Sheboygan Juggalo Arrested for Raping and Assaulting 12-Year-Old Boy


The worst part of this story is that they let this animal plead out and he’ll do less than a decade for raping and assaulting a 12-year-old boy. He apparently sexually assaulted the boy as punishment for the boy “not following directions.” He interspersed the rapes with choking and on at least one occasion shooting the victim with a BB gun. I’ll assume this was another bad boyfriend case.

From The Sheboygan Press:

Andrew T. Borger, of 1105-B N. 12th St., pleaded no contest to felony second-degree sexual assault, a lesser count than the original repeated first-degree sexual assault of a child, said Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Bork. The amended charge carries a maximum penalty of 25 years in prison, but under the agreement the prosecution and defense will jointly recommend eight years in prison followed by 15 years extended supervision.

The deal would also dismiss a pending charge of first-degree sexual assault of a child filed in Ozaukee County in March, 10 days after the Sheboygan County charge, Bork said.

In the Sheboygan County case, Borger is accused of forcing a boy to perform sex acts and have other sexual contact on a half-dozen or more occasions between summer 2007 and summer 2008, according to a criminal complaint. The victim, who was 12 when the assaults began, told police Borger sexually abused him and also shot him with a BB gun and choked him.

Borger admitted the sexual contact to police, saying it was done when the boy refused to follow instructions.

Berger could have gotten 40 years in a trial. I’m sure justice is served by a plea bargain that gives him only 8. Disgusting.

His MySpace is down but you can see a archived page for “bigshowjuggalo” here. It says he’s in a relationship, but was also seeking dating partners. Sounds like exactly the kind of guy you want in your child’s life.

h/t Dead Kids of MySpace

9 thoughts on “Sheboygan Juggalo Arrested for Raping and Assaulting 12-Year-Old Boy

  1. And our justice system fails 2 more children… even 40 years wouldn’t have been enough.
    Seriously, they have to stoop letting these disgusting perves plea out. This is why we have to make a point of letting our lawmakers know how we feel about this sort of thing.

    Look at that guy… he looks like a lowlife, sick PoS. What would any woman see in him in the first place? Especially one with a child.

  2. just another case of the powers that be saying not my problem, the truth of the mater and the solution is simple. when rich people and people in power start to get ther kids or themselves violated,hurt,or killed.or even all three on a regular basis then things will change, not untill. sad truth i know.

  3. Before anyone says anything, I am a Juggalo and this is pretty sick. That guy is obviously not right in the head and should be put away for the rest of his life if you ask me. I just don’t want people saying he did it because he’s a Juggalo… We are a tight knit family without even knowing eachother personally and a lot of us have children of our own, including Insane Clown Posse and one member of Twiztid, that I know of.

  4. Ok tommy, let’s put it this way man. You say you are a tight knit family without even knowing this guy. So basically until you found out this guy rapes little kids, you were totally ok with him. This it he problem with your so called FAM, you guys act like you are all friends and part of a family until you find one persons actions distasteful then you write them off and say well we don’t condone that. Well your support for a group that promotes nothing about bettering yourself, and simply settleing and telling everyone else fi tehy don’t like it to screw off, that produces this crap. He may not represent all juggalos, but his claiming juggalo and you doing the same, gets you lumped in together. Either quit claiming the whole family thing, or quit disowning people whos actinos you disdaine. I don’t even claim my own family because I don’t believe in some weird outlandish sense of belonging simply because of blood. Same as you shouldn’t based on music, the fact that you came on a rape case to defend your family and not speak out against this guys actions sickens me, you are all that is wrong with this world. YOu may have said he was wrong, but your intention was to defend your “fam” not to show sympathy or even an informed opinion on the matter. THis all being said, this guy should get raped every day in prison for what he did, eye for an eye makes us all blind. But I bet after getting plowed every night for his 8 year sentance he might think twice about pulling this shit again.

  5. Well said man. Juggalos thinking they are a family has got to be one of the most laughable god awful marketing devices anybody has ever came up with to sell their product. What’s worse is that it’s actually working. The target audience for Psychopathic is the poor/ignorant/uneducated and they take pride in this.

  6. im a Juggalo. A Juggalo wouldnt do a act like this. so quit refering to this pervert as one cuz he isnt.

  7. im a juggalo 4 lyfe and this dicks just a wanta be juggalo and juggalos dont rape kids so he’s not a juggalo in jail he’ll get raped then he will be a bitch not a juggalo

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