., woman accused of having sex with two Mediapolis boys reportedly told detectives she did not remember what happened during the alleged encounters because she had taken drugs and alcohol.

Kourtney Joy Babcock, 19, formally was charged Wednesday with three counts of third-degree sexual abuse. Each carries a potential penalty of 10 years in prison upon conviction along with other special sentencing guidelines such as lifetime supervision and sex offender registry requirements.

According to a July 16 interview with Des Moines County Sheriff’s detectives, Babcock said she was under the influence of Oxycodone and Oxycontin and alcohol during the visits with the boys earlier that same month.

She could not say “if they did or did not happen,” but recalled she kissed and made out with the 13-year-old, authorities said.

The investigation involving inappropriate sexual contact the woman allegedly had with the boys started when the mother of the 12-year-old reported her suspicions to authorities.

On July 6, the mother came to the sheriff’s office with her 12-year-old son, who said that four days earlier, he along with his 13-year-old brother and some friends were at his Mediapolis home watching television in the basement.

Babcock, who also was present in the basement, went to a room with the 12-year-old and began taking off her clothes.

The boy alleges Babcock talked him into having sex, which they did. He told detectives it was his first time.

Another 13-year-old — not the 12-year-old’s brother — also spoke with detectives and said he, too, has had sex with the woman.

Allegedly at midnight on July 1, Babcock went to the Mediapolis home where the 13-year-old was spending the night, authorities said.

And, much like the 12-year-old’s contention, the other boy reportedly told authorities Babcock talked him into having sex. He, too, said it was his first time.

During a separate interview with detectives, Babcock reportedly admitted to being in the Mediapolis home, but that it was the 13-year-old who started making sexual remarks toward her.

She insisted she told the boy having sex with him was not a good idea because she could get in trouble for it. She, however, told detectives the drugs and alcohol “had a massive effect on her and (may have) caused her to do things without thinking.”

Babcock, court papers indicate, said she and the 13-year-old went to a fireworks show July 3 in Sperry where they allegedly held hands and kissed.

Intriguing. When this story first broke I actually did a short interview (via Facebook) with Babcock in which she made the same sorts of statements, but actually was leaning more toward claiming the boys took advantage of her. When I asked for clarification as to why she was drunk and high with children in the first place she responded, and I’m paraphrasing here, with “shut up, that’s why.”

I point that little exchange out mainly to show the many backseat bloggers out there who constantly carp about me only caring about “the cop’s side” of the story that contacting some pervert to get her side of the story rarely leads anywhere. Of course, this exchange was ultimately worthless since I decided not to bother with what I thought was more up other bloggers’ respective alleys and waited for her sentencing so I could bang out a quick Victimless Crime File and be on my merry way. Being that our communication was via Facebook, I never “un-friended” her since even child raping Obamunists should be updated when I post something on Red Alerts.

If only for my advertisers’ sake.

Long story short, my sister-in-law complained to me the other day that one of our mutual “friends” tends to post risque photos of herself. I said that was nonsense, but frankly I wouldn’t know since I don’t really look at the photos people post on their profiles if they aren’t in some way involved in promoting my websites. I hate to break the illusion, but I don’t actually socially network on social networks, so I just got around to checking in on the photos all those “friends” of mine have been uploading and, the gods being humorous sorts, I found the contrite and victimized Babcock (who of course is not some child molesting pervert) uploading photos of her being pawed by some douche while a toddler watches.

Here’s another pic of her and her new beau feeling frisky without concern for the toddler in the shot:

Joy Babcock Getting Busy in Front of toddler

She has worse. Sans her history, these photos would be nothing more than a new entry on Fail Blog. But remember, Kourtney Joy Bacock is, as far as I know, still out on bond for raping at least two children.

Who is letting a woman who is likely on her way to jail for molesting children babysit with her new boyfriend and a digital camera? Does this sound like a great idea?

Update: D.K.O.M. has uncovered video of Babcock with her friends where she laughs about molesting her victim! Skip to 3:11

The person who uploaded the video is a young girl who also likes to upload videos of herself getting high and informational videos about her breast augmentation. I wonder how she paid for them.

As disgusting as Babcock’s insouciance for child molestation is what’s worse is that she’s surrounded by people who think what she did is funny and continue to enable her sexual dysfunction and drug abuse.

23 thoughts on “Child Raping Pervert Joy Babcock Posts Photos of Her Fondling Guy in Front of Toddler on Facebook

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  2. While I don’t think a 19-year-old girl having sex with 12 or 13 year olds is right at all, she’s obviously very much still a child herself. I don’t care if 18 is considered a “legal adult.” There are many, many 18-20 year olds who are basically children in adult bodies and you can see from the video and that she is one of them.

  3. So what you’re saying is that if an adult is immature enough you think it’s less damaging to the child to get raped by them? It’s acceptable to rape children if you’re immature?

    What the video proved was that she and her friends are degenerates who think molesting children is amusing. They will continue to molest. When this “child in an adult’s body” is letting one of her boyfriends have sex with her niece (as many of the female sex offender stores on crime blogs entail) I guess that’ll be no big deal either.

    She’s being sexual active with a man while her 4-year-old niece is touching them and you don’t see anything wrong with this? You belong in jail with this scum. Since I’ll be alerting the prosecutor to this new evidence maybe you can go to her new bail hearing and tell the court your theory of how being immature means you aren’t expected to not molest children.

  4. to lauren you shoulld be catagorized just as this stupid 19 year old YOUNG woman is. woman to woman do you like men who cant do anything for you or are you actually saying that you yourself at the age of 20 ,19 would lower yourself to having sex with children 12 and 13 cause at that age u want something you can feel not a tease and a woman at the age of 19 is capable of making rational decisions on a higer level than a child, if not and these adults have to be monitored as children then yes there is a problem and they shouldnt be made excususes for thats like saying the teachers running around having sex with the young girls in the schools shouldnt kno any better especially the young teachers who r close to the ages of theses highscholl children uuuuu cant be serious 19 or not she new wat she was doing was wrong but shes demented like a man who rapes and feels in control of a woman while doing so this girl probaly was taken advantage of as a child and feels she can take advantage of these boys the way she was

  5. I am sick on the stomach after watching the viedos. i feel all sexs offender are sick and should all be lock up.I don’nt have the answer and I pray to GOD to protect all these chidren,or adults from bad people like that.
    at 18yrs old she should go to jail for having sex with a child. the young sex offender should not be permitted to go to plubic school but all should be in some kind of jail like camp and kept away from freedom because they will do it again.

  6. What Lauren is saying is that even though she is 19, K. is obviously still in the mindset of a child, not that she thinks it is less damaging to a child or more acceptable if you are immature. I know that it is extremely wrong and damaging to a person’s/child’s mentality, but don’t jump all over someone just because you don’t understand what they are saying.

  7. I understand exactly what “Lauren” is saying. She’s minimizing Babcock’s criminality by portraying her as less responsible for her behavior than any other pervert.

    We’ve all been drunk, we’ve all been immature. Most of us have not molested children. Certainly we haven’t then laughed about child molestation with a group of people who thought raping little boys was funny.

    Babcock isn’t retarded. She’s just a drug using pervert surrounded by people who think it’s amusing that she does these things. She should be in jail and frankly so should all the people allowing her to molest children or, as the pics above suggest, help others molest children.

  8. 12-27-09 Absolutely Disgusting behavior unbecoming on any self respecting human being.
    I have a great idea maybe the idiots who cannot control themselves any more than to take advantage of others should have their OWN site all to its self, that way they can get their kicks and WE the self respecting ADULTS of the world can keep tabs on them.
    My prayers go out to all who have been violated in any manor. Also my prayers go out to any and all the violators, in hopes that they should NEVER give reason to cross paths. There are those in the world who would see these acts as a matter for shall we say Biblical Justice.
    “Where we are today is a direct result of the choices WE have made in the past”

  9. the context of this page made me feel sick yet not as much as the alarm bells ringing as their is a young child in the pictures with two adults who u can see abuntantly are in some kind of hightened state of sexual affinity of the possible thought this is to be viewed on the internet. facebook organisers need to make the context of their pages clear to their users that its a social website and not for some cheap sex-site! The misuse of this site has been hightened since the death of the young girl from darlington and will become even more if nothing is emphasised as a social interaction and nothing else! As society yeilds children need to be protected not to be exposed for offenders to cast their vulgar and desperate fantasies brought to reality!

  10. This is sick,I mean having your kid involved is terrible.I have no use for such individuals and her child should be taken away from her and she should not have contact with any children henceforth. Now having said that I am also a male and a right of passage for males is a sexual encounter. ie: the first time. I agree it’s wrong for her to have seduced the boys or so it is said,but not being there we can only speculate what actually happened. Is it wrong? possibly but you must put yourself in the shoes of these two boys,a older woman who is attractive and is readily available for company is a huge distraction and weighs on the mind of adolescents and what normal teen age boy isn’t going to give in to temptation at some point. Again I am not for this behavior but it does occur and most males would agree with me on this.Everyone is different and we don’t always do what is right.If this was a 19 year old male with two younger females what would you think,more heinous an offense? Exactly,every situation is different.

  11. I think allllllllllllllll perverts of ANY kind should b put out on an island to die!!!!! We need 2 keep them off the net!!! Chicago already passed a law that it is a felony if caught doing any kind of pervertion on the net!!! So many innocent children and kids out there and where is allllll the manpower!!??? Why in the hell doesn’t our so called Government Officials make this a #1 Top Priority Law that if someone is caught on the net doing illegal and hidious things w/children or adults against their will maybe because they have been drugged, b a lonnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg sentence in prison!!!!!????

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  13. There are so many aspects to a situation that one cannot fully grasp even the gist of any moment without being present. With that being said, I do agree that this was indeed a horrid encounter for all parties. I will pray for them all. The phrase “boys will be boys” is not a cliche for no reason but because of the common instances. Sexual curiosities are normal and I think healthy for young people. However, a person (male or female) should know his or her limitations and restrictions.

  14. okay on the real. you have no rights to that video.. and now you wont ever be able to watch it again… yes what she did was wrong. but come the fuck on… why wouldnt a 12 yr old boy wanna fuck kourtney. lets be serious now. i would never lower myself to do things with someone younger… but she was fucked up. didnt care. they wanted to. she did nothing wrong. who gives a fuck…. <3 kourtney for lifeee. NIGGGGER 🙂

  15. Wow WTG Annie, you would make an excellent lawyer or at the very least a deep philosopher with your amazing gift (or choice) of words:

    Annie: “yes what she did was wrong”
    Annie: “she did nothing wrong”

    Huh? Sounds like you were all f’ked up after coming home from a long shift at the Dairy Queen.

  16. As a former Criminal Investigator let me start by saying that this young woman knew what she was doing, it turns some women on to know that they have had the first encounter with younger boys not yet men, but boys.

    After having sex with them,she can now say to them you are now a man, this gives her the feeling of power and the boys that had sex with her, in return go to there friends and tell it all, taking there friends to meet this woman and set things up. This is not the first time and will not be the last time as everyday this happens, in schools ,at jobs and at public places.

    There are men looking for the younger girls in order to show them the ropes and the women that want that kick in life to say that, she has had turned boys into men.

    The only thing is that our children are growing up quicker and learning earlier about sex, I myself have caught my 15 year old daughter in the
    internet looking at a sex video involving older men, My wife and I went
    shopping for food the store just 5 minutes from our home, when we returned our daughter don’t hear as come in and as we looked around the house we found her in her room watching this video.

    We could not believe it, as we asked her what she is doing ,she claimed she had by mistake opened this site, immediately we knew that she was lying to us. Today everyone in school talks about sex, starting in the 6th Grade and up. Its normal for people to want sex, but at the ages of 10 and up to 16 or 17, it should be a main point of conversion in a home between parents and children .

    Its like Adam and Eve , Adam could not refuse Eve with the fruit, its always those thing that we can’t have that we want most in life.

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