Justin TV: Providing Live Sex Shows for Pedophiles?

According to this piece in The Inquisitr, on July 16th at around 10:00pm that’s exactly what happened. Apparently a group of 13-year-old girls were “live-streaming” onto the web during what I assume was a slumber party of some kind when the 800+ degenerates who showed up to watch them began asking for them to disrobe. Unsurprisingly, the girls did, to the point of nudity. To their credit JustinTV banned the girls’ accounts as soon as they were alerted, but since screen shots and video grabs of those girls nude will circulate on the web eternally, this incident demonstrates how dangerous allowing your kids on the Internet can be.

I’ve blogged before about YouTube and their tolerance of borderline child porn, but with pre-made video uploads it is not unrealistic to demand that companies work to keep child exploitation off their sites. With live streaming there is no reasonable expectation that companies can stop people from trading child porn as long as unsupervised children are allowed to interact with adults online.

When I saw Trench Reynolds’ post on this, I went to the JustinTV site the next day to make sure that the reported incident wasn’t simply an aberration. Within seconds of going to the site at around 2:00pm I saw that one of the top watched streams was of what looked like two 12-year-olds. I won’t post their pictures, but I will post the comments I saw being sent to them:


These girls were at best 12. And this was 2:00 in the afternoon. I can only imagine what kind of people are on the site at night.

Parents need to learn that there is no reason for teens to have web cams, that video sites are pedophile magnets and that you cannot allow your children to be on the Internet alone. Most of all, your 13-year-old doesn’t need to live stream on the web, period.  A decade from now those little girls will realize that when some child raping pervert is caught with pictures of children undressed on his hard drive some were pictures of them. When some pervert couldn’t find a victim, he masturbated to the fantasy of molesting them. These children have no idea just how many pedophiles are even now using those shots to arouse themselves, or how many are looking for the girls in the shots themselves.  JustinTV was in no position to protect them from that, only their parents were so it’s time for parents to wake up.

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  1. Yea, when I get my ip changed I’m not going to bother wasting my time they want the pervs and cam whores on theree site because they make up 80 percent of the site. I will stick to the game section and the couple people I like to chat with.

  2. btw..changing your IP addy is as simple as turning off your router box and turning it back on…also..never ask them to mod you on thier little cam whore channels…if the girls arnt mentally or emotionally capable of defending themselves or knowing between right and wrong on that site then they need shut down anyways…its not your responsibility to help them..(other than reporting it for thier own good)…responsibility lays in the parants and the members that run the site…period…and for those above 18+ then its completly thier own responsibility as the broadcaster to handle thier channel’s problems

  3. http://www.justin.tv/sydlexie 14 and idk younger girl on cam..one in bikini for attention..also pedos and pervs in channel..please handle this..thanks..now there showing parts of thier bodys for the pedos..please ban asap…ALSO..I got banned from talking anywhere for 24 hours just now cuz these girls banned me in chat…I need that unbanned asap…Im ONLY trying to help…so please for thier own sake..ban them..and then UNban me..I did nothing wrong but try and talk sence to them and the sickos in thier channel

  4. kids on cam with pedos in channel..please ban asap..hell its a day care center its being filmed in…may be not live I dont know..might just be some sicko casting this..I did notice the so called caster responding in chat while they were supposed to be dancing around and away from kb and cam http://www.justin.tv/irock4eva THIS IS A FUCKING DISGRACE JTV STAFF AND ADMINS..WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?

  5. http://www.justin.tv/irock4eva broadcaster stated shes only 7 years old..and that to stick around for them stripping…its a god damn day care center..gotta be some pedophile with this footage showing this..take IMMEDIATE ACTOINS

  6. HAHA proof JTV protects the cam wh0res and pervs. I just went into a channel with a girl in a bra and I told her “hey you can get banned from JTV for being in a bra.” Which someone responded to me JTV sucks and I said
    “Well they can do whatever they want” Then I was muted for 24 hours and my account suspended.

  7. JTV staff is so messed up wow. Shauna I see you are in that girls channel now. LOL I couldnt even report before I was suspended.

  8. lol..Im not reporting anymore..10 bans is enough for me..haha..the site has no chance of success anyways with such lack of morals or control dealing with the underaged…they shoulda known allowing teens to thier site they were in for one hell of a problem..lol..kids dont give a crap about rules and terms of service….and parental control is obviously at an all time low..its all on them now

  9. Yep, I am not trying to help them anymore either, I saw 4 channels last night breaking TOS, I didn’t report any and checked back a couple hours later they were all logged off none of them suspended.

    Looks like JTV got rid of most of the people trying to help them and clean up the filth on there site, because you know that is easier than banning 60 percent of the people that use there site which is the PERVS and another good portion of there site is all the copy right infringement that goes on there daily.

  10. http://www.justin.tv/seliessieuli1 underage girls on cam..adult content in chat..thier heading even says”we suck dick”..this is sooo wrong..please ban asap..pedos having a field day…thanx…BTW..LETS SEE IF I GET BANNED FOR REPORTING THIS CHANNEL..lol

  11. http://www.justin.tv/seliessieuli1

    I, and others, have been reporting this channel for the last twenty minutes if not longer. JTV will not shut it down, these are TEENAGE girls and many perverts asking them to do many gross things. I recorded the channel for a few minutes to capture the chat. JTV has done NOTHING about it and they probably won’t, they never do.

  12. there..its finally banned..NOW watch..I will get banned for reporting it..lol

  13. http://www.justin.tv/irock4eva they never did shut down this one..casted stated she was 7..and this is at like a home day care center..Ive reported it numerous times on a couple different accounts as I was banned…its still operational channel…so many slip past the jtv staff and admins..sucha shame

  14. YUP..says Im banned from talking anywhere on jtv now…thats always right befor they ban me from the site..(AGAIN)..lol..thier so fucking weak in thier use of the TOS its pitiful..lol..what violation did I do?..I reported a channel that needed shut down?..so thats a violation of the precious TOS?..C’MONNNN

  15. http://www.justin.tv/seliessieuli1/videos so Ima get banned for reporting this channel..its gone now but heres the achive videos..lol..but I was soooo BAD in violating the jtv TOS by reporting it that I need banned also?..what in the hell kinda logic does staff and admins use?…fucking losers

  16. http://www.justin.tv/kelliebooty LOW GRADE CAM WHORE…has shown more than a few times on channel…BUT..thats allll good for JTV staff and admins…but Im a bad person for reporting ANY FUCKING THING ON THE SITE..lol..so Im not allowed to chat in any channel now..LMFAO..TWISTED MORALS AND ETHICS JTV..but you jes keep burrying yourselves 😛

  17. Yeah that site is ran by some pretty pathetic people. Like I said I want to be able to talk to a few of the cool people that are on that site, so I am not wasting any time trying to help them clean up there site just to get banned for no reason.

  18. yup..ya see they bannedme again for no reason..I reported that channel and it did get shut down..but they banned me also…why?..all I did was help them..yet Im punished for it

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