Progressive High School Enlists Holocaust Denier as Multicultural Club Adviser, Hilarity Ensues

And by “hilarity” I mean death threats against Jewish students. From their teacher.

From the Las Vegas Journal-Review:

A Northwest Career and Technical Academy teacher is accused of denying the Holocaust happened and telling students that the Nazis lacked the technology to kill so many Jews, one senior said.

Jewish students said the teacher’s comments have circulated widely and have created a poisonous atmosphere at the public school, which has led other students to make anti-Semitic jokes and threats against them.

One such threat is being investigated by Clark County School District police as a possible hate crime, district officials and involved students and parents confirmed on Thursday.

The investigation involves a text message sent to multiple students that said: “Men are supposed to act like men and not be pansy asses … only girls are allowed to be that way you slut(t)y Jews … Please feel free to (forward message) or I will slit your throats personally … And yes I’m related to Hitler.”

Lori Sublette, the teacher accused of denying the Holocaust, has not apologized to students for her comments, said 17-year-old Katie Piranio, a student in Sublette’s “advocacy class,” a weekly course intended to prepare teens for life after high school.

When the Review-Journal reached Sublette on Thursday and asked if she had denied the Holocaust happened, the teacher did not answer the question.

“I would have to talk to my principal (Frank Pesce),” Sublette said. “I’m not in the position to respond to anything like this.”

At which point she handed the reporter a copy of The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy and went back to her DailyKos diary.

Death by 1000 Papercuts has the whole sordid story.

6 thoughts on “Progressive High School Enlists Holocaust Denier as Multicultural Club Adviser, Hilarity Ensues

  1. I suppose that the movies that high school kids everywhere were made to watch, depicting thousands of emaciated human bodies being bulldozed into mass, unmarked graves were merely tricks of cinematography?

    That’s even more ridiculous than claiming that the lunar landings never took place. Why don’t we throw in that the Earth is flat, while we’re at it.

  2. I should ad that this sort of thing should not be legal in schools… it’s one thing to voice an opinion, but only *facts* that can be backed up with proof should be taught in schools. Our school system is seriously f***ed if they’re allowing teachers like this to keep their jobs.

  3. That text message is just beyond the pale. In fact, teachers texting their students is inappropriate and overly familiar – it blurs the much needed distinction between friend and teacher which is never a good thing (especially when the text messages are full of rank anti-Semitism.)

  4. Rob Taylor,

    Isn’t ironic that Multiculturalism is supposed to increase tolerance and decrease racism and bigotry? This is a good reason to think it may not.

  5. As a student of NWCTA and the leader of NWCTA(and others) Against Idiotic Media, I’d like to correct a few facts for you people because clearly someone needs to. First off, she has the right to her opinion, regardless of what was said, on ANY subject. The world has become to politically correct, this wouldn’t be an issue otherwise. Second, the text messages were completely separate, should never have been part of any story related to Mrs. Sublette’s comments, and weren’t even from a student at our wonderful school. Past that, the messages only got sent to one student, a close friend of mine. These stories are idiotic at best. They slander our school, and insult all the teachers and students with the comments both the media and people reading the story have made with the issue. Repeatedly people have said it is her opinion and not fact, then stick with that thought if that’s how you base your decisions. Quite frankly, every broadcast on every station and every article on this issue has been on basis of opinion, not fact. Only listen to those who can actually present fact, otherwise you are no better than the teacher whom you all slander.

  6. There’s nothing more amusing than a pretentious high schooler. But still “Euripedes” allow me to do for you what the hacks around you will not – give you real information.

    While your Jew hating degenerate teacher has a right to her opinion she does not have a right to break the rules her employer sets to express them. Civilized people have long rejected Holocaust denial as the sad off-shoot of White Nationalism that it is and just as a teacher who hates Blacks is simply not allowed by the rules of her profession to spread conspiracy theories or pseudo-science about different races the standards of education (of which public and private schools must adhere) are that improbable conspiracy theories and racial hate mongering are inappropriate for the educational setting.

    It is not political correctness for people to be disgusted with an adult spreading anti-Semitic hokum to children in a classroom, it is decency. The political correctness here is in your school hiring a woman with a fake degree to lead a “multicultural” club (whatever that is) without asking her if she in fact harbored some animosity toward an ethnic or religious group. I assume that because she voted for Obama it was just assumed she was a decent person.

    The news story suggests that the police do think the text messages are related. Even if she didn’t send them herself only the most naive of people could not suspect that Jewish students getting hateful texts messages on their phones was unrelated to a teacher there that thinks Jews lied about the Holocaust.

    Slander has to be a malicious lie designed specifically to hurt a person’s reputation which is spoken. You are actually claiming I’m libeling your teacher which is written defamation. But you’re wrong. Truth is an absolute defense to libel, and as you yourself suggest it is actually true that she has expressed belief support for Holocaust denial. But even if she didn’t reporting on a news story isn’t defamation unless I actually made the story up and spread it around in an effort to hurt her.

    In other words stop defaming me by claiming I slander people.

    Your whole “everything is an opinion so it’s no big deal defense” is asinine and wrong on two counts. Firstly it’s simply not true. If a reporter on the local news said so-and-so was arrested by police on Tuesday is that their opinion? Of course not. Secondly your statement implies that you accept all opinions as valid if not true and essentially harmless. Yet I have blogged for years about the online pedophile rights movement who are of the opinion that children as young as three MONTHS old want to have sex with adults. Is that not worth discussing? Is someone expressing such an opinion not worthy of our attention?

    You demand facts be the only thing people deal in so here’s a fact. Your school hired a Jew hating lefty who couldn’t even act sane around students. She thought that your school would accept her neo-Nazism and revisionism. What’s that say about how the people in your school present themselves?

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